The Crypto Market is about to go ABSURD!!! (BIG Altcoin News)

Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily Altcoins making big news today in Today's video I want to update you on Avalanche polygon Solana ethereum and Cardano before we get to that I need to Update you on the latest cryptocurrency News tap the like button if you Appreciate the daily content Apple every Apple computer is hiding a Bitcoin Manifesto and it's fueling theories that Steve Jobs was actually Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin's mysterious inventor so in an April 5th blog post technologist Andy Bale said he accidentally stumbled upon A copy of Satoshi nakamoto's Bitcoin White paper on his Mac computer with the Revelation fueling wild theories across The internet that the mysterious creator Of the world's biggest cryptocurrency Was Apple co-founder Steve Jobs quote From bail while trying to fix my Computer today I discovered that a PDF Copy of Satoshi nakamoto's Bitcoin white Paper apparently shipped with every copy Of Mac OS since Mohave in 2018 his Post-prompted Twitter users to share Screenshots of the same Manifesto stored On their Macs Insider also tested out Bao's instructions and found the white Paper on the latest version of their Mac OS so Apple has included the original Bitcoin white paper in every version of Mac OS since 2018 and no one seems to Know why just try it yourself if you

Don't believe it open up your Mac Terminal and copy and paste this so Steve Jobs as Satoshi what do you think Do you believe it well Satoshi sent his Final message before he disappeared on April 2011. Steve Jobs died in October 2011 and some of you still don't want to Believe comment your thoughts below what Do you think of all this my takeaway is That Apple will soon come out either Building on ethereum or accumulating Bitcoin because if you subscribe to our Channel you remember when we shared this With you in 2021 Apple's CEO Tim Apple Owns crypto owns Bitcoin owns ethereum And has been researching it for a while Do you own crypto and any Bitcoin or Ethereum would you play around with this I I do yeah I think it's reasonable to Own it as a as a part of a diversified Portfolio and I'm not giving anybody uh Investment advice by the way When when did you get interested in it I've been interested in it for a while And uh I've you know been researching it And and and so forth and so uh I think It's interesting before we get to Promising altcoins we need to address This the elephant in the room they said The quiet part out loud Cbdc's will be used for control European Central Bank president admits in a video Chat with a fake zielinski laguarde Appears to speak more candidly than

Normal as she believed she was speaking To UK president zielinski so watch as European Central Bank president reveals Their plans to launch a cbdc for full Control over payments scary my question Uh you're introducing the electronic Hero as I know yeah so yeah how can I Um how can switching to an electronic Currency help two things number one it Will be decided in October we are Preparing the ground we want to be ready We want to be trained but it will not be Decided until October 23. the reason I'm Personally Convinced that we have to move ahead I Don't want Europe to be dependent on an Unfriendly country's currency for Instance I don't know you know the Chinese currency the Russian currency The whatever Or dependent on a friendly currency but Which is activated by a private Corporate entity like you know Facebook Or like uh Google or anybody like I'm User of Bitcoin too so I had bought it When it started and I I hope that it Also will work in through the special System And I know there are many protests in Europe against the electronic hero uh What is the reason as I said I don't Want meta Google or Amazon to suddenly Come up with a currency that would take Over the sovereignty of Europe I don't

Want a foreign currency to become the Currency of trading within Europe so we Have to be ready Now the problem is they don't want to be Controlled they don't want to uh yeah But you know what you know what Now we have in Europe This threshold Above 1 000 Euros you cannot pay cash if You do you are on the gray Market you Take your risk you get caught you are Fine or you go in jail but You know the the the digital euro is Going to have a limited amount of Control there will be control you're Right you're completely right We are considering whether for very Small amounts you know anything that is Around 300 400 euros we could have a Mechanism where there is zero control But that could be dangerous the Terrorist attacks on France Uh back uh 10 years ago were entirely Financed by those very small Anonymous Credit cards that you can recharge in Total anonymity I'm so happy that these altcoin projects Continue to build avalanche's new subnet To offer blockchain customization for Financial institutions layer 1 protocol Avalanche with its token avax is Releasing Evergreen subnets a suite of Blockchain deployments tooling and Customization for financial institutions The firms will be able to launch their

Own Evergreen subnets for research and Development and for production-ready use Cases says Ava Labs institutions can Pursue their own blockchain strategies In private permissioned chains with Known approved counterparties while Retaining the ability to communicate With other subnets through avalanche's Native communication protocol Avalanche Warp messaging awm the awm allows users To data transfer communicate an asset Wrap without relying on a third-party Intermediary and now Avalanche has a Whole host of subnets the only other Question then is what exactly are Avalanche subnets and what makes them so Powerful for institutions interested in Embedding compliance on chain well let's Listen to the CEO of avalanche explain This himself on NASDAQ tell me about Avalanches breakthrough with the concept Of subnets what is that and how are they Made possible absolutely subnets is is One of the principal ways in which we Scale there is never going to be a Single game that can conquer all of the Load that is incident on it from all of The different kinds of us with a subnet What one can do is they can have an Application specific chain that Application specific chain can be Compliant can be subject to U.S rules Can be subject to whatever Jurisdictional measures are necessary so

This is the kind of thing that's Required when large asset holders want To digitize their assets so we provide Them with the full control they need but We also provide the users with a single Unified interface polygon becomes the Second largest gaming blockchain in March after a surge of activity According to DAP radar layer 2 scaling Solution polygon mat is establishing a Name in the gaming sector following Impressive growth in Daily unique active Wallets last month according to Blockchain intelligence platform dap Radar polygon recorded 138 000 daily unique active wallets in March Making an increase of 53 from numbers Recorded in February quote polygon a Blockchain previously known for D5 Decentralized Finance dapps overtook Hive this month and secured the second Spot this is a positive sign for polygon As it is now gaining recognition as a Gaming blockchain what was number one You ask wax Solana introduces State Compression to lower nft storage costs Solana has introduced a solution that Aims to reduce on-chain storage costs For non-fungible tokens nfts on-chain Storage refers to storing data on the Blockchain network which can be a costly Process a new solution called State Compression reduces the amount of Unchain storage required to store nfts

Resulting in lower costs for creators And buyers Solana claimed in a blog post On Thursday that state compression can Reduce storage costs by up to 100 times State compression solution could become An important feature for nft creators Who often face high costs when minting Nfts the state compression solution Comes at a time when the Solana Ecosystem has taken a hit from popular Nft projects leaving the Solana Network D-gods and Utes recently began migration To ethereum and polygon respectively Ethereum staking looking great Ethereum's big Shanghai upgrade also Known as chappella will not only allow Ethereum stakers to be able to unstake Whenever forever it will also help layer 2 networks like optimism like arbitrum Max Williams Chief Operating Officer at Runa digital assets noted that the Upgrade will allow developers to focus On improving user experiences for Ethereum users for layer 2 users we Predict a sub sector that is already Trending and will soon benefit from Chappella are layer twos like arbitrim And optimism explain what you mean there Yeah so layer twos are you know they're Already doing well this year as you can See that's right that's the daily active Addresses as especially for arbit room Who recently had their airdrop but if You're looking at the road map of

Ethereum which we're really excited About the merge was taking up a lot of Attention up developers and almost all Of their attention but in the background They're working on on scaling ethereum That's kind of for the next part of the Road map Um The Surge and part of that is Reducing the fees that layer 2 networks Use to destroying their transaction data On ethereum so that's what's going to Happen in the next upgrade after Chappella so we're kind of looking ahead To follow the developers that there's a Big benefit here coming to layer twos They're already trending well and the Developers are going to you know shift Their attention to improving the user Experience on layer twos continuing to Make moves cardano blockchain marks its First integration with an oracle through Liquid cardano the third generation Blockchain platform has added another Innovation on its path to becoming a Leading ecosystem in decentralized Finance D5 cardano recently integrated Liquid Finance making the first Oracle Integration for its platform liquid Finance is a protocol that offers Decentralized interest rate curves for Loans and mortgages on cardano the Integration is a significant development As it provides users with more options For accessing defy on cardano tell me

What you think about all of this in the Comments below I'll be looking I'll be Responding use code altcoin daily for 10 Off Bitcoin Miami ticket prices increase Tonight hope to see you there that being Said I'll see you tomorrow


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