The Crypto Bull Run Will Start in 2024. Get Ready Now

Now I personally believe there's a Strong chance the crypto bull market Could start as early as 2024 and I have Seven reasons supported by data backed Evidence and research that I plan to Share in this video here so let's get Into it reason number one I believe the Bare Market is already in look let's Just look at the charts so the initial Sign of a bull market is the Confirmation that the bare Market's Lowest point had already been reached Judging by what we've seen happen in November of 2021 following bitcoin's Record high of $69,000 we saw throughout the year of 2022 Bitcoin endured a significant Decline not just of like dropping 10 20 30 40% it went down more than 77% until it stabilized around the $15,500 level now this year marked one Of the most severe downturns in crypto Bar Market history and it's almost been Two full years since the bare Market's Beginning has started now numerous Analysts now believe that Bitcoin hit Its low point in November of 2022 and Unless Bitcoin comes down below 15,000 Once again that would signify that the Bare Market low Point has now been met On your screen here you'll see that the Crypto bare Market's low point was Represented by the Orange Line and the Green line illustrates bitcoin's upward

Price trajectory since then now although Bitcoin has experienced occasional Fluctuations since that bare Market low The overall trend remains upward on Longterm charts now personally here's What I believe unless we see another Black Swan event it is very unlikely That we'll see Bitcoin drop back down to Those previous bare Market low levels of $155,000 at bitcoin's current price of Me filming this video it would actually Need to drop over 44% just to retest those cycle lows on The other hand of that if we do see Bitcoin dropping down below and hitting That support level that is also going to Be presenting itself as a great buying Opportunity for long-term investors once Again now the second reason here is that That the SEC is becoming less and less Of an issue so firstly the SEC has taken The stance of categorizing Bitcoin and Ethereum as Commodities rather than Securities for the first time ever this Shift here signifies a huge victory for The overall crypto Community because it Implies that those digital assets the Two main big dogs in the game now fall Under the jurisdiction of the cftc Rather than the SEC now that here is Good news because given the sec's Historical reluctance towards crypto and It's unwarranted scrutiny of blockchain Firms anytime we can get cryptocurrency

Moving away from the sec's hold that Right there alone is a good sign for the Market on the topic of the SEC there are Several more wins and even some new Updates that we recently got so first of All SEC had faced several setbacks in Its crypto related legal battles this Includes the famous case between SEC and Xrp were after over 2 and 1/2 years of Legal battles the judge in that case Ruled in favor of Ripple Labs affirming That xrp is not indeed a security on top Of that the sec's motion to appeal this Decision was rejected by the judge on October 3rd with the judge asserting the SEC failed to demonstrate substantial Grounds for disagreement on another Instance we had SEC fighting grayscale Where the crypto asset manager then Successfully overcame the sec's Objection to convert grayscale into a Publicly traded Bitcoin ETF so the story On that very simple basically grayscale Had applied for a Bitcoin ETF SEC went Ahead and rejected it right off the bat Grayscaled filed a lawsuit now Grayscale's legal action ultimately led To the reversal of that decision and now That Bitcoin ETF has been underway Lastly the sec's lawsuit against Coinbase and binance accusing them of Operating as National Security exchanges Brokers and clearing agencies without Proper registration it actually

Demonstrated the growing resistance of Crypto companies to the sec's regulatory Overreach so both coinbase and binance Have contested the sec's allegations Arguing that the assets and services That they offer aren't actually those Securities now these are currently Ongoing lawsuits but they highlight a Growing perception of the SEC as an Aggressive regulator that's not working In a just capacity and so far in layman Terms they've been taking a whole bunch Of L's and they're continuing to take a Whole bunch of else looking back at the Previous bull market the SEC really Limited a lot of how much the market Could have grown and they didn't really Protect too many people at all look at How many exchanges actually collapsed Went bankrupt look at all the scams the Influencer pumping dumps that had Happened I mean this is why one of the Reasons on this channel we preach Transparency and it's one of the reasons Why we were actually the largest crypto Channel during the previous Bull Run and That's because we've had projects offer To pay us millions of dollars and we've Not ever taken them once and this is Also another reason why you guys should Subscribe before the next Bull Run Happens so you guys can get notified of All the best news possible honesty Transparent and Justice I don't know

About the last one anyways number three The next Bitcoin having cycle is coming Okay a lot of people think that the Having event is 2 to three years from Now it's actually expected to happen Sometime of quarter 1 or quarter 2 of 2024 this means that this could happen As early as February 20 24 or even in June of 2024 and historically speaking Bitcoin's price has always been Positively impacted after the Bitcoin Having event where after the first Having bitcoin's price soared by more Than 9,000 to Mark the first all-time High above $11,000 shortly after that The having resulted in a jump of more Than 3,000% reaching Beyond $119,000 and As most of you guys should know the Third having event the price of Bitcoin Pumped to Mark the present all-time high Of $69,000 Boom now numbers are great but what can We learn from the data well the all-time Highs typically came around a year after Each having event so if we follow Historical Trends this means if we are Able to get a having event happen in 2024 then the new all-time high is Expected to form somewhere between mid 2025 if not sooner even throughout this Bare market we've been seeing a lot of These whales not back down and continue Their heavy accumulation for the asset a

Good example of this is micros strategy Who by the way I live in Maryland They're in Virginia I drive like 30 Minutes and I see the micro strategy Building and I'm like hey y'all lost a Bunch of Bitcoin y'all are down a lot of Money and I just drive back home after That but anyways micro strategy yeah They acquired tens of thousands of Bitcoin even this past year and as of September 24th they now hold Approximately 158,159 More Bitcoin so this means that these Were the people who have invested way Earlier on they put their crypto on that Cold storage Ledger they didn't touch it And all of a sudden they're waking up They're like okay it's time for us to Start buying again which could mean just One thing these whales could be Expecting a price increase happening in The near future number four there's Actually more optimism and less fear Happening in the markets today now by The way don't get this confused with the Economy is doing terrible the housing Market crash the car market collapse the Collapse of this YouTube channel because I don't even know what Niche we're in Now anymore look even though it seems Like a mass majority of people are still Fearful of the market you should realize That the sentiment amongst a lot of the Bigger Banks and institutions are now

Less inclined to anticipate that severe Economic downturn or that huge market Crash that everyone is talking about Earlier this year in September Goldman Sachs actually lowered its estimated Chance of a US recession over the next 12 months to just 15% in their report Which was titled soft Landing Summer They pointed to a series of encouraging Economic indicators on inflation and the Jobs Market that suggest that the US Economy will avoid the Federal Reserve Fueled recession that many people fear Now if anything out of all the banks Goldman sack should be the one that's More careful and cautious because They're the ones that experienced a lot Of the pitfalls during the previous Market crashes so it is nice to hear That someone who's been inflicted by Such bad wounds in the past has not Either yet learn from that or they're Smart enough to realize that this might Not actually be anything like we Experienced with the last recession Before look I know it's all up in the Air your uncle Papa John's all these Random people right now are saying that The impending market crash is coming Tomorrow but a lot of people have always Been saying the market crash has been Coming for the last 20 30 40 plus years I've said this before I'll say it again But Market Cycles happen all the time we

Get highs we get lows but these are the Moments where you want to start Accumulating so that you can come out Ahead when the markets turn more Favorable for you investors and Traders Now moving forward number five we are Now seeing increased institutional Adoption so I mentioned previously in This video the SEC has made a Significant stride by opening its doors To spot Bitcoin ETF applications but It's not just that but this development Here marks a pivotal moment for the Crypto community and when these ETFs are Approved we can expect to see Substantial amount of institutional Capital flowing into the crypto markets To the likes that we've never seen Before now let's not count on that Though because it's still up in the air But we are still seeing crypto adoption Happening on a further scale according To coin gecko we have now 32 publicly Traded companies that have collectively Held 241,000 218 Bitcoin which exceed a Total value of $6.6 billion even NASA Recently talked about their Collaboration with a partner Lone Star In sending a payload to the Moon Containing data cubes which are then Linked to the blockchain tech technology That we use within the crypto space talk About going to the Moon literally now The sixth Point why the bull market

Might happen soon and it might hit hard When it does is because a lot of these Top crypto projects are continuing to Innovate so whether it's this highly Anticipated ethereum merge event which Is still upcoming they're still underway Or even other smaller projects that you Guys probably don't care about anymore Just know this a lot of the top crypto Projects are preparing for the Inevitable Market Surge and while most People see to not care at all about Crypto anymore these projects are still Pushing forward they are still putting In the work until the next bull market Comes around because when it does They'll be ready now the seventh reason Here is just the development that we're Seeing happen outside of crypto so if You guys remember metaverse related Stuff nft related stuff well that is Still in the development if you didn't Know it was actually rumored a few Months back that Apple will be releasing Their version of the VR headset as early As 2024 to 2025 now given Apple's History of creating userfriendly devices This headset might offer an unparalleled User experience driving further Mass Adoption of metaverse platforms now how Does this relate to crypto well the Metaverse is often associated with Blockchain and cryptocurrency because a Lot of these Virtual Worlds that you go

Into either use crypto as a native Payment method or you start going into Nfts that have their own value Within These worlds now the massive influx of Users into the metaverse facilitated by Apple which has a cult following like as An example I got like 20 Apple products No Cap I got the MacBook Pro the other MacBook Pro I got two iPads I got the Mac Studio I got the other Mac Mini I Got like four Apple airpods I literally Have two Apple phones here in look I go A little overboard and that's because It's a business expense for me but I Love apple as well and I believe that They do a great job with them working on A new metaverse headset I believe they Can re-engage the mass population to go Into this space now as more users go Into the metaverse space generally You're going to need crypto or something To be able to buy virtual Goods land and Services even if none of that happens Apple just entering the VR metaverse Space would legitimize both Industries Leading to increased investor confidence So I think everything works in God's Perfect timing so maybe in 2025 we could See another Catalyst of everything Pointing towards one of the sickest bull Runs to ever happen before now the good News here on top of the good news we Talked about is the fact that the market Hasn't really taken off meaning There's

An opportunity for you to still get in Early and to be able to make money and To prepare for when the rain begins to Come so if you guys have been following Along this content and what I've been Doing for a while we've gone through a Lot of different changes within our own Membership group at one point our group Had 3,000 Plus members we had a huge Payroll staff that was going out and I Realized I need it to downsize take a Step back to come in and make this the Best possible member membership group I Can make so I've actually went ahead and Did that in the last month we've gone Ahead hired and interviewed five new Crypto analysts and coaches who are at The top of the game these are some of The most pronouned people within the Industry and they Post Trading signals And Ideas Daily and each one does a Weekly live stream within our own group If you go ahead and join our membership Group you can subscribe to an analyst Trading notification and you can take a Look at some of their wins these wins Are no joke we had some of our coaches Hitting 70% Roi in just an hour one of Our coaches posting a win of over 2,000% And even recently 300% on one of his Long contracts now look I realize that I'm not a Trader I am a builder I'm an Entrepreneur and I'm here to build earn The bare market and for me I like to

Invest when the bull market turns more Favorable but I know there are a lot of People out here who tend to invest During times like this because frankly It is better to invest now while things Are still rather quiet so if you don't Have that much confidence to invest into The markets you you need a little bit of Support if you want a community if you Want people to follow along that know What they're doing that have been within The space for many many years accounting To even a combined experience of over a Decade be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description for our Brand new membership group Kaizen by the Way we're going to be hosting some Monthly giveaways on up to ,000 with the First one starting shortly after this Video here goes live as with any product That we've offered before you have a Very flexible money back guarantee so if You guys are unsatisfied for whatever Reason get a refund leave the group it's All cool by me but at least give it a Shot because we've been investing a lot Into these coaches it took us a lot of Time to go ahead and find these AAR Players and I'd love for you guys to Join so that ultimately you can make More money and on top of that if you Guys found any value at all within this Video Drop that like it definitely helps Out with the algorithm check out the

Links as well to sign up for Mumu and For Weeble you can pick up a bunch of Free stocks with them I got myself I Think it was like 15 free stocks with Mumu a few months ago cash them all out For about 70 bucks in total so it's free Money they don't charge you anything at All in order to use there's no Membership thank you all so much again For watching I love youall I'll see yall Soon peace out


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