The EASIEST Way To Go From $0 to $100,000 in 2024

Start early in investing start early Don't wait you can start with any amount Of money five dollars ten dollars a Hundred dollars do not wait today I Interview famed investor Mark yusco Founder of an over 1.5 billion dollar Hedge fund and I ask him three simple Questions how did you become rich what Advice have you given to your kids and If I'm starting with zero dollars today What's the easiest way for me to go from Zero to my first hundred thousand Dollars Mark let's start with the first Question if you would finish this Sentence I became Rich when I understood Blank Health is wealth Nothing Else Matters Unless you have that I I I mean now I Became Rich when I got married when I Had kids I mean family is is what Enriches all of us in relationships when I have good friends so all of that but Man my big Epiphany was when I realized That that health is wealth because if Without it you got nothing right if you Are sick if you're injured if you're Disabled if I mean And so and look I I was never Terribly unhealthy but I was not healthy In a lot of ways in in my 30s and 40s And you know the light bulb did Eventually go on and look I'm not you Know some you know bodybuilding Adonis But but I now focus on health more than

I ever have and uh that was a big that Was a big one Um but but I'll finish the sentence I Became rich When I I focused on building real relationships Right that's that's the key to life is Real relationships you know people that You can say I love you whether it's your Family your friends you know Those relationships because in the bad Times they're there for you in the good Times they're to celebrate with you when You need a friend or someone to help you They're there Um that that's that's rich if you and And that's that's the line from It's a Wonderful Life you know Um no one I can't remember I'm not gonna Get right but it's something like you I love that movie who's rich by who who Has friends yeah yeah yeah it's a great Movie so essentially what you're saying Is or is that why they say uh more C Students than ever are the CEOs or it's Not what you know it's who you know Because of relationships well that okay That that so it's definitely who you Know and relationships and and getting Ahead is interesting in the sense that The the C students there's a perfect Inverse correlation Between grades in college and gifts to Your college

Which is really interesting and more C Students work for a students and here's Why if you're an A plus student you Become a professor you never make a lot Of money you don't give a lot of money Back to your University doesn't mean You're not a good person amazing Creating knowledge beautiful if you're An a student you're a doctor a lawyer You do fine it's a nice living and you Give a little bit back but you're too Busy with the fancy cars and the big Houses and you know Um fine be students Yeah you know some are successful some Aren't you know in between the C and D Students they got no choice They either work pretty tough menial Jobs or they become entrepreneurs and The ones that become entrepreneurs they Get back in spades I mean huge the Biggest gifts come from people who you Know didn't didn't Crush in fact I say All the time name the valedictorian from The class of 79 at Harvard can't do it Name a Dropout Bill Gates Right name a Valedictorian from 2004. can't do it at Harvard you have a Dropout Mark Zuckerberg so plenty of examples of People who you know weren't the top of Their class who went on to do amazing Things because you can do what you put Your mind to Um with discipline and and and like but

But though it is who you know in life Um and there's so many examples of that Where you know like BlackRock Blackrock's gonna get what they want Because of who they know True true and when you're uh speaking to Your kids who are out in the Working World I assume what's uh what's one Piece of advice you give them that damn I wish I would have realized this Earlier Well my kids are listening no I'm just Kidding my kids are great and um so my Daughter actually is is is 34 she's a Nurse practitioner my my son is 32. uh He just uh I won't say he retired but he Just uh transitioned from he worked at a Big company called Snowflake and uh he's Gonna go do something different more Entrepreneurial you know that was Entrepreneurial got big and went public And now he's going to go back and do Some entrepreneurial Um and then my 12 year old is not Working yet uh much no Usher Grant no I'm just kidding um he's only in seventh Grade so I wish and and I do tell them and They've actually done a pretty good job Of this Um so they do listen to me on occasion Uh although it's a funny story about my Son you know when he graduated from College I said one word like there's

This famous movie called The Graduate And in that the guy says one word Plastics go into Plastics right during During the 60s and that would have been Good advice so I said to my son you know In 2015 one word blockchain and he's Like yeah Dad I don't know maybe it's Gonna be a big deal but uh I'm just Gonna go to KPMG I want to live in San Francisco I want to live there my whole Life and uh I said you're gonna hate it which he did He quit after nine months because it's a Terrible job and um I mean it's a good Company but the job he was doing Auditing horrible Um and He want to be intact and uh so I had told him to go get a job at Coinbase and he didn't do that so in Coinbase in public he called me up and Said all right fine dad you were right But you're not as smart as you think you Are I'm like oh do tell I told you to go To work at coinbase he's like yeah but You didn't lever up the house and put on Bitcoin like you little that is a Fact okay fine because I didn't have the Conviction back in 15 that I do today so Uh now he ended up going to snowflake Did great I mean and so I'm really proud Of him but but it was just kind of funny Because he didn't really take my advice But now the one advice he he has taken

Which is the point of your question Start early and invest Start early don't wait you can start With any amount of money five dollars Ten dollars a hundred dollars do not Wait and it it's so important to start Early and to do it often most people are So afraid of being wrong and losing Money That they're paralyzed they don't do Anything I say us all the time winners Lose more than losers Because winners lose all the time but They don't even remember losing they Just go on to the next thing because Great player focus on the next play not The last play losers are so afraid of Losing they never do anything And so they never lose so exactly I Never lost but you never did anything Either the winner they lost lots of Times but they fail fast fail forward You know I before it was uncool not to Or to quote Will Smith that's a Will Smith quote Um you should fail fast fail forward and I I would say to to anyone who's who's Younger Let's do it right you know steal the Line from from Nike just get in there And engage and and invest and don't put All your eggs in one basket diversify Try a lot of different things that's the Other second piece of advice that I wish

I would have gotten earlier take risks When you're young Right don't go to the big company that's Safe go to the little startup you know Take the risk when you know because if You fail it's going another job right It's funny my first boss and I didn't Understand at the time Um I was stressing out because you know I wasn't getting promoted fast enough And uh uh he said Mark look you could Build sailboats in your backyard for the Next five years and it wouldn't matter What are you talking about it says in Five years you'll still be a guy with a Notre Dame degree in a Chicago NBA and You get a job Just put your love I do Interesting and um actually I should Have taken time off and you know gone Sailing or taught fly fishing but Um you know I was the dutiful first born And I was going to have that that big Company job uh But take take more risks and and start Early would be the two I that's that's really sound advice and Maybe we already answer this if we have You know if you can punt but like if I Want to start early and you know I have Limited money and I want to take risks Yeah more of a fun question but how do I Go from like that zero dollars to my First hundred thousand dollars well look

And and It's not easy But it's possible And nothing worth doing is easy right if You if you do something it's easy go do Something else right If it's easy for you like go do Something else do something hard because If you stay in your comfort zone where Things are easy you don't grow right and I mean think about if you're worked out You feel sore because there's pain I Mean pain means there's growth and look I'm a biology guy a biology and Chemistry majoring in college and um There's only two states in biology Growth and death I prefer the former I don't like the Latter and so uh it's all about about Growth so so do what's hard and what's Hard in investing and going from zero to 100K is Getting started well I don't have a Thousand dollars to invest you don't Need a thousand start with five start With ten and in today's day and age it's A lot easier when I was growing up You know you had to have a certain Amount to even get a brokerage account Now most people are like what's a broker I have a Robinhood account or I have a Crypto trading account so you can you Know you can start with with Infinitesimally small amounts of money

Uh in a no transaction cost world and But A couple things one most people the vast Majority 99.9 are not going to trade Their way to the 100k they're just not Trading is really really hard and most People are really bad at it because Human beings we buy what we wish we Would have bought so we buy it after it Goes up and we sell we're about to need So we sell it after the loss and we do That over and over and over and we Negative compound and that's that's the Wrong way to do it so the way to go from Zero to 100 is is a couple things one Invest in what you know right if you Know a lot about technology invest in Technology if you know a lot about Biotechnology invest in biotechnology if You know a lot about nutrition go invest In in food science if you know a lot About you know real estate real estate Good invest in real estate so it doesn't Matter what you know about just just Invest in it the other thing is Invest early right and invest often and What I mean by early is don't wait for NVIDIA to become A trillion dollar company and then say Oh now I'm gonna buy it Buy it when everybody hated it because Oh they just make video cards and their Sort of games and gaming makes you Stupid and video games are horrible

By the way if you haven't seen Gran Turismo go see it one of the best movies I mean it's right there with Maverick It's not quite Maverick but it's right There Maverick is awesome and the story Is amazing and the fact that it's true Is amazing And the fact look when when people say It rots your brain Buy it Right they say whatever the adults say Rot your brain go buy that because they Said you know computers are Russia brain Video games are about your brain Um you know you now we got psychedelics Oh it's gonna look there's a lot of Great applications for psychedelics and Medicine so there's all kinds of things But you got to be early and you got to Be willing literally to lose it all But keep it small right in that get rich Bucket right and going from zero to 100 Is about getting rich it's not about Staying Rich about getting rich Concentrated bets small because there's A bell curve and on the left-hand tail Are the zeros And if you don't have zeros you're not Doing it right you gotta have zeros you Gotta have things where you put the Money in and it literally goes away Because if it can't go to zero it can't Go up ten times or 20 times or 100 times And that doesn't happen very often

That's the right hand tail and most of The time you're going to make some or a Little or maybe get your money back Those are fine and you just recycle into New ideas you know read popular mechanic Read Popular Science go to the message Boards find the craziest thing people Are talking about And buy little pieces of it and And then don't watch it incessantly Right don't agonize over it keep trying To find the new ideas and as long as Your new idea funnel is really high and You keep throwing stuff in eventually Some good stuff's going to pop out the Bottom and the ones that go away Don't obsess about them Cherish them put them on the wall right Failure is fine because you took the Risk I mean I got tons of examples of Things we put money in that went to zero So be it I also you know put some money In this company called Google And it went up 400 times Right you know one of my favorites and This is this is not a tech thing but the Other the other way to to get rich is The law of 90 90 when something's down 90 percent Take a look at it it might go all the Way to down a hundred But if it doesn't it's going to go up a Lot and so Troll through that down 90 percent and

Look for nuggets and one of the Nuggets Uh and I'll leave it at this store and And then let you go is um I had this Buddy who was a a big uh investor in Russia he was early you know and luxury So Russia collapsed in 1998 I actually Was with him at the airport in LaGuardia And he literally this this old school he Kept the RTS on a piece of graph paper In pencil and and it was down 95 the Whole index was down 95 percent And he said you got to buy this you got To buy Russia Okay whatever and so yeah young kids at The time and um that's what I find I'm Gonna buy my two kids thousand dollars Worth of of Russia There was only one listed stock in the United States And I didn't know how to invest in London or directly in Russia so I bought This company AO tatniff and And the reason I bought it is Exxon at The time was selling and their oil was Priced at 11 a barrel on their balance Sheet Ayo tatineft which had similar amount of Oil to Exxon their oil was priced at Three cents per barrel It's just oil it's the same stuff coming Out of the ground three cents maybe it's Never going to eleven dollars but it's Not going to be a three cents And you know the stock went up 40 times

Now again it's in my kids trust and you Know gave them some money for college But It was a risk and it could have gone to Zero right they could have sanctioned it And put out a bit fine I'm gonna go buy Something else but those are the two Things so constant Innovation as an Asset class it's my pin tweet you know You got to invest in things you believe In before others understand And then the the rubbish bin of the down 90 95 those are the two ways Okay


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