The Crypto Market is about to go CRAZY! (Solana, Cardano, Ripple)

The cryptocurrency market is about to Get crazy just in in last night's 60-minute interview Federal Reserve Chair Jerome poell admits that quote in The long run the US is on an Unsustainable fiscal path the debt is Growing faster than the economy the Reporter chimes in well I have a sense That that worries you very much Jerome Po goes over the long run of course does Listen another economic hangover after The pandemic is a sharp increase in the National debt 30 years from now it is Projected to be $144 Trillion or $1 million per household is The national debt a danger to the Economy in your view in the long run the US is on an unsustainable fiscal path The US Federal government's on an Unsustainable fiscal path and that just Means that the debt is growing faster Than the economy I have the sense this Worries you very much over the long run Of course it does you know we're Effectively we're borrowing from future Generations it's time for us to get back To putting a priority on fiscal Sustainability and and sooner is better Than later Bitcoin and other investable Crypto assets is a hedge against this Bitcoin fixes this Bitcoin looks bullish In the face of this the cryptocurrency Market could benefit from the

Anticipated Fed rate Cuts in May so much Is happening in crypto let's go coin by Coin project by project let me update You get these altcoins on your radar Doing big things salana chapter 2 crypto Phone reaches 60,000 pre-orders so Chapter 2 is the successor to Solana's Hit crypto phone Saga this reached 60,000 pre-orders ahead of its tentative 2025 roll out now a lot of people are Excited about the salana chapter 2 phone Because they see it as a way for them to Get first access to certain airdrops Like what happened with Bon and it Really is impressive to witness salon's Tech nowadays it's really impressive to See the salana network process Transactions through a record demand Spike without a hitch so the vertical Line is the time of the jup token launch Airdrop and they handled it fine next up Is to implement a coherent fee mechanism To improve the user experience Dynamic Base fees to modulate demand scheduler Improvements to respect priority fees This reduces the load on the network and Rpcs while giving users better Guarantees that their higher paying Transactions will land instead of other Lower paying transactions fire dancer Fixes this fire dancer is Solana's big Upgrade salon's founder anatol yakovenko Speaks on what fire dancer means for Salana on the light speed podcast listen

To this fire dancer is running on eight Cores I think in like 16 gigs of RAM so The hardware requirements about you see On salana could be much much lower what That tells me is not that we should Lower the hardware requirements is that We should figure out if there's bugs in The labs client that we haven't fixed Yet and double the capacity of the Network if we can quadruple the compute Units per block right now and the Network is fine it's like free growth Like why wouldn't we do it we don't need A million TPS but we need to keep Doubling it every two years Ripple Versus the SEC jumping back into the News as the judge orders Ripple to hand Over financial documents after requests From the SEC what is this about do not Worry xrp holders these are the details This is what you need to understand a US District Judge has ordered Ripple to Produce additional information about the Company's financials and institutional Sales of xrp handing a win to the Securities and Exchange Commission is This a win I'm not so sure this is such A big win for the SEC the regulator as You recall sued Ripple more than 3 years Ago over what it said were unregistered Sales of xrp last year the conclusion of That case the Southern District Court of New York and the judge Torres ruled that Sales of xrp to institutional investors

Were unlawful security sales but blind Bid sales to retail or even xrp the Asset itself were not Securities so on Monday the court granted the sec's Motion to compel Ripple to produce more Information so the court can determine Appropriate penalties for the Institution so this is just a Continuation of the verdict that we Already knew about I would not say this Is a huge win for the Securities Exchange Commission Ripple is still up Versus the SEC and what Ripple has done For the crypto space at large is still Huge props to Ripple you'll get through This great day for adoption especially Of the ethereum domain name Service as Ens collaborates with GoDaddy to link Web domain domains with blockchain names Ethereum name service you know eth Domain names have partnered with domain Registar GoDaddy to allow users to link Their domain names to ens totally free Aiming to connect the DNS protocol used By all traditional websites with the Blockchainbased names the collaboration Will bridge the gap between traditional DNS and blockchain Tech with no Additional costs or technical expertise Required for users and with that we have Seen 500 million in ethereum being Withdrawn from cryptocurrency exchanges Just in the past week with 1.2 billion Ethereum outflowing from centralized

Exchanges over the past month I think Ethereum is gearing up for a rally in 2024 I think something like this could Happen something like this or should we Be looking at alternative ecosystems Like that of cardano cardano Garners 50% Of ethereum's search rate on YouTube Globally according to Google Trends Content is being consumed fueling the Discovery and growth of the Ada Ecosystem and actually cardano has a big Upgrade coming up in q1 of this year so Cardano has a nice little Catalyst going For it this quarter however coins like Avalanche optimism and abdos all have Unlocks coming out this month I want you To be aware of exactly when these coins Unlock how much of their circulating Supply this is and just all the Information related to this February we Will see 800 million of unlocks from Avalanche optimism aptose and more so Aptos will unlock nearly 25 million Tokens worth 222 million at current Prices on February 11th representing Over 7% of the tokens circulating Supply Aptose is an L1 Network that is similar To sui it grew out of Facebook's Libra Project next the sandbox will unlock 205 Million tokens worth 88 million at Current prices on February 14th Happy Valentine's Day representing 9% of the Tokens circulating Supply the sandbox is A mediverse platform on which users can

Buy virtual plots of customizable land Avalanche will unlock 9.5 million tokens Worth 344 million at the current prices On February 21st the tokens represent 2.6 of the circulating supply 2.6% of Circulating Supply and will bring the Total portion of unlocked avac tokens to 60% finally on February 28th not the Last day of the month as this year is a Leap year optimism will unlock 24 Million tokens worth $72 million at Current prices representing 2.5% of the ethereum L2 Network tokens Circulating Supply and then smaller Unlocks happening this month include Apoin on February 16th montta Network And Oasis Network on February 18th and Space token on February 21st and no Crypto ad spots are expected for the Super Bowl this year BMW Budweiser State Farm Oreo door Dash and helman's Mayonnaise are reportedly planning to Advertise for the big game food cars Ai And crypto are not here's Larry David Reflecting on his FTX super Super Bowl Commercial Interesting yeah I uh you know I asked People friends of mine who were well Versed in this stuff should I do this ad Is is there anything wrong with this me Doing this is this okay and they said Yeah this is totally on the up and up Yeah it's fine do it so uh like an idiot I did it but um yeah yeah I'm in a a

Class action lawsuit which I would love To be part of part of my salary was was In crypto so I lost a lot of money yeah Hey if you're interested in making money Make sure you join our team at altcoin Daily my name is Aaron we post one video Every day keeping you informed of the Entire cryptocurrency Market subscribe To our Channel get yourself an edge in The cryptocurrency market I'll see you Tomorrow


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