The Cryptocurrency Market is About to Go Wild!! (Bitcoin ETF, Donald Trump, BlackRock & Chainlink)!

The cryptocurrency markets are about to Go wild Google searches for Bitcoin ETF Have now gone parabolic sources have Just revealed that black rock has more Than 2 billion lined up in week one in New incremental flows from existing Bitcoin holders who are adding to their Position 2 billion first week would be Huge this is in addition to the SEC Hosting a warning to investors saying do Not fomo into digital assets gearing up For a spot Bitcoin ETF approval maybe so The SEC talks about Trends and Influencers they Define digital assets Including cryptocurrencies coins tokens They say say noo to fomo fear of missing Out just because others might buy a Particular investment doesn't mean it's The right opportunity for you ultimately Good advice and unlike the/ internet Boom of the 9s which was primarily Confined to accredited investors just in The US Bitcoin cryptocurrency is a Global phenomenon and what we're seeing Is for instance Chinese institutions and Hong Kong banks are pushing for a spot Bitcoin ETF approval in China or in Hong Kong for their Banks they want to Prevent all the money flowing into US Companies and institutions spot ETFs Launching in Hong Kong will provide Another substantial liquidity injection That is often overlooked do not fade Asia by the way way you know how it's

Been Bloomberg intelligence that's been Keeping most of us in crypto up to date With the progress of the ETFs originally They said they're 90% sure that these ETFs will be approved before January 6th The question is give us an update what's The new percentage are you more than 90% By now are you less than 90% by now That's a good question both experts at Bloomberg intelligence say that it's no Longer 90% approval it's 95% approval Plus both both of these two gentlemen Are damn sure this thing's about to get Approved so hugely exciting that they're Making spot instruments for Bitcoin and Ethereum but even more exciting to me is What comes next and actually using these Different protocols for their utility For instance chain link you know about The partnership that the depository Trust and clearing house which handles The settlement between these ETFs Between these Securities on a daily Basis the depository trust and clearing House is using chain link right now it's Not That they might use it in the future They're thinking about it they're using It right now and they're scaling up how They're using it so the depository trust And clearing house the world's largest Security settlement system processes two Quadrillion annually is exploring chain Links ccip to unlock tokenized asset

Interoperability so they are using it Right now they're scaling up so listen To the founder of chain link explain how This all works listen to him explain the Seamless transactions between Capital Markets and C crypto can't happen Without a single standard for cross Chain data and compute chain link is Perfect for this chain link is doing This the real goal is to have chain link As the standard for web three Applications on public chains chain link Has the standard for Capital Market Applications on Banks and asset managers So that eventually when Banks and asset Managers begin to transact with web3 Applications on public chains they have The same method for determining Settlement price they have the same Method for connecting with each other They have the same computational model For de defining the security of their Smart contracts so they can trust each Other's smart contracts and what this Does is it can it can create an internet Of contracts so it can create a single Global Internet of of various blockchain Networks and Oracle networks and smart Contracts or Banks asset managers Fmis web3 all of it is just one big Internet like we have a big internet for Information and this will be a big Internet for value and internet of Contracts which is really where we're

We're going in the long term and and What we're setting up the foundation for By this platform approach and this Capital markets approach Visa triples Down on its plans for web 3 crypto and Ethereum Visa has just unveiled its web3 Loyalty platform allowing Brands Allowing Merchants to create custom Branded crypto wallets I don't have to Tell you how big Visa using ethereum and Visa getting into crypto is Right 200 Plus countries 4.3 billion cards Worldwide 276 billion total transactions 130 million plus merchants and this is Really who they're targeting with their Plans for their web3 wallet they're Getting the merchants involved Traditional loyalty programs are simply An exchange of spend and reward but Consumers are demanding more in return For their loyalty web 3 loyalty goes Beyond expanding opportunities for Brands to reward customers for Everything from from social shares to Viewing content it's an interactive Gamified experience that lets customers Earn and redeem value in new and Engaging ways head on over to our Twitter I reposted Visa's own two-minute Informational commercial on how exactly They're targeting Merchants to to use Their crypto wallet this was really cool Trina has a web-based digital wallet so She's automatically subscribed as an

Airline Rewards member with a token in Just a few C So they have a very detailed plan to Incorporate crypto and they're finally Rolling it out I mean even on their Website on their on their main website They say why web 3 is the future of Loyalty web 3 and digital Collectibles Offer exciting new capabilities that can Potentially enhance loyalty programs and Create more engaged customers they talk About web3 wallets they talk about nfts Basically truly unreal that this is Happening and we're witnessing it huge For ethereum huge for layer 2 And speaking of ethereum speaking of Layer twos I liked this prediction we Will see at least two more ethereum l2s This cycle develop and operated by Crypto exchanges that's one prediction And we will see a to be determined Number of l2s developed and operated by Financial institutions maybe Apple maybe Black Rock who knows I think this is Likely I think this is highly likely They're super profitable with massive Upside if Don Wright l2s the sequencers The validators the l2s they print Ethereum and they're innately bullish Because they are exchange supported very Likely scenario this happens speaking of Ethereum President Donald Trump dumps Millions of his ethereum Donald Trump Just cashed out his ethereum $2.4

Million worth he's still holding some Let's find out according to an analysis By blockchain intelligence firm Arkham Trump be began sending his ethereum that He had accumulated from his nft sale and Nft royalties he sent it to coinbase Trump is using coinbase he sent it to Coinbase earlier this month in the last 3 weeks he sold off over 1,000 ethereum Individual ethereum worth a total Hall Of 2.4 million Arkham says that this Still leaves Trump with 2.2 million in Various cryptocurrencies apparently Trump's wallet still holds $1.4 Million Worth of ethereum $640,000 of wrapped ethereum $167,000 worth of magga coin hilon Pepe Coin and about $100 worth of Jesus coin I'm not sure if he knows about these Other ones he certainly knows he has eth In his wallet but because his wallet's Public people can just send him stuff I Don't know is this good for ethereum is This bad for ethereum is this good for Crypto is this bad for crypto I think Ultimately this is probably good for Ethereum and crypto you tell tell me and Speaking of nfts yes currently Visa Right now is using ethereum using Ethereum and l2s but do not count out Salon nfts and actually do not count out Bitcoin nfts Bitcoin tokens this is very Significant the master chain Bitcoin has Actually surpassed ethereum and salana

In nft sales volume this is the first of Many exciting fee streams that will ACR To bitcoin the concern that minor will No longer earn block rewards after the 21 million have been mined and have to Rely solely on transaction fees as Compensation is a mood point you can't Argue that against Bitcoin anymore very Bullish if you're interested in making Money in cryptocurrency subscribe to our Channel we drop one video every day we Will alert you as soon as these ETFs Gets approved and guys that's just the Beginning for crypto in 2024 feel free To watch any of our videos from the past 6 months these are chocked full of value You guys have questions many of these Videos answer these questions so check Back on some of our you know content for The last 6 months these are still very Much relevant subscribe to the channel My friends I will see you tomorrow Either tomorrow the next day the day After that sometime in the next few days These ETFs will get approved be watching Stay subscribed


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