The ChatGPT of Crypto | The Next ‘Hidden Gem’ AI Altcoin in 2024

AI development is expected to explode in 2024 really this whole decade is about To be big for AI and there is one crypto Aiming to separate themselves from the Pack it's called type AI they're Sponsoring today's video so I can share With you the differences on what makes Them unique and before I share with you This chart just understand that type AI Is your personalized AI crypto companion And essentially what that means type AI Is designed to simplify the user Experience in defi by converting plain Text commands into blockchain Transactions an example of this would be You would type the plain text I want a Bridge to ethereum to B USD that is a Cross chain transaction eth binance USD Two different blockchains usually there Would be many many steps but with type AI once you type it in and you command Your companion your Bot it would then Find you the best possible route to Convert that to ethereum let you know How much B USD you would receive best Possible route found onchange now and Then get it done let me take you through This let me show you exactly how this Works but just to Highlight the different features type to Swap is their main feature it's designed To facilitate seamless token swaps with Minimal user input so type to swap Pretty self-explanatory to me type to

Snipe this is where things start to get Interesting type to snipe is a feature Aimed at providing users an edge in Participating in new token launches Users can type commands to buy a newly Launched token at a specific price or as Soon as it hits the market wow so I Believe what this means is once a new Coin launches and you want to take out a Position in that coin you would say hey As soon as it launches buy $1,000 Worth Usdt or maybe you'll say once it gets to This price sell $1,000 or if it ever Gets as low as whatever you set then Swap a little eth at these levels of This new token which I dictate so Something like this definitely improves UI ux for average people the bot will Automatically get the snipe method type AI will monitor token launch and execute The purchase on behalf of the user so That is pretty cool and then of course Type to bridge bridging tends to be Complicated especially for new users but With this type to bridge type to bridge Facilitates seamless asset transfers Between different blockchains users can Type a command to bridge assets and type AI will find the most efficient and Cost-effective Bridge service to execute The transfer so those on their own three Big features and then of course future Features meaning always more to add Whether that be simple commands

Personalized portfolio management or Smart alert systems all powered by type AI for a seamless crypto experience and What are some of the Technologies they Use well they're powered by Amazon web Services chat gbt telegram of course and IBM that's the technology they use Welcome to the type AI tutorial so let's Watch this demo on how it works and then After a comparison your personalized AI Crypto companion type AI bot has its own Intelligence and with the control over Your blockchain wallet you can do Wonders with it type AI leverages the Power of natural language processing NLP To understand and respond to a wide Array of queries making your interaction Seamless and intuitive let's kick things Off with a simple greeting just ask hey How are you doing now that we' broken The ice let's explore what type AI can Do ask what can you do Let's see how type AI answers technical Questions asking how will eth migrate to F2.0 now let's check your usdt and and Yes they do appear to answer the Question the differences between eth and Eth two and actually if we go back when We ask the question what was the Question what can you do it says perform Token swaps provide token prices gives Portfolio information offers market Analysis answer questions and provide Information obviously these are the

Broad Strokes you can always ask Different or even followup questions ask What is my usdt balance you can also ask It what is my usdc balance and much more Ready for a swap let's exchange 5 usdc For usdt and for me this is where it Gets interesting this is where you type In symbol commands and that just makes It so much easier to interact with your Crypto wallet and do trades let's try Swap 5 usdc to usdt it automatically Approves and swaps the tokens it works With all 20 tokens and Eth you can even use contract addresses For swap see how it asks for Confirmation before proceeding with the Transaction wondering about your new Usdt Balance just ask what is my usdt balance Now let's get an overview of your Portfolio ask give me a an overview of My portfolio it lists out all the tokens In your portfolio with the total balance As we wrap up let's thank type AI for Its Assistance say thanks for the help apart From all of this type AI Works in all Languages and replies in the same Language this simplifies the blockchain Usage all over the world and there you Have it a seamless tutorial on engaging With type AI with the help of AI and Blockchain our motive is to empower your Blockchain journey with ease and simp

Icity by supporting all the Functionalities of blockchain so that You do not need to roam from platform to Platform instead you can directly come To type Ai and get your requests Fulfilled whether it is swap technical Questions bridging deploying contracts Lending borrowing staking buying Marketing analysis and other 1,000 plus Things type AI covers all so give me Your thoughts on this down below if any Of you want to try this out yourself you Just go on the main web page takes your Right to Telegram and then you can try This yourself looking at the token the Type aai ecosystem is backed and powered By the type token they have a 50% rev Share which I found interesting so Basically meaning whatever money they Make through the platform they will Share 50% with token holders and looking At Revenue generation type AI charges a Fee for every transaction executed Through its platform there's also a Subscription model to generate revenue And advertising in Partnerships type AI Offers advertising space within its bot Interface and again for the revenue Sharing 50% of type ai's revenue Generated from transaction fees will be Shared with token holders and this Revenue sharing mechanism will be Transparent and verifiable in fact there Is a dashboard which you can check any

Time it tracks tvl it monitors the Revenue splits also you can view total And top stakers and you can see not only The ethereum total shared thus far but Also the revenue split this is how much Revenue they earned from token tax this Is how much from transaction fees this Is how much from selling advertising and I guess no partnership Integrations yet But I always appreciate the transparency And how does type AI compare to let's Say pal AI or chain GPT or others well While they all have a chatbot feature Type AI has also the swap the bridge the Snipe voice commands smart contract Audit and can offer market analysis also It appears their business is fully Registered and licensed in Wyoming and Their contract is fully audited by cerk And what are the negatives because There's a lot of positives there's a lot Of reasons to believe if this works this Will be a big big Improvement for user Experience when interacting with defi Big positives the negatives would be Just like any new crypto protocol it's New can they do it will this ux be Adopted will people like it give me your Thoughts down below like always see you Tomorrow


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