The Crypto Bull Market Is Here Now?!

Bitcoin has exceeded expectations in 2023 by surging 86 since the beginning Of the year attracting institutional Money and raising questions about how Long this next rally May last so ladies And gents in today's video we're going To be going over the popular question on Everyone's mind and that's whether or Not the crypto bull market is here or if It's yet to come soon to do this we're Gonna go over some statistics about Historical data that we've seen with Bitcoin using different price surges With times like this on top of that We're also going to be going over some Additional Traders and experts within The industry who have varying opinions About this current Bull Run or if it Even is a bull run and talk about Whether or not there's a potential for Liquidity issues and other things that May be impacting the current development Of Bitcoin now just a quick recap if you Guys remember the topic of discussion From last week's market update we Discussed the possibility of the next Bitcoin ETF and how this could trigger An other Bull Run well since then we got Some additional positive news because BlackRock CEO turns out is even more Bullish on the whole stance of Bitcoin This is because he described Bitcoin as An international asset and emphasize its Importance and potential as a

Digitalized form of gold this is a Common analogy that we've used here on This channel to explain just pretty much What Bitcoin is in layman terms but Fink Here believes that a Bitcoin ETF could Democratize finance and it could also Provide investors with an alternative Asset class and a hedge against Inflation which is another theory that We used to push a lot further back then Until we found out during this recession That it hasn't really gone that way at All now it seems a little coincidental Because Larry Fink's Pro Bitcoin Comments came at a time where BlackRock Has just reapplied for a spot Bitcoin ETF that is currently under reviews so The question also is Will 2023 be the Year of the Bitcoin ETF well coindesk Went ahead and had a pretty good Write-up on it so to summarize this Article here one of the key facts actors For the sec's approval of a Bitcoin ETF Is the presence of surveillance sharing Agreements these agreements here aim to Deter a potential Market manipulation And ensure the Integrity of the etf's Underlying assets so coinbase has been Mentioned as a potential partner for Several ETF applications and that's Because it operates as a regulated Bitcoin market and it also has Significant enough trading volume for it To process a lot of the orders the

Article here also highlights that the SEC stands on the necessity of a Regulated market for Bitcoin has evolved Whereas in the past the SEC stated that Spot Bitcoin markets were not currently Regulated however some filings right now Argue that bitcoin's Futures markets Should be sufficient enough for the Sec's requirements only time will tell In a matter like this but I am feeling a Little bit bullish just because we have A lot of different companies Banks large Institutions coming into the scene Applying for the ETF with a pretty Pretty good track record next binance CEO CZ also shared his forecast for the Next Bitcoin bull run during a Twitter Space session that happened earlier this Week CZ explains the price of Bitcoin Has historically moved in four-year bull Cycles and his best bet was that this Would continue to occur CZ also Emphasized that the upcoming Bitcoin Having event which is actually supposed To take place in 2024 would be declared To start the next bull market going into 2025. he stated quote the year after Bitcoin having is usually the Bull Run End quote now it's not just him who is The owner of one of the biggest Exchanges still that is bullish on the Entire space but crypto services Provider Matrix Port predicts that Bitcoin is also going to Rally to as

High as a hundred twenty five thousand Dollars per coin by the end of 2024. now Their forecast is based on historical Data that we're going to go over here Showing that Bitcoin tends to enter These multi-month bull markets after Confirming the end of a bear market and Setting a new 12-month High I find this Part really interesting because I love Data and I love being able to look at What's happened in the past to make a More educated decision on what may Happen in the near future so what we can Conclude is this the signal indicating The end of the bear Market was triggered When Bitcoin surpassed the 31 000 Mark Which would be the highest level since June of 2022 about a year ago from today Now the head of research and strategy Over at Matrix Port quoted this this Signal has historically indicated the End of bear markets and the start of a New crypto bull market so if you take a Look at your screen the dates on the Left side of the table show the previous Signals for when Bitcoin made a new Yearly High indicating the end of the Bear Market the following columns we Have one month two month three month six Month and 12 months and it shows how Bitcoin performed in the months after That signal was triggered by the way This is the signal that the end of the Bear mark get hit historically speaking

If we use this data three months after The signal was initially triggered Bitcoin began its multi-month bull Market many many times if history is any Guide bitcoin's price action for this Upcoming bull market could climb up to 123 and gained over 12 months or even 310 since the day of today over 18 Months this year is based on the average Return of the signals triggered in 2015 2019 and 2020 and that would lift prices To 65 000 per Bitcoin in 12 months or a Hundred twenty five thousand dollars per Bitcoin over 18 months from today at the Time of filming this video Bitcoin is Still sitting at around the thirty Thousand dollar price level but it made A one-year high of thirty one thousand Five hundred dollars early Thursday Morning now the last time this price was Reached like I mentioned earlier was Back of last year and currently on the Short term charts the relative strength Index otherwise known as the RSI is Still a bit higher and it suggests that Bitcoin Point could consolidate over the Next few days and have a bit of a minor Dip regardless I like to look at it in The progress of what's been happening Over the last 365 days and the answer is Clear Bitcoin has been doing well if you Guys remember the bottom of the market At around sixteen thousand dollars if Y'all were confident and you kept buying

In and realized that this is just a Temporary time in the market you would Be up almost double on your investment So what do I think is going to happen in The market next and should you be Selling off all your assets to go all in On crypto well yes no I'm just kidding You should be doing your own Financial Research and you should be investing in A manner where you're still able to Tolerate any Market volatility also keep In mind just simply put with the Direction the way the markets are going If it's a healthy economy it's going to Be a healthy stock market and we're Going to be seeing a healthy rebound Within crypto but if we're in a bad Economy we're gonna see more red in the Market it's as simple as that the Question then is how's the market doing How's the economy doing how is the Recession seeming well we did get some Good news the U.S labor market it Actually showed a bit more strength and Resilience as ADP one of the largest Employment Payroll Services made a Report that revealed a surge of 497 000 new private sector jobs for the Month of June and has surpassed Expectations and outperformed the Previous month's gains clearly right now We're seeing a stronger job growth in The U.S labor market and this year Suggests a minor Market recovery and

Economic expansion and we've actually Seen that getting reflected in July Where it was reported to be one of the Best months in stock market history Sorry I said July I mean June with that Being said though the ADP employment Data is not the most reliable source Often I want to wait and see what we get From the official jobs report from the Department of Labor and statistics which Is set to be released tomorrow morning And this report usually has a bigger Influence on the Investor's Decision-making process compared to the ADP unemployment report depending on When you've seen this video that report With the Department of Labor is probably Out by now so you can get a chance to Look at it yourself now for me per Personally I already have large amounts Of bag invested into the crypto Market Especially from what's been left over From the last bull market so what I've Been doing is actually just taking Things a lot slower I'm still waiting to See if we're gonna get that market Pullback because just like we predicted This summer was going to be hot Literally temperature wise it's hot Outside guys I'm like I gotta wake up at Like seven six a.m to walk my dog now Because it gets mad hot during the day But the markets have been hot too like Stocks have been performing in a crazy

Way and over the past month or so within Crypto we've been seeing some pretty Solid movement if we don't get a cool Down period happening at the end of Summer I'm gonna be surprised but you Never know because if the US economy Just continues to shape up and we're Seeing economic growth happening on a Much faster rate than we expected then I Think the markets are going to continue To perform well and that could have been The bottom it could have just flown past Us right there so if you guys did enjoy Today's market update do me a huge favor Drop a like down below it surprisingly Helps out this channel a lot and be sure To check out the links Down Below in the Description where you can also follow me On on Twitter Instagram I guess the new Thing is threads follow me there if you Guys want to as well by the way we also Have an exclusive community over on Patreon where you get access to our Discord group you can get buy and sell Alerts and also Monday Wednesday Friday Market reports from some of our best Advisors if you want to check that out We recently sold out spots again on Wednesday and we're going to be opening Up new spots later this week but if you Happen to miss those be sure to join our Waiting list on the email link Down Below in the description one last thing Be sure to check out this cool offer

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