The Crypto Expert: “Most People Have No Idea What is Coming in 2024” | BEST Ethereum Prediction

This is new we've never seen this in Markets today I interview Elliott a Massive crypto Channel elot trades my Belief is that this is the first cycle Where retail was actually trailing Institutional order flow as he shares The real reason Bitcoin is going up and For the first time I believe Wall Street Bought lower also the potential of Crypto in 2024 it's a great backdrop for The beginning of a bull run is ethereum Still a good investment now the market Is screaming that ethereum is not the Flavor of the cycle yet also I ask Elliot the tough questions what would be The reason we don't see a bull run in 2024 comment down below your 2024 crypto Prediction and let's start has Bitcoin Topped you think um yeah it's funny Right I I had a tweet on this everyone's Calling the top and you know usually at Tops not everyone's calling the top I Guess that's my experience I think There's still quite a lot of PTSD in the Charts people are very uncomfortable With the idea a of this thing just Ripping and uh that usually is how I Play the game I don't necessarily look At the charts I look at sort of the Table kind of like a poker Style and What I see is that throughout 2023 I Realized that one once the bank term Funding program came into existence in March that was liquidity from the fed

And if you look at the actual chart of Total liquidity uh when you you know Factor in Us treasuries and other cash Like equivalents money markets those Types of things we actually didn't see a Dip in liquidity after uh the bank term Funding program came into effect it Pretty much stagnated and grew and now You see the treasury Janet Yellen Injecting liquidity like crazy into the Markets uh and effectively we're back Into QE and and that was what was my tip Off was you saw all the Bitcoin metrics Flipping we saw capitulation we saw the Charts reverse on the weekly we saw all These different metrics that would Indicate a new Bull Run and then we saw A macro signal that for me that was the Change so I I started buying uh in March 20 23 and have been throughout the Entire time and what I realized uh Throughout this period of actually Buying and being bullish was that people Were viscerally angry at me for being Bullish and that the sort of the bear Pill had been swallowed the macro Doomer Pill had been swallowed by almost Everybody and that that really was where You got the max pain scenario I always Look to say okay the markets love to Punish people for being overly exuberant On one side of the equation it was Pretty clear in 2023 that everyone had Bought into

Uh once in a generation once in a Lifetime maybe once in many lifetimes uh Diff like Doomer you know uh recession Depression whatever and those things They do happen but they're notoriously Very hard to predict very hard to Predict like Michael bur from The Big Short has predicted this like hundreds Of times now and he's only been right Once and he even got blown out several Times on the way up here so the one Thing is that you know you have to Prepare yourself for the fact that Markets typically just go up because you Have more money being printed all the Time and that these real big crashes Only really happen once in a a very long While they're very hard to predict and Once I realized that almost everybody Had put their money in cash everyone had Taken this had sort of bought into this Macro Doomer narrative I realized that Max pay was up and I know that sounds Crazy people like oh Max pan is up That's stupid bro Max Pan's always down Well in this case no everyone wanted Lower and cheaper coins but they said They did and uh as the uh as the price Started to rip up people felt off sides And they started chasing the market up And that's why we pretty much haven't Had a dip since 28k not a real one I Mean you could say we're in a dip right Now but not really not not in my opinion

That's not that's not a proper dip and So uh I think that it has been shown That you know the Bears have gotten very Uncomfortable uh started chasing the Market and and we saw bare capitulation On the way up here and that's what we've Been seeing and that's why we haven't Pretty much paused since we got into the Low 30s so we're in the first maybe 20% 25% of a fullon bull run I believe time Will tell generally speaking what is Your outlook for 2024 for crypto so Obviously history Rhymes but it doesn't Repeat who knows what happens there's a Probability it goes down there's a Probability it goes up and you just have To own those Probabilties if it goes down I might Lose 70% of my stack I might lose more 75 to 90% of my stack if it goes up I Could make a th% to 10,000% those are Your odds right you could if you play The market right you know how to find Good coins uh that's what I'm Comfortable with I've been doing this For a long time I know I can make 10 X's I know I can make uh potentially even 100 X's but if it goes down you know I Could lose a you know massive chunk of All my Holdings and that's just the odds That I'm comfortable with and if you're Comfortable with those odds then you Play them and for me what I see is that Almost everything is resembling prior

Cycles uh maybe even more bullish than Prior Cycles because we have this Institutional uh asset flow happening With Bitcoin coming into the ETF which We are you know almost all that Guaranteed is going to happen because of The court order and so you have a Different setup here coming into the Year of the having than we've ever had Before and for the first time I believe Wall Street bought lower right you had This macro Doomer narrative that I Believe Wall Street knew wasn't going to Play I mean these guys know more than us Right and for the first time I believe Black rock and the boys all bought much Lower than us they bought that 15K wash Out they were working on regulatory Arbitrage and once you saw ol Larry sub Uh submit a Bitcoin ETF if you don't Think that his bags were packed at that Point and I feel like it's quite silly Right why would they publicly display Their trade without having some Preparation for that moment so my belief Is that this is the first cycle where Retail was actually trailing Institutional order flow and that's why We're seeing the the books go like this Is because people are not getting that Typical retail sort of you know flirty In andout uh play uh so when we look at 2024 you know I've listed all these out A bunch of times and everybody knows

This but you have the ETF is happening Right you have marketing from all these Asset managers that's a big deal because It changes the type of marketing from You know guys with webcams like us to You know institutional asset managers Shoving Bitcoin down their client Throats then you also have an election Year they're always bullish and that's Because the people in power like to stay In power and one good way to do that is To say look at the economy under me You're richer under me than the other Guy and that is a really really powerful Tool and we see this with uh Janet Yellen and the treasury pumping money Into the markets I I posted a tweet on This uh from Arthur Hayes I retweeted it Uh US dollar liquidity has been Skyrocketing alongside the markets NASDAQ just hit an all-time high uh it's A great backdrop for the beginning of a Bull run if we get a full another cycle Into 20125 I hope we do odds are that as Things start to repeat you know the Cycle will start to take on a life of Its own and I'm a very big believer that You know betting against crypto is a far Bigger risk right now than betting on it And that's just been my position since Uh March of 2023 is hey look if this is Happening again the risk of not being Allocated here is way more more than the Risk of losing some tokens in the market

Because we all know you could lose some Tokens in the market but if this thing Runs away from you again like how are You going to forgive yourself if you're A crypto native if you've been following Studying this industry for years and you Don't do you don't just simply bet on The thing that you care so much about That's what that was my perspective That's what I know I've committed myself To this industry I'm building in this Industry and my whole perspective was How could I not take the bet when it Seems like everything's shaping up once Again to do the thing it it does before But this time with institutional order Flow as a foundation on bitcoin and and That's really special uh so yeah Election year having uh you have uh what Was it uh the institutional ETF order Flow you have people off sides chasing The market there's never been so much Cash sort of on the sidelines uh and Finally finally you now have the FED Pivot that was the last thing I mean Like there's so many green flags at the Same time there could be a wash out at Any time I tweeted this morning we're Going to 28 then nuke we're going to 32 Then nuke we're going to 38 then nuke We're going to 42 then nuke we're going To 48 then nuke we're going to 50 then Nuke we're going to 60 then nuke we're Going to alltime high then nuke maybe

Nobody knows maybe nobody knows maybe Just maybe uh this is that bull run Where where things really rip in a new Way I don't know I'm not I'm not taking That as a I'm not trading that opinion But I'm just looking at the charts going I've never seen it like this bullish Coming into like the beginning of a 2024 A hav year it was not like this in 2020 It was not like this at all it was not I Don't care what anybody says 2019 was Not like this so you were there people Were abandoning altcoins said bitcoin's The only coin uh Bitcoin was slumping Throughout the entire second half of the Year and and pretty much it was it was a Despair Zone it was it was a horrible Place to be crypto in in the beginning Of 2020 we weren't getting a Santa rally That's that's for darer so to me I've Seen this run as very distinct and I Think that when you look back on the This run uh from the lens of the future You'll see in institutional order flow Below it Black Rock has officially put Their name behind Bitcoin but also Officially put their name behind Ethereum people wish they could have Bought Bitcoin you know maybe a year Before Black Rock got the Bitcoin ETF Approval hopefully happening in January Um how bullish are you on ethereum into 2024 understanding this yes so I'm a big Proponent of ethereum that said I'm also

A big proponent of the you know just Studying the market right this is a game You can play it like a sport crypto once You learn how to play it get on the Field you start making some plays you Look at where what went right what went Wrong you look at the other players on The field and what they're doing and how They're performing and you can start Adapting your own play style now in the End the market is screaming that Ethereum is not the flavor of the cycle Yet now of course if the ETF Conversation comes into play which I Think it will it'll be the one after Bitcoin that'll be the big narrative for Ethereum is institutional order flow Native Yi Serious Finance whatever that means but Right now the actual players on the Field the real excitement is not on Ethereum and I think it has a lot to do With the narrative getting a little bit Convoluted ethereum is scaling with a Whole bunch of l2s that are often very Hard if not impossible to differentiate Their value prop and oftentimes fairly Fungible changing from one L2 ZK or one Not ZK evm those are those are more Unique but one you know roll up to Another rollup is actually fairly in Fact there's Services you can deploy to Multiple at once or switch them it's not Really rocket science to differentiate

Or or to actually interchange these l2s And the actual l2s are definitely Getting a lot more mind share then you Look at things like salana which I was Talking about in the teens and low 20s Saying hey look this is the most obvious Non-consensus bet because you know one Of the things that you learn by playing This game is the market loves a hated Rally and salana was the perfect hated Rally but if you actually were on the Field you would know that the isamic Community is very strong they're die Hard they love it there's great stuff Being built over there using the chain Is seamless and so it was a pretty easy Bet now did I think it was going to go This crazy I didn't think it was going To go this crazy but I had it in my top Four passive portfolio and I've become Very active there and what I've seen is That a lot of the activities that were Happening early on ethereum in the last Run are happening right now in salana With uh major defi applications popping Off uh tons of new tokens hitting the Market at EXT extreme valuations the Differen is it costs a fraction of a Cent to transact on salana you could do $5 buys on random altcoins on salana and So you're having a lot of the new crowd That might not have $50 per transaction Uh FL flowing there and you're seeing a Lot more distribution of early activity

Going to Alternative chains whereas that Was almost all on ethereum last time so What what is what to me is the uh Narrative for ethereum is going to be More institutional more like a Bitcoin Narrative uh but I think it's going to Lag quite a bit this cycle now that said I also love the hated and ethereum is Starting to become quite hated for its Underperformance and maybe just maybe That's the the opportunity even though There's no more mining so miners aren't Selling anymore and the tokenomics are Different do you think that would mean a Lag to me I see more people bullish Because of those Tokenomics yeah tokenomics to me are um I'm just going to say tokenomics are Kind of right so what what Makes price go up is attention and Liquidity attention and liquidity when There are more buyers than Sellers and That comes from as much emotion and Excitement as it does from logic and Tokenomics and so there needs to be a Spark right now on eth whereas there is A spark on a lot of other things and so When you learn to play the game of Crypto when you learn to invest in this New world and to make money and to make Plays in this market what you want to do Fundamentally is understand where the Attention and liquidity is going to flow And then you want to be there first or

As early as you can and so understanding What people find exciting understanding What narratives could attract that Attention and liquidity have catalysts And then getting there early now that's Why I'm so bullish on crypto gaming is Because to me I've seen the investment I See I to me I see the future of crypto Gaming and I know there will be hits in That genre and so I know at one point There will be millions and millions Maybe hundreds of millions maybe one day Billions of players in crypto gaming and So we are early to that and at one point That's going to go crazy so by getting There early I know I'm front running a Massive wave of attention and liquidity Now there's other genres and other Niches that of course this happens as Well I believe the other will be ai ai Is going to make new stories left and Right and whether or not you're excited Or not about the current stable of AI Coins well when that happens like we saw With the uh the open AI Saga all the a AI coins exploded so whenever AI makes News in the mainstream world we see AI Coins pop off in the crypto world Because attention and liquidity flood Flood in so if you can look at Narratives and say Hey where's the Attention going to go where's the Liquidity then going to go that's where I can position myself

Right now the excitement the attention And the liquidity are not really focused On eth and I think that we'll need an ETF conversation of sorts to really get That going um again at a certain point Eth will play catchup but right now it's Just been a lagger and uh and so for Right now I just think like listening to The markets you're seeing a lot more Attention on exciting new tech in other Places earlier in the cycle than before And and this could be a sign of Evolution of the crypto space or it Could be a sign that eth is dramatically Underpriced we out Elliot what would be The reason we don't see a bull run in 2024 obviously the what would be the Reason the we stop getting liquidity From Janet Janet Ellen in the markets Probably if you stop making video Altcoin daily stopping making videos Would be the number one never I would Say I would say allcoin daily would be If if we don't get a bull run uh can I Can I say your home address here on on Stream I'm I'm put out I'm gonna put out Their home address and you can take it Up with them because because allcoin Daily would be the reason that's the Only reason all right cool uh we'll be Watching hey final question two final Questions but best advice for crypto Investors in 2024 uh

Look I I think just understanding that This is the first time that people have Opened their eyes to the concept of a Macro bar Market recession and you have Like YouTube investor class talking About recession and depression and Everybody playing like their Michael bur Understanding that that's like a Phenomenon that's swept over the last Few years and is still very real if you Look at across like the internet Everyone talks about like how bad it's Gotten how bad it is this is new we've Never seen this in markets and so Understanding that like that is a Positioning of people mentally and Usually I mean in my experience the Market looks to extract value from the Most amount of people and so it's Painful for the markets to Rally like Crazy during that sentiment and that's What I think we're seeing as backdrop We're also seeing that you want to you Want to have your sort of an open Neutral mindset towards the market don't Have strongly held opinions and if the Market's telling you something like Strength usually strength he gets Strength so looking at the NASDAQ it's Literally at all-time highs it can't it Has never been stronger right uh you're Looking at crypto it is the best Performing asset class of 2023 and You're looking at an ETF you're looking

At a lot of things that you know would Indicate strength and so everyone's Looking for this to be a big wash out Where I would say you know maybe just Take a more neutral opinion and stop Coming into it with emotion and just try To analyze data and see what is the Market telling you it likes what is the Market telling you it values and maybe Just maybe the trend is your friend so I'm a believer that until we see the Trend get truly violated uh that we have A lot of evidence that the cycle is sort Of in its early stages and that 2024 is Looking like it's going to be a year With a lot more liquidity and a lot more Support from the macro quote unquote uh That no one's so scared of so maybe just Maybe uh things are actually stronger Than that sort of YouTube narrative Would lead you to believe Elliot I want To talk gaming but actually this next One final Bitcoin question and I want You to be real I want there's a lot of Moon boys out there I like your real Analysis this is just you and me at a Bar in Los Angeles you know talking About if the Bulls are right Realistically how high could Bitcoin go In 2024 2025 best Guess yeah uh it's a really good Question you know you're you're seeing Predictions from from old sailor boy as High as 350 you're seeing uh you know

Plan B saying 500 uh I think that those would be very Very hard to hit but who knows um my Sort of gut is saying 120 my loins my my My internal monologue is saying 120 Would be a nice Target and and just the Reality is that I am not super focused On bitcoin because as much as I I hold a Stack of Bitcoin the reality for me is That as Bitcoin grows other stuff Outperforms it and as Bitcoin shrinks You know you don't want to hold Something that's dumping like crazy Either so if it's a true bare Market um In my opinion you know I don't like to Hold all of my coins though I do have Like a forever stack of Bitcoin the Reality for me is that in a bull market I'm not Trading mostly Bitcoin right I'm Trading a lot of other stuff and so uh I'm focused more on stuff that's going To outperform bitcoin and uh and in Those scenarios with Bitcoin over 100k Those things are parabolic like crazy Like most of the coins that I focused on On my channel are at or near or or above 10x their original sort of bare Market Lows and if we get Bitcoin at 120 or Something like that there'll probably be At least 10x from here so I mean I'm not A pig 100x for me is happy like I'm I'm Not trying to I don't know what you'd Want to prove beyond that and I would Think that things would be absolutely

Bananas um throughout the ecosystem if Bitcoin even hits 100K so probably Between 80 and 120k if I had to put like Smart money on it uh I think that it Becomes very hard to not want to sell Coins with a six-figure Bitcoin um Because that would essentially attract Such a retail Mania uh but who knows Maybe there's a blowoff top top way Higher I I can't predict those things Once we get into those Zones


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