The Crypto Bull Run Just Started | DO THIS NOW.

So just 2 weeks ago I made a video Titled how the Crypt bll run will start In 2024 and oh yeah can't miss out this Section get ready today now look your Boy ain't always right all right I don't Got a crystal ball nothing like that and Look the few times I am right though oh Yeah y'all are definitely going to hear It from me now Look the timing of that Video and the way the market has popped Off since then I got to say it's pretty Crazy just because we haven't really Been making too many crypto videos and I Decided this was going to be the time so To give you some more proof on what I'm Talking about at the time I recorded the Video for that episode Bitcoin was Trading at around $26,000 and since then Bitcoin has pumped over 32% in the last 2 weeks even hitting $35,000 and it turns out so far year to Date Bitcoin is actually now up over 100% now look I'm not going to toot my Own Jung any further in this video we're Just going to be focusing on three Simple things why Bitcoin had its Massive pump what's going to happen next And then three is this the time for you To buy or for you to sell now real quick Though if you find any value at all Within today's video be sure to drop a Like down below and if you're looking to Get in on the action heating up within

The market there's no better place to do That than within our Discord group Kaizen inside Kaizen we have five of the Top industry analysts with more than a Decade worth of combined experience in The space my coaches trade Bitcoin and Top assets whether it goes up or down And if you want the best chances of Succeeding in the market there's no Better place to do it other than a Community of mentors and other Like-minded individuals check out the Link down below we have a 14-day no Questions asked money back guarantee so You can at least give us a shot without Risking any of your hard-earned dollars At all by the way when I start making my Trades too the first place I'll be Posting is within the Discord alongside My coaches so if you want to get buy and Sell alerts and live streams on average Five times a week within my team we have A link for that down below and the cost Of this membership it's going to be $150 A day just kidding trolling y'all it's $166 a day and it turns out to be $50 a Month now to break that down if you make Even $100 in profit from a trade that One of my analysts inspired you to make Then you would just pay for the value of The group there so if you want to check That out link is down below and with That being said let's get into it so First of all Bitcoin had a massive pump

Because we're seeing huge developments Being made within the US institutional Space more specifically we're right now Getting news that a US listed spot Bitcoin traded ETF might be coming out Soon now if you don't know what an ETF Is these are the most popular investment Vehicles where investors like you and I Can now trade crypto without having to Actually buy the crypto assets ourselves So as an example Black Rock if they got A spot Bitcoin ETF approved by the SEC Then you and I could just buy shares of The ETF on the stock market exchange Which is going to be generally much less Risky than if you were to buy Bitcoin From a crypto exchange and it also turns Out that one of the most primary Concerns that Skeptics have of investing Into the crypto markets is that Exchanges just aren't as trustworthy as They once were before look I don't even Blame most people even in the past few Years most of you should know about the Most trusted exchanges that were backed By the biggest VC funds and investors All collapsed because of the rotten Malicious actors that ran them even for Me I'm questioning any other exchange Aside from coinbase right now and if I'm Questioning this I'm sure that a lot of You guys are too so this ETF will be Huge because now you can buy Bitcoin Through the same way that you have your

401k your Roth IR way or even generally Your Robin Hood app so now if you're Able to buy Bitcoin through some of These most vetted protected exchanges Via the stock market that have been Around for a while the same place that You have your 401k your Roth IRA and any Other retirement fund this is going to Be unlocking a Gateway for new money to Enter into the space now how much money Should we expect well Galaxy digital Said in a research note here that a spot Bitcoin ETF could attract at least $4.4 billion of inflows in just the First year now at the current moment Though no ETF has actually been approved So why did the market pump 30 %. so First if you didn't know all of this Actually happened from just one tweet Which actually turned out to also be False one of the biggest crypto news Outlets coin Telegraph broke the news Through a tweet that the SEC approved a Spot ETF shortly after that coin Telegraph came out with this tweet we Apologize for a tweet that led to the Dissemination of inaccurate information Regarding the Black Rock Bitcoin ETF an Internal investigation is currently Underway so someone is going to get in For this and we are committed to Transparency and we share the findings Of the investigation with the public Once it is concluded within 3 hours now

If you're wondering what the first tweet Looks like it was this breaking with That emoji SEC approves ey shares Bitcoin spot ETF reportedly Now One Account went ahead and replied this is Like the 10th time this account along With many other crypto Pages have spread False information that is resulted in Price movements in an effort to enrich Insiders people need to be careful of What they're reading many of it's aimed At manipulating them now generally I'm All for conspiracies okay you know Aliens UFOs I get it but in the case of This we've seen Bitcoin pump people who May have gotten inside knowledge that This tweet was coming out and knew that Bitcoin was going to pump may have made A few bucks here and there but it turns Out Bitcoin continued to pump even Harder and even right now it's still Holding the $34,636 level at the time of filming This video now that's also because Following the next day on Tuesday there Was indeed a hint that an ETF approval Was coming soon on and that's because on The depository trust and clearings Corporation's website we saw a ticker For black Rock's Bitcoin ETF show up and Then shortly removed after this is one Of the reasons why the price action Locked in and it sent Bitcoin over past $35,000 within a very short period of

Time now here's the kicker to this story Here it turns out that the ticker symbol Ibtc was actually on this website for Months and people just happened to Discover it and apparently it has no Ties to a a spot Bitcoin ETF coming out Or not so we had two supposedly good Pieces of news surrounding the ETF and Both of those burned down that pretty Much brings us to this present moment if There's no ETF then what because Bitcoin Is still holding so I've narrowed it Down to these two main reasons here First although the ETF hasn't been Approved there's still a lot of people Predicting that it's going to happen Before the end of the year or at least Going into January this also lines up Perfectly with the timing on the Bitcoin Having rally where a lot of people Assume that Bitcoin goes up on the Having or up after the having but Historically it turns out that's not Always true either across every Bitcoin Having event I pulled up the data to see How Bitcoin reacts in the months leading Up to the event so here's a data from 2012 2016 and 2020 so in the months Leading up to the first having back in 2012 we saw a steady increase in Bitcoin's price prior to that earlier in The year in January 2012 bitcoin's price Was around five bucks but but by November just before the having the

Price had increased to approximately $12 Now post having the price did not Actually Spike immediately after the Having but it did begin a notable Uptrend in the subsequent months Eventually reaching $250 by April of 2013 so $5 all the way up to $250 was Insane that was one of the first OG Crypto bull runs but then after that Obviously we saw the cycle crypto Bull Run we have the summer everyone is Blossoming they are having a good time And then we have the crypto winter Things cool down significantly and the Next time we saw the having was leading Up to 2016 it was around this time where Bitcoin's price experienced significant Volatility in the months leading up to The 2016 having where in January the Price was around $430 but by the time of The having which happened in July the Price has risen to approximately 650 Bucks now similar to the 2012 having the Price did not Skyrocket right after the Event however the year after was very Favorable for Bitcoin where the price Reached the all-time high of over $20,000 this happened by December 2017 So after that we had the crypto winter Now the months following the having saw A parabolic rise in bitcoin's price but By December 2020 bitcoin's price had Surpassed the $228,000 mark and in 2021 It then again reached the new all-time

Highs that we all saw which is over $669,000 so look I'm all about using Data to get a better indication or Prediction of what we can see next but I'm also in favor of knowing that the Past does not always correlate to a Guaranteed future now it's worth noting That while the price of Bitcoin has Historically trended upwards following These having events other factors could Still heavily influence what Bitcoin Does for this year so this is going to Include macroeconomics regulatory Changes institutional adoption Technological advancements and the Overall sentiment within the market now I went even deeper into the bullish Reasons I actually I had seven reasons That I elaborated and expanded upon in My video from a few weeks ago so I Highly recommend for anyone who hasn't Seen that yet to go ahead and watch that Again if you want to have a better Picture of the positioning that Bitcoin Is setting itself up to have for this Upcoming year now to answer the question Of any of the bears that are watching This video could Bitcoin crash and Retrace again and my answer is Definitely yes now although this past Year has actually been really good for Bitcoin it is technically pumped in the Most recent months off of no real Concrete news at this point I believe

Greed is significantly driving the Market and we can even see this backed Up by the data from the crypto fear and Greed index which for the first time in A while has now turned greed into the More greedy aspect of the entire market So like I said earlier if you're trading Bitcoin check out our group down below I Have analysts playing both sides to this But for me here's what I'm doing I'm a Long-term investor and I still believe In the future of Bitcoin and I believe That the future for 2024 and 2025 Bitcoin will be significantly higher Than it is today in my next upcoming Video I'm going to dive even more deep Into how I'm playing both sides of the Market and what I plan to do in order to Capitalize on the volatility that we're Seeing now if you guys did enjoy today's Update be sure to drop a like I Appreciate you guys and yeah I'm looking For more feedback guys you know we're Really in an interesting spot right now If crypto goes up I do want to consider Even bringing back live streams that was Such a fun moment where I could just Chat it up interact with you guys too And I'd love for us to all make money Together together but it is a bit early For that okay we don't really know What's going to happen next and at the End of the day whoever you listen to Whether it's me or someone else take

This information take the data that We've seen happen in the past and use it For your own decision-making if anyone Says they know exactly what's going to Happen or they're predicting this or That it's just a prediction no one Actually knows what's going to happen Now that's the truth and I always want You guys to have the truth behind this Uh virtual screen that you see me in Here I appreciate you guys I love you Guys I'll see you on the next video Peace out


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