The Crypto Market is a Ticking Time Bomb… ($1.5B Bitcoin Options Expire)

Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily My name's Austin over 1.48 billion Dollars in Bitcoin options expire on Friday let's talk about what this means For crypto and what this means to you And me as investors and it is important To understand that this over 335 million Dollars in short liquidations the short Squeeze which caused which started the Bitcoin rally earlier this month this Price spike because it's in the same Month now affects the billions of Dollars that are about to expire you see Options expiring especially of this Magnitude doesn't necessarily mean that The Bitcoin price is about to crash nor Does it mean that the Bitcoin price is About to pump it just means expect Volatility in either direction because What an option allows an investor to do Is at the end of the month when it Expires it gives those Traders the Option to either call or put meaning Either buy or sell the asset and we Often see try Traders playing Trader Games manipulating the price into that Expiry to try and get the best outcome For the trade that they placed so let's Go over expectations and there is good News the 36 percent year-to-date gain For Bitcoin has caused Bears to be Ill-prepared for the 1.48 billion dollar Monthly options expiry tomorrow so Because Bitcoin has been trading above

Twenty thousand dollars since Mid-January which by the way was Extremely bullish beginning of the month Almost unheard of we'd be this High the Beginning of January when many of these People place their bets this explains Why these billions of dollars in monthly Options expiry will vastly benefit Bulls Despite the recent failure to break Above 23 to 200 resistance and let's get Specific because right now the call to Put ratio meaning the buyers to sellers Ratio is 1.215 in favor of the calls the Bulls and a broader View using the 1.15 Call to put ratio shows more bullish Bets because the call by open interest Stands at 790 million against the just 680 million put sell options Nevertheless despite the millions inputs Most bearish bets will likely become Worthless as Bitcoin is up 36 in January Hooray Bears continue to get crushed Because of this recent bitcoin price Pump and what specifically is the price That we have to maintain for the Bears To lose tomorrow Well if bitcoin's price remains above Twenty two thousand dollars at the Opening of the markets on January 27th Only 38 million dollars worth of these Sell options will be available and the Reason that this happens Is because there's really no use in the Right to sell Bitcoin between 21 and 22

000 if it trades higher on expiry and Again this is why you sort of see price Manipulation in either direction into That contract expiration bears are Trying to suppress the price to win Their bets Bulls are trying to elate the Price to support their bets what you Should be prepared for tomorrow below Are the four most likely scenarios based On the current price action worst case If the price Falls to somewhere between Twenty thousand and twenty one thousand Dollar Bitcoin here are the calls here Are the puts way more calls the net Result favors Bulls by over a hundred And fifteen million dollars if the Bitcoin price begins tomorrow between 21 And 22 000 the net result favors the Bulls by even more 320 million if BTC Ranges between 22 and 23 thousand Dollars the Bulls remain in control Profiting over 455 million dollars and If we maintain the pump in BTC Falls Between 23 and 24 000 we get all calls Zero puts in Bulls completely dominate The expiry racking up over 595 million Dollars so for this month for this Expiry this looks good and it's not Always like this the four most likely Scenarios don't always favor the Bulls Like this month but essentially the only Way the Bears could get a little win Bitcoin bears would need to push the Price below twenty one thousand dollars

By tomorrow to greatly reduce their Losses however most Bitcoin Bears Recently got wrecked got liquidated Hundreds of millions of short positions Wrecked which means they don't have that Much money that much power right now to Exert a lot of force and in summation The most probable scenario for the January monthly BTC option expiry is the 22 000 or higher level providing a Decent win for Bulls every month I'm Going to keep you informed on these Metrics so you have all the information You need every month as an investor now Of course zooming out big picture the Next cryptocurrency Bull Run whenever That happens could be catalyzed by Favorable regulation from the US now Congressman french hill who is the chair Of the newly formed house Financial Services subcommittee is seeking one Thing to set new rules for the crypto Industry here's a 90-second clip of CNBC Host Joe Kernan grilling this Congressman asking when we can get a Framework so there's some regulatory Clarity so crypto can thrive in the US Also pay attention to the second Question where he asks How likely is a Bitcoin spot ETF this year and then does Gary Gensler need to be fired from the SEC for crypto to truly Thrive but we Want to make sure that America is is the Place for innovation in fintech and

Blockchain and distributed Ledger Technology is part of that fintech Future well it has real consequences to Not have a a framework in place and You know I'm not saying that SB that Sam Bankman free didn't bring it on himself But We certainly enabled some of that to be Offshore and I mean there it's going to Help it's going to help the industry and It's going to help the technology if Congress could get its act together do You think there should be a spot Bitcoin Um fund is that's not going anywhere now Either Yeah so that's what we want to explore With this digital assets committee I Think you'll see us look at a Privacy Law a federal Privacy Law you I think You'll see us consider a stable coin Bill that we made progress on in the Last congress with work from our leader Patrick McHenry on the committee and Then chair Maxine Waters I think you'll See us explore what are the Ramifications for the Securities market And work with the agriculture Committee In the House and Senate on the commodity Aspect of it trading uh the coins and Running uh how should the exchanges be Overseen all that's on the table and all That's going to be a priority for this Year Okay you can't really tell the SEC what

To do can you I mean that that's going To be a as long as Gary gensler's there Do you see any progress really being Made What your ginsler says he was the cop on The beat last year Gary ginsler also Says that he's an expert in this area Because he taught it in graduate school Blockchain and distributed Ledger Technology so we'll invite him up to Congress to tell us what he knows and What he recommends in this area and what He was doing last year when we had so Many uh challenges for our investors and Our consumers now something that Lawmakers and Retail investors alike are Seeing as a negative binance USD Stablecoin sees a two billion dollar Reduction in a month amid token Mismanagement so busd's circulating Supply fell to 15.4 billion on Wednesday Paring down one billion dollars over the Past week and two billion dollars down In a month according to the public Information on coing Gecko and the Reason we're seeing this decline in Large part a lack of confidence in busd The latest drop extended busd's decline From 22 billion in early December when Anxious users scrambled to withdraw Funds from binance after it botched a Report about its digital asset reserves So some irregularities in the paperwork Which is never a positive sign Also

Earlier this month blockchain research Firm chain Argos found that binance Pegged busd was not always fully backed By reserves during 2020 and 2021 binance Admitted this they acknowledged the Breach and said that it has fixed them And then this week Bloomberg reported That the exchanged mixed customer funds From the collateral of the binance Pegged tokens so again this sort of Explains the reason that people are Pulling their money out of binance's Stablecoin and then also in a below for Retail Traders binance as a banking Partner Signature Bank will halt Transfers smaller than one hundred Thousand dollars using the Swift Interbank messaging system starting February first So again retail Traders are sort of Leaving because I mean big players can Still make their transfers but these Smaller minnows cannot now it is worth Noting that if you look at tether and Purple usdc in bluish and busd in Grayish busd is still the third most Popular stable coin globally which is Significant and even though I guess it's Owned by binance busd is a dollar Peg Stablecoin issued by the new york-based Fintech firm paxos trust under the Binance brand backed by cash and U.S Treasury bill reserves I encourage you To give me your thoughts on this token

Mismanagement your thoughts in General On busd down below that is the video my Name is Austin like always see you Tomorrow


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