The Crypto Market is About to GET OUT OF CONTROL

Huge update happening in crypto today I'm going to share with you three new Stories three new updates that you Should be aware of as an investor so First news story out of three coinbase And Gemini set to bid on Celsius Network's assets so the now bankrupt Celsius has an auction slated for April 25th 2023 tomorrow where the top crypto Exchanges are reportedly backing two Separate consortia of investors to bid On the bankrupt crypto lender so now it Is coinbase versus Gemini versus the Original Nova wolf digital asset Management and millions of people Watched last night as comedian John Oliver on HBO Unleashed on three of the Biggest scams in crypto only for all Three companies that we're going to look At tonight is one of confidence gained And then squandered let's start with Tara And while John Oliver in my opinion Did a good job of focusing on the fraud As opposed to the crypto of it all Meaning the mainstream media roasted Crypto yes for 25 minutes straight Without mentioning Bitcoin and ethereum Meaning he focused more on the actions Of the people I like that CEO Alex Machinski still got roasted he would Brag about all the great things that his Company was doing for people while Occasionally engaging in the single Worst attempt at a dab I have ever seen

The beauty of what Chelsea's managed to Do is that we deliver yield we pay it to The people who would never be able to do It themselves we take it from the rich And we beat the index okay that's like Going through the Olympics and getting 15 medals in in 15 different fields okay What the was that And before we get to even crazier news With Donald Trump just understand that Celsius users still have zero access to Any of their funds and the bidding Starts tomorrow celsius's initial bidder Nova wolf digital management now faces Competition from veteran crypto firms However Celsius may end up paying up to 20 million dollars in break fees to Nova Wolf if it decides to go with a Different buyer so will it be coinbase Will it be Gemini will it remain with Nova wolf and what does each mean to you Well according to Bloomberg TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington is leading a New Consortium of investors called Fahrenheit LLC to acquire Celsius assets And investors joining him in that group Include coinbase former Al Grant CEO as Well as U.S mining groups and more so That's coinbase a second Consortium of Investors backed by the Gemini Trust Company include vanak absolute return Advisors Corporation globalx digital and Plutus lending LLC and if coinbase and Everybody else in Fahrenheit LLC win

That's good for investors according to a Member of fahrenheit's team coinbase Would distribute liquid crypto back to Celsius Network creditors under their Plan now make sure you click subscribe If you want to stay up to date on the Crypto market and just when you thought Donald Trump's nft designs couldn't get Any worse he just released a new drop Hello again this is your favorite President Trump was some news you you are going to Really love a few months ago we almost Broke the internet when I announced my Trump digital trading cards these Beautiful Trump cards made headlines all Over the world because of the speed at Which they sold original cards sold out So fast everybody is asking me to do Another Series so it's been about five Months because back in December he Released his first collection and According to some Trump has just trumped His own artistic Low by following up With a second nft drop and it sold out a Whopping 47 000 pieces sold out in hours And yes one of them really shows Trump's Standing behind a burning lion that's Pouncing on the globe got some fantastic News for you my trump digital trading Cards are back with a bang Series 2 the New collection features incredible Artwork of me as a rock star and also as A monster trucker people love to collect

Baseball cards but why settle for that When you can collect the greatest Trading card in history my trump digital Trading cards we didn't raise the price Despite the incredible fast sellout last Time it's so easy to buy just need an Email address and your credit card or a Crypto so these still cost just 99 a Piece and why this is so wild is because Again this is an ex-president Encouraging his base to buy crypto all These nfts are on the polygon blockchain And polygon hodlers are loving this now How much did Trump make from this well The very same day that the mint happened Trump posted this on Instagram as of 10 Minutes ago my digital trading cards Sold out in record time approximately 4.6 million dollars and we have a new Update on Sam bankman freed new phone Rules whodis judge approves restrictions For Sam bankman Freed's parents so SBF Is under house arrest in his California Home living with his parents and the Whole household will have their cell Phones strictly monitored including a Consultant will review key stroke logs And screenshots of Joseph bankman and Barber freed cell phones at least three Times per week all under the new court Order Sam bankman freed is still Awaiting an October trial while three Other FTX execs have pleaded guilty to Criminal charges so with all this

Mainstream coverage including HBO The Mainstream media along with crypto Regulation sure to be a hot button issue In this upcoming presidential election The eyes of the world are on crypto Today while the mainstream media is Struggling Fox News fires Tucker Carlson CNN fires Don Lemon and altcoin daily Still here still bring you the news After all before the banks even started Collapsing chamath tried to warn us back In January 2020. when you see the amount Of Leverage the financial industry is Running And you think about all these Dislocations and all these exogenous Things that are happening that you can't Predict There's a lot of risk to the downside And it would be great that an average Individual citizen of any country in the World has an uncorrelated Hedge and I've Said this repeatedly Ad nauseam on the Show every Financial instrument is Correlated but Buffett accept Bitcoin an Uncorrelated that Warren Buffett says Has zero value zero in here unless Someone pays more I think he's an Exceptional uh person I've learned an Enormous amount both from afar and the Few interactions I've had with him he is Completely wrong Shouldn't the price have gone up during This situation Haven

Um it went down like gold if it was Really digital gold I think that you Have to look more at volumes uh these Are not necessarily event driven Strategies meaning you don't you don't Want to call the digital goals no he Didn't say that no he didn't that's the That's the that's the that's what people Say I don't think you buy I don't think When you know you wake up and you see a Coronavirus scare in the Dow down 2000 You should not be going in and buying Bitcoin that is an idiotic strategy I Think a reason strategy is to say one Percent of my net worth should be in Something that is completely Uncorrelated to the world and how the World works you quietly and quick you Know over some number at a time Accumulate a position and then you just Never look at it again and Hope That that insurance under the mattress Never has to come due right but if it Does it will protect you because then That thing will be hundreds of thousands Or million dollars a coin be sure to Click subscribe for daily updates giving You informed on crypto like always see You tomorrow


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