If that were to happen you'd be looking At Sky High inflation just raging Weimar Republic kind of inflation if you think Inflation is bad now just wait we would Lose our economic dominance and we would Lose our superpower status welcome back Everybody to altcoin daily if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency and staying up to date With everything going on in the world And how it relates to crypto subscribe To the channel join the team engage with The video and we'll start here Sam Bankman freed has just been charged with Bribery conspiracy he spent 40 million In crypto to benefit Chinese government Officials so SBF charged with bribing Chinese government officials prosecutors Allege that bankman freed directed 40 Million in cryptocurrencies to one or More Chinese government officials in Order to influence them to unfreeze Accounts owned by ftx's Sister trading Firm Alameda research do we remember Alameda research yeah absolutely could Pull it off without my math degree I use Very little math Um use a lot of like uh Elementary School math being comfortable with risk Is very important We tend not to have things like Stop losses I think those aren't Necessarily great risk management tool Trying to think of a good example of a

Trade where I've Lost a ton of money Um well I don't know I probably don't Want to go into specifics too much with That Well prosecutors allege that before Turning to bribery bankman freed spent Months trying to access the funds he Allegedly hired attorneys to Lobby the Government ask the exchanges to unfreeze The funds and even opened new trading Accounts under false names what's Interesting to me is SBF has been Charged with bribing Chinese government Officials yes 40 million dollars but he Has not yet been charged with bribing U.S politicians over 70 million dollars Perhaps it pays to have friends in high Places how much money did SBF pay to Joe Biden and other U.S politicians Somewhere between 700 billion and a Trillion 300 million billion dollars Overall what's happening with SPF and FTX ultimately a good thing flush that Out of the system this is what truly Scares me going forward first CNN does a Segment on de-dollarization now Fox News Also did you realize this what what the Hell is going on here couldn't announce This week that Russia will begin using The Chinese Yuan for international Payments instead of the dollar Saudi Arabia is also in talks with Beijing to Do the same thing speaking of Saudi

Arabia meanwhile they are in talks with Iran as well to consider an economic Alliance with China and Russia and they Can even be joining the bric countries Which is an acronym for these countries Here Brazil Russia India China and South Africa these countries all have emerging Economies so what happens if our economy And the U.S dollar are no longer the World's dominant currency former Assistant treasury secretary and host of The Monica Crowley podcast Monica Crowley is here to weigh in let's start Right there what happens if these Emerging economies move away from the US Dollar towards the Chinese Yuan well Good morning well it's great to be with You and it's really hard to overstate Exactly how catastrophic the abandonment Of the U.S dollar would be as the World's Global Reserve currency look Since the end of World War II the dollar Has been the safe place to go and it's Been backed up by a couple of things Originally it was backed up by gold but President Nixon took us off the gold Standard so there's no hard asset Backing up the dollar anymore for the Last 50 years but also it's been backed Up by the strength and economic power of The United States and the fact that oil Has always been traded in dollars if That were to end that would mean the end Of the U.S dollar look there's a perfect

Storm happening right now will the World's Reserve currency having that Status has been a real privilege but We've abused the privilege by wholly Reckless monetary and fiscal policies Over many years certainly over the last Couple of years which has really Devalued the Dollar on top of that now You do have this perfect storm of Biden's weakness his war on American Domestic energy production the Ukraine War and as you point out because of all Of these things we've got America's Enemies led by China forming a new Economic block and all it would take at This point now because we're at this Pivotal moment will is for Saudi Arabia Who has indicated that they're open to This to say you know what we're going to Be open to considering other currencies To trade in oil if that were to happen There would be a complete implosion of The global economic system but certainly The American economic system and if that Were to happen you'd be looking at Sky High inflation just raging Weimar Republic kind of inflation if you think Inflation is bad now just wait but more Importantly we would lose our economic Dominance and we would lose our Superpower status so the dollar is Rapidly declining the US's only option Might be to move on to a Bitcoin Standard or at least the value prop of

Bitcoin would be parent another argument The value prop of ethereum becomes more Apparent 99 of stable coins are US Dollars 59 of stable coins are on Ethereum 97 on ethereum including evm Compatible Finance smart chain and Tron Stable coins have succeeded as a major Global distribution channel for US Dollars thus stable coins and ethereum Are now crucial opportunities for U.S National security what do you think one Thing I do know every bank that fails Bitcoin pumps every centralized exchange That fails decentralized exchange users Pump because there's just a better way The future is open the future is Permissionless the future is digital and I know there's a lot of fear uncertainty And doubt in the market right now but Keep in mind the market is turning we're Not going to get all-time highs tomorrow In my opinion but the market is turning Around all metrics are turning bullish After a long bear Market Bitcoin 10 day Versus Bitcoin past Cycles Bitcoin today Seems like we're right on track and Crypto's not going away the genie is out Of the bottle Sony has big plans for Nfts and their PlayStation 5. 112 Million plus and growing PlayStation Users soon will get in-game items on the Blockchain patents reveal this Sony eyes Nft transfers across multiple game Platforms reveals patents Sony

Interactive entertainment the video game Goliath running the PlayStation brand Filed a patent for a framework allowing Users to transfer and utilize Non-fungible tokens nfts across multiple Game platforms over several years Sony's Interests in crypto has been evidenced By numerous Partnerships and trademark Registrations adding to this list Sony Filed a patent titled nft framework for Transferring and using digital assets Between game platforms Sony's nft Framework aims to integrate nfts into Game play wherein the technology can Represent skins and other popular In-game functionalities summarizing the Patent the abstract explained the Intended features are quote responsive To the determination the nft is provided To the first end user entity so that Digital assets may be used via the nft Across plural different computer Simulations and or across plural Different computer simulation platforms Moreover it added that the nft's Ownership could be transferred to other End user entities for their own use Across different simulations and Platforms the below diagram details Sony's intended use of nfts in gameplay Once implemented PlayStation 5 users Will be able to experience nft use cases Via mainstream gaming titles as of December 22nd the total number of active

Users on PlayStation Network worldwide Was 112 million which continues to grow Year over year in a Edition Ticketmaster Launches nft gated pre-sales the use Case we've all been waiting for nfts and Ticketing the perfect match so what does Ticketmaster doing well you can get Involved people can get involved go to The pre-sale link connect your crypto Wallet I.E ethereum wallet hold the Right nft get verified buy your ticket No cues no scalpers no Bots this is the Best version of verified fan they tested It with Avenged Sevenfold 10K holders of Avenged seven Called Death bats Club Were offered Early Access to New York City and LA shows in June it crushed 100K members purchased incredible 10 Plus conversion today they rolled it out For 13 more dates and made it available To others this is one of the most Important use cases for nfts showing how Your interaction in one area with an Artist can open doors in others Interoperability it's a superpower for Once it's dead simple to see the value In web 3 for both fans and artists in Summation nft technology has been Adopted by the ticketing giant Ticketmaster Ticketmaster announced Today that the ethereum nft token gating Feature is live for artists it's a big W For nft Tech and a golden opportunity For forward looking artists to provide

Value to their most loyal fans speaking Of ethereum and speaking about Ethereum's growing L2 ecosystem take a Look at this as ethereum l2s continue to Gain momentum there have been an Accelerated adoption of native protocols Native Protocols are protocols Exclusively existing on the specified L2 Network or exist on one other L1 in Addition to this specific Network so They're not multi-chain networks and They're increasing on ethereum l2s Speaking of ethereum L2 growth ethereum Hit an all-time high of the percentage Of L1 gas used by l2s it was less than One percent a year ago today it's about Eight to nine percent L2 adoption Increasing even Charles hoskinson of Cardano is wishing well and Congratulating ethereum and polygon Congratulations to the polygon Community It's really cool to see Innovation like This in the industry what's he referring To well vitalik buterin did the symbolic First ever transaction on polygon matics ZK evm and it has a message on it quote Millions of constraints for man Unconstrained scalability for mankind Goosebumps baby and this is vitalik Buterin's closing thoughts on the launch Of polygons ZK evm mainnet beta I'm just Like happy to see ZK VMS becoming real You know like I'm happy to see yeah like Ethereum layer 2 scaling becoming like

Fully real and not just something that's Kind of theoretical and there's these Back doors that you're not supposed to Talk about so you know it's a it's a bit It's a big Improvement and uh I think Over the next six to 12 months um you Know we're probably going to see Asia Even more big improvements on the Horizon as uh both other Layer Two is uh Start uh step up and get to a stage one And uh you know polygon so an Implementation continues to improve over Time and at the same time we get uh Eip4844 greatly increasing the amount of Data space on chain and uh Roll-Ups Hopefully yeah moving quickly to take Advantage of that Um so I'm you know excited to see all of those All of those things happen and excited To like really get to the points where We can start to call a scaling a solve Problem for ethereum the future is Bright for cryptocurrency holders most People don't know about it we talk about It regularly on this channel so make Sure you subscribe like the video if you Got value check out any of our prior Videos from the last couple weeks see You tomorrow get your tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th through 20th Miami Beach this year use code altcoin daily 10 off this is the biggest Bitcoin Conference of the Year ticket prices

Continue to increase as we get closer to The event use code altcoin daily 10 off Get your tickets now


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