Right now in the last 3 months 88% of All Bitcoin in circulation has not moved In the last year More than 70% of Bitcoin has not moved they're going to Approve this ETF we're going to return To loose monetary policy we're going to Get the having next year and this thing Is going to fly just like it did back in 2021 the cryptocurrency market is about To get out of control but most people Are missing one thing see altcoins are Flying salana chain link Caspa alium Avalanche and people who subscribe to us Have been doing really well see Everybody wants to find altcoin gems Right now they should have been looking For the past 6 months we were making top Altcoin videos for you showing you the Different projects when all of these Prices were low I was buying altcoins And showing you altcoins when everybody Just wanted to talk Bitcoin it's the Same every bare Market guys the altcoins I've talked about for the past 6 months All of these videos are still good watch Them you won't be able to get in at rock Bottom prices but nobody gets in at the Very lowest price and this crypto bull Cycle is just getting started so much is Coming if you subscribe to us now you'll Have a major advantage still of course Expect volatility there will be Pullbacks of course and you know what Those pullbacks might be very good

Buying opportunities the volatility is The opportunity I love the volatility I Want more volatility than the reason is Because volatility over a long period of Time actually leads to outsize returns If you want asymmetry which has largely Been kind of arbed out of the market in Most other assets there's no volatility In these other assets there's no Outperformance in these other assets Bitcoin allows for investors to allocate Capital to an investment that they can Audit at any time that they can put Billions of dollars into and it can Drive as sestric Returns the fact is This the Black Rock ethereum ETF news And of course combined with the black Rock Bitcoin ETF news is huge black rock Wouldn't do this with ethereum if they Weren't damn sure that their Bitcoin ETF Is getting approved soon and now because Larry thinkink did this now mainstream Media is advertising ethereum on TV what Pomp says at the end of this clip makes Me really Excited the world's largest asset Manager is doubling down on crypto Filings now show Black Rock is taking Taking its first steps to launch a spot Ethereum ETF according to Delaware's Division of Corporations website The Firm has submitted an i shares ethereum Trust for regulatory approval so let's Look at ethereum so yesterday the token

You can see right here spiked it is up Over 10% since just two days ago Bitcoin Also got a boost on the ethereum news Because Black Rock obviously is very Powerful it is also one of the 12 Applicants waiting on on the SEC to Approve a spot Bitcoin ETF here in a fox Business exclusive is pop Investments Investor Anthony Pompano who also served As a sergeant in the US Army infantry Thank you every day for your service PP But uh ethereum and here comes Larry Think the ey shares team and black rock Saying all right as we wait for the Bitcoin spot ETF to be approved we're Going in on ether what did you think of That news well first of all thank you For me um when you're contrarian in Order to get financial Returns the Contrarian bet has to become a consensus Bet and that's what we're watching play Out right here is for years we have seen Investors mainly retail um go and bet on Assets that were outside of the Legacy Financial system now all of a sudden We're seeing Black Rock and many other Large Financial organizations say we Don't want to be left behind we want to Play this game as well and so as they Show up and they start to incorporate These assets into their funds and other Types of uh investment offerings you're Going to see that contrarian bet become Consens

Capital will flow in and prices will go Up you think there's enough interest in Ether per se I think that people are Drastically underestimating how big the Entire crypto Market is going to get Bitcoin will remain the king of that Market but many of these assets are Going to get much much bigger and will Be measured I believe in tens of Trillions of dollars across the entire Crypto market and what's interesting is An ethereum ETF might even be more Compelling to investors than a Bitcoin ETF see I interviewed crypto expert Lark Davis all about this just a few weeks Ago listen what's interesting is that an Ethereum ETF could even be more Compelling for a lot of investors than a Bitcoin ETF because a Bitcoin ETF is Like holding a gold ETF which is cool an Ethereum ETF is like exactly it's more Like holding Apple stock or something Like that because you get that dividend Payment and massive exposure to massive Innovation right across the crypto space If you're bullish on layer twos if You're bullish on nfts if you're bullish On stablecoin payments if you're bullish On crypto gaming if you're bullish on Any of that stuff you buy an ethereum ETF because that's going to give you Exposure all of it plus the dividend Yield think about this investors would Definitely 100% prefer a spot ethereum

ETF over a spot Bitcoin ETF if they're Interested in the potential for the Biggest returns this cycle cuz think About it if you put $10,000 in Bitcoin Right now and $10,000 in ethereum right Now Bitcoin ETF gets approved then the Ethereum ETF gets approved which one is Going to pump harder this cycle but I Just think you have to look at the Reality that ethereum will outperform Bitcoin on a total percentage basis so If you were to invest $10,000 in Bitcoin And $10,000 into ethereum the ethereum I Believe will give you higher gains by The end of the cycle now how much higher Gains it's probably not going to be Super significant it's not like ethereum Is going to 50x and bitcoin's only got a 5x it's more like Bitcoin will 5x and Ethereum will 7X something like that so It we'll outperform but it's not going To be super dramatic outperformance so That's something I need to highlight Here but there's so many things working In the favor of ethereum outperformance Bitcoin's got the Bitcoin ETFs Bitcoin Has the having all very exciting Ethereum has alround money massive Deflation huge amounts of ethereum being Locked up in the staking contract it's Like 28 million coins right now an over Twoyear wait to get out of the staking Contract so that's a massive Supply Lock demand Rising all the time for

Ethereum layer 2 networks which is Sucking more eth off of exchanges Ethereum exchange balances at a 5year Low down well over 50% in the last Couple years down to about 14 million Coins there's now twice as many coins in The staking contract locked up for like You know a long time time a long time to Get out of the execute versus what's on Exchanges so ethereum's got the moon Math behind it without a doubt plus more Use cases obviously than Bitcoin so over The next couple months I'm going to Continue to highlight for you altcoin Pro projects that have continued to Build and scale out during the Bitcoin Bear because these are the projects that Should not only farewell during this Crypto bll but most likely farewell for The next couple years because these are The projects with actual utility things Going on you know I mean over the past 6 Months we've been turning you on to Projects like chain link now it's being Recognized by so many and in addition to That you realize that ethereum this Cycle is going to be unlike ethereum From any other cycle the Black Rock ETF Is huge Proof of stake everything that ethereum Has updated and advanced its protocol in The past year you know last cycle Ethereum was not fully proof of stake Yet this cycle it is the point is

Ethereum on its base layer as it gains Popularity like it's never have before It's going to have high fees again and That means ethereum L2 narratives will Be strong alternative ethereum Narratives will be strong people will be Looking for alternative ethereums or or Scaling solution and the point is Altcoins are going to pump hard this Cycle as well the point we're at in this Cycle right now if we took it back a Cycle you know this time last cycle the Fact is coins like salana weren't even Around yet so the biggest gainers Potentially aren't even around yet and We're going to keep tabs on that and Show you that too so subscribe to the Channel join the altcoin daily team my Name is Aaron see you tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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