The ChatGPT of Crypto | How PAAL is Bridging AI, Bitcoin, Ethereum & MORE!!

So if you want to create an AI bot That's trained on custom knowledge Meaning your own files your own Information Pals basically an ecosystem Of AI tools and services to help Traders Crypto newbies seasoned investors to Learn about crypto research crypto and Make trades all using natural language Today I interview pal Ai and discuss how Artificial intelligence is about to Revolutionize crypto now while pal is a Sponsor of the channel and you can think Of them as your own personal AI Assistant chat box which can give you an Edge when trading slash investing Understand that pal AI assistant is Completely customizable currently free And has no coding knowledge required so As you're about to hear you can use this AI assistant when investing in crypto as An edge but actually so much more just a Little before we jump into the meat Could you guys just go over your Background and talk about how what got You to crypto and then building pal sure Sure I I'll start us off so I've got a Background in Technology Solutions Mostly business to business Started as an employee implementing Technology Solutions and startup I.T Services firm And then recently with the launch of Chat GPT I I got the urge to start a new Company doing custom AI development

Because I've seen that that is a major New service offering that's amp Um and we They teamed up with with Hanley and Another partner that's not on the call Now and we we started uh Developing uh well I'm kind of getting Into what we're doing but that that's my Background I don't know do you want to Go around the room here Austin or Um how would you like to go well I guess Yeah well no no just I guess get into Pal what is pal and how did you guys get Involved because obviously crypto is a Huge Trend ai's a huge Trend both here To stay yeah yeah sure so so yeah we we Got our development team together early This year And we were developing Solutions using AGI or um uh generative uh AI to Basically talk to private data sets Because that's one of the things that Chat gbt was not able to do everyone Wanted to Bought to their own files their own Knowledge bases using chat gbt so we Were solving that problem and we were Looking for the right sort of domain we Wanted to focus on a particular domain To solve it in so uh around that time we Kind of Um just by chance ran into uh the Founders of Powell into it I think it Was a Discord

Um Forum where we we met them anyway we Like the sound of their project Um we really it was very similar to what We were trying to do but we had not at That time thought about doing that Solution for the crypto Market uh so They sort of shared their Vision with us And it really was a great challenge for Us and it was is a really good fit for What our technology was trying to do uh That we were building so we teamed up With them and since then we've been Working on that project Um with onpal and and Pals basically An ecosystem of AI tools and services to Help Traders uh crypto newbies seasoned Investors to learn about crypto Um research crypto And make trades and Um you know all all using natural Language essentially using just the way I'm talking to you right now Um and that's where the trend is going In all Um technology in many different areas Right you're able to learn about a Subject using just a conversational uh Format right so that's what we did with Pow and it's been Um an amazing experience we've been Getting great Community feedback from The crypto Community Um we've got several different tools as Of today that that are really really

Helpful um you can and if even if you're Not into crypto you can literally just Go on to the dashboard and that's And create an AI bot hook it up to your Own files spreadsheets PDFs it doesn't Even have to be crypto related and Deploy them to your community in Discord Or telegram or share a web app URL and Then your users can just interact with That data using conversational language Just like they would with chat GPT right So you can do that in like in in under a Minute on on our app Um and we've just launched the the uh Some additional intelligence capability On the uh crypto Focus uh bot that we Have which is we call autopile which is Like if you want to ask really complex Questions that require analysis and Um you know strategy and and um Uh you know that that's supposed to Assist a Trader with decision making and Research so rather than you opening up a Bunch of tabs in your browser and going To you know deck screener and winemetric And and um you know Doing a Google search we have this Autonomous agent which is what we call That's what we call Auto AI or Auto pal It'll go and do on that for you on your Behalf so that's another service Offering that we have from the platform Um and yeah so we're continuously

Improving and it's been It's it's we were just really fortunate Actually to start in this community Because it's we're getting constant Feedback so like every time we roll out A feature which is like you know in the Business of business world you got to Schedule a release you got to schedule Testers you gotta schedule you know We're doing this thing like in real time We're getting feedback oh this sucks oh This is great oh okay and then we change And you guys do this can you guys do That we're getting that in real time so We're our team is like iterating at like Lightning speed we have this continuous Feedback loop and um we've got the road Map posted uh ice and David Um set up a really great plan for us for The road map so we've got this Auto pal Out now which helps you with this Complicated resource Advanced research It does that on on your behalf But we're going to be adding trading Functionality too so you know we want You to make educated decisions when it Comes to making a trade Um but we also also want to give you That convenience it's all about Convenience right so we're we're putting All this these AI tools and services Into the places where These uh users already exist like in the Telegram communities in the Discord

Communities so why not do all the Research To all do all the trading uh right from One place right and they're also there Are some Bots out there that help with Trading right that help you execute Trades right from a bot so we're sort of Adding a whole intelligence layer around That with additional more advanced Trading functionalities uh which we're Referring to as Auto pal X that's that's Next major Um release on the roadmap So you'll be able to do all this from Your own like Community uh in in the Discords and the telegrams Um and yeah and like it couldn't be Couldn't be more excited about what's to Come I mean the the the feedback has Been great like that's what I've been I Keep going back to the feedback of the Community because I just was not really Into crypto I didn't know you guys like On 24 7 working researching making Trades uh you know providing comments And like and that's actually for a Development Community that's great and The technology right now is moving so Fast we really needed a community that Was as fast as the technology is Evolving and and you know that's what We've we've been just loving so much About the space so yeah I mean So super super happy and excited that

This is like this is the community we Got involved with first And I'm am I correct in saying any Platform an average person like me is on Telegram Dex tools or whatever this Software integrates with anything I'm Using or only special ones thus far so So yeah so what we've done is for our Auto pal well as of like just very Recently we're kind of splitting up our Our in our crypto intelligence bought Into two functions one is if you have Just quick questions about metrics Simple questions what's the market cap Of this uh you know something that you Would find on a coin metric you know a Quick answer we're going to have a Special AI bot for those types of Questions right because they're quick And we're just going to do that on your Behalf we're going to hit those data Sources and give you a quick answer now If you have an additional uh if you have More complex questions we refer to it Where it requires you to do a sequence Of steps to go and research and do Analysis so we're calling that the super Intelligent crypto agent Um that's going to be a diff that's what We're going to call autopal so you can Ask a more complex questions comparing Two coins comparing two projects uh Asking about strategies Um something that would take you know

You as a human time effort to go analyze So we have in the background we're doing All those steps autonomously and then We're curating and the the results from Those data sources and giving you an Answer Uh and and it that's taken you know Quite a bit of effort And it's like using The Cutting Edge Models Cutting Edge algorithms uh Hanley Can speak more than that I'm not the Technical person but Um but to answer your question also yeah Anyone can go on there add a uh crypto Intelligent bot to their Community or Just one-on-one have a conversation and Um and ask questions and it doesn't have To be about crypto so when you log in You're gonna see choose the type of Entity to create right so if you want to Create an AI bot that's trained on Custom knowledge meaning your own files Your own information your own podcast Let's say what did Austin say about X Coin Last week right well Okay so what what you can do is you can Create an uh an Austin ask Austin bot You can even give it a name give it your Picture or your your uh your podcasts um Uh branding graphic or whatever and you Load up all your YouTube videos as a Knowledge set And and training is just like you just

Upload the URLs we even allow multi-url Uploads so you just like put in all your URLs upload them and now you have a bot That's trained on all your YouTube Content that you can just deploy into Telegram or deploy into Discord or put On our website using a HTML code snippet And just like that so and it doesn't Have to be about crypto right um so so This isn't a great tool that anyone can Use about any topic and that's one of The other Uh Visions we have long term for pal is That we started in crypto right that's The community that that's giving us uh Great feedback and and that's where we Live today but We can take our model our architecture And just put it into real estate put it Into stocks put it into other Commodities Um Any any knowledge domain really any any I mean assets are just one thing because People are very motivated and they want To trade they want to learn they want to Make money but it can be anything it can Be anything that you want to learn about Uh so we really see expanding into other Domains and markets Um so yeah that's the road map is we Really want to crush in crypto and then See where we can expand That's awesome I want to open it up to

The rest of the group too I have more Questions but thus far is there anything You guys want to add good job so far how About David and nice yeah yeah Simon Really uh he uh did a great job I was Just gonna add more To um the crypto side of things and how And how we have he talked a lot a lot About the tech uh technology and its Capabilities I just kind of wanted to Touch a little bit on the actual Problems and maybe give a few examples Of um some of the problems that it Solves right and so especially for me Like the first few times I got into Crypto I didn't even know what crypto was I'm Like what is what is crypto what is what Is the blockchain like what's gas fees I'm like gas like the word gas was like Like I'm getting gas for my car or Something you know and so it's like you Go from just being a complete like total Noob to not knowing what gas is to Having a personal assistant that can Guide you you know through every step of The of the way to where you're like Executing trades like a pro that's That's exactly what we're trying to Achieve here is so the tech is there It's like how to channel it you know and Get it to the right people and that's Why you know having a token and Expanding the community and people

Getting their friends and their families And it's not only just you know coming Together and you know being in the Community being active and things like That is like we're actually spreading Like spreading awareness and like Knowledge and adoption across the space And even personally I've had like my Cousin like in the house with me right Now like bro what's pile like I you know It was what's going on senior oh you Know all the time on my computer and I'm Like just ask it and like all the Questions you've had for me I'm like Just ask it bro and like he literally Just sat there with a bot you know for Like five ten minutes and basically went For from just not knowing anything and Being confused about what I've been Working on for the past like month or Two to base in like five ten minutes Knowing everything and it just kind of Shows like this this is something that Needs to be available to everyone and That's the goal here and that's what We're trying to achieve and then take it To where now you're able to execute Trades and go from being a complete Noob To someone that's actually smart enough And confident enough to execute trades And you know work on profit uh you know Different profit taking strategies and Things like that and that's the stuff That we're looking to implement in the

Coming months so what is the use case of The token because there are chat boxes That don't use one what's the benefit For the token here one of the biggest Components at like and one of the things That you know the community loves almost The most about the token is the revenue Share component right so the first two Which is the my pile is basically a Community manager like a community Assistant so every project that launches And we have over 300 around over 300 to 400 groups at the moment and so every Project that launches as as a developer As a member of the team you're able to Just go on our website and upload your Projects white paper or your website Whatever you want and then now it's like It solves the problem of having a higher Maybe five to ten mods in different time Zones because now you have a 24 7 AI bot In your chat that took you two minutes To set up and people just come in the Community and they're asking all these Questions it's super useful to generate Content like community members want to Make threads on Twitter about your Project and what they like about it and You could just ask about you know give Me a five uh tweet thread that touches Maybe on the tokenomics and it solves All these problems even announcements Like even our chat like the bot makes Most of our announcements and it's all

Some of our tweets and stuff like that And another cool feature is to summarize The future features so you go to bed you Know you go to sleep for what eight nine Hours you wake up and there's a thousand Messages in the group right Half of them usually in cryptos like Spam people just saying let's go and People Get Hype right and so you just Use like a summarizer command we have And it basically filters through all the Messages and you know what's relevant Gives you a summary basically what each User said and what was mentioned and Then you're also able to prompt it to do Something with the summary right like oh Give me some key takeaways or what were Some mentions by this person or what was This what happened within was there any Mention about maybe uh you know the Revenue share date or this and it Basically can scan through and just give You a rundown or update of what you Missed while you were asleep so you're Not scrolling through a thousand two Thousand messages from 10 to 20 Different groups and it solves that Problem right there like I feel like That's that's one of the most that's What I use it for the most to be real With you because I'm in so many so many Crypto group chats over uh Telegram and Discord so that's how that's one way you Know the token comes in the revenue

Share from that also the taxes we're Doing A lot of that stuff giving it back to The community people that stake and Things like that we also plan to make Some of these Services paid for so the Holders or the tokens obviously get Discounts and you know perks and all These other uh things that come with you Know just being a part of the ecosystem And holding the token Very cool And maybe we can open this next one up To either David or Hanley we've talked About a lot of the what and how it works I want to get into the why a little more Like to me I can see one of the whys Being man this will give the average Person an edge against maybe those Bigger firms and funds that have this Innate technology that they're using This gives the little guy a chance maybe That or maybe something else could you Talk about the why a little more I could touch on the yeah the why just Being it's just what the market needs if That makes sense like I didn't if they Were were currently what the market is In a stalemate bear Market whatever you May call it right so in order to Transition to the point whereby you know We're gonna get this ton of users coming Into crypto everybody's trading crypto Every day everybody's using them for

Daily Services it has to be easier to Actually you know perform transactions It has to be easier to exist in the Ecosystem it just has to be easier right And the great thing is AI has brought That like now anybody can go from a new To like a pro Trader in like what a few Hours of just real research and those Tools are literally at your fingertip Right like everything is simply Accessible to you right so the why is Like Just has to be done like it's just like The need is there like people need to Learn how to you know search information Information needs to be curated to One Source rather than going to like right Now there's a hundred different data Sources you can get if you really want To do crypto research if you actually Want to get good information and even if You want information fast as well you Know we have that as well you know so It's like now you can do research you Know have a good understanding and you Could also perform a trade in the same Environment and the bot teaches you About your trade what he did right what You did like it's just it's like it's The future man like that's the truth It's actually the future like it's going To be a scenario whereby everybody uses Power like everybody uses power because It's just the easiest thing to do when

It comes to trading when it comes to Learning about crypto when it comes to Investing so yeah that's the why if the Why is why not yeah I like that like That yeah I'll touch on that some more Too I mean and me being a noob into Crypto I think I'm the I'm the newest One on our team into crypto and Um I'm just seeing so many Use cases that rhyme with the why for Crypto I mean they're again I'll stick To sort of markets right there's I mean What do you know about oil and gas and Trading oil and gas it's like how do you Get into that how do you so so if you Look at the trends right in the market Just in general with information online You have these you have chat GPT you Have Bing you have a Google bard right So the internet's becoming more Personalized information is becoming More on demand but through natural Language you don't need to go the game Of scrolling clicking opening tabs Browsing reading closing opening and Rinse repeat all that is is TR we're Trending away from that right so we're Trending towards communities of Knowledge and Um convenience of accessing that Knowledge and so that's what we're Bringing we're practicing it all all Together in into one sort of you know Interface

And you're you're if you're able to Access an array of Knowledge from one Place and then perform actions and then Have those actions Uh analyzed for you so I mean imagine All the steps since we're saving time Savings we have I mean I think Hanley Can talk more to this of on how many Sources of data we have Auto pal looking Into I think I I know we're over maybe 30 or 40 maybe Now but it's really infinite and and What we do is we will take your question And we'll go okay let me break down your Question into Parts okay just like you Would as a human right if someone assign You a homework to do a writing writing Uh you know I have this complicated Question your boss assigns this question To you what is the first thing you do You start googling and you go to this Website then you go to that website and You go to this website and you start Taking notes you download you copy into A word and then you got you put on your Notes in one place and then you start Like formulating an answer you know and So we're just taking all that those that Manual laborious process and we're Automating it right to come up to Synthesize and answer And and and we're doing it across more Data sets than your fingers and mouse Could click anyway right I mean that's

The ideas as these newer Models come up and and what's great About our model is that where we Integrate right we're not trying to like Just take everyone over we want to Integrate so if there's a new project Out there that comes up with a new Database that you know put some Information together that's super Helpful for crypto and makes it real Convenient great we'll just put them Into our ecosystem we'll just add them As a data source so Um it's going to constantly evolve and Then as newer language models come out Um you know we've got stronger and Stronger language models coming out uh Every it seems like every week every Month there's major Milestones there so Um we can just swap out the language Model that we use and put in a different One that's more powerful uh we can add More data sources that's your personal AI you know uh crypto agent will use to Answer your complex questions we'll use To teach you strategies to use to teach You about a project Um so it's It it's really an infinite return on Your time and and Um and your investment if you think About it because it's going to Continuously get better continuously get Smarter and you didn't you don't have to

Do anything other than just go to the Same place for that access whereas the Way the internet was up until you know Really chat gbt hit is like you're still You're still browsing all over the place You're you're bookmarking I mean right Now Austin how many bookmarks do you Have on your browser right now like too Many a lot too many right and and like You know so bookmark management I mean Like these are like old concepts of Accessing and processing information so We're just we're just modernizing all of That and um you know we're just we Happen to be doing it for crypto but Like I said I mean uh we we really have Very big aspirations to go uh take this Outside of crypto uh once we get it you Know we're focused here because that's Where like our all our energy is right Now we need to we need to really do a Good job here but it's it's bigger than Just this domain Um but yeah I I think There there's Um there's a lot of synergies here too With other technologies that are coming Out so and hanley's our architect there But you know you may have heard whispers About artificial general intelligence AGI right things are just these models Are going to come out they're going to Be so smart You know they're going to be really

Indistinguishable from humans We're going to be just integrating all That into our model Uh so You know the days of you having all These bookmarks and browsing and all That and then setting up like alarms so You can like check a stock at a certain Time and all those things are going to Be like programmable from your AI Assistant you know your your your auto Agent uh through pal so Um yeah we're really excited I think what would be nice is also if Like uh you know Hanley could share Someone like maybe like your some of the Stuff that happens you know on the back End maybe like with the language model And how basically stuff is routed how it Works and maybe also some of the uh you Know challenges that you know have been Refaced and stuff like that I feel like It's also important for people to know That you know it's not Uh you know perfect here and there's Obviously challenges and we're always Working uh to get better yeah sure so Most people are probably familiar now With chat GPT and you give it a question And then it gives you language back so About seven weeks ago they've released This different way of interacting with It where you give it some language and It actually runs code in your code base

For you and it decides which code to run And how to run it and Uh I'm seeing this as the Leading Edge of As we get to AGI that's what I kind of Care about because AGI is going to Radically transform all corners of the Global economy and cryptos probably Going to be right on the Forefront Because of the fast iteration time in in The space So um we've been really focusing on Learning and understanding how to use This newfound ability so it's like not Only does the language model talk to you Now but now the language model can do Things for you you know it could Potentially move a robot around we've Been talking about it does research it Can open up an app and execute some Action in the app it could send an email It could write a text message it could Um you know answer a phone and use voice Synthetic voice to interact with a real Human so this is the sort of thing That's made it from okay I'm just Something that I talk to to now that's Something that can go out and do things For me in the world That's why we're yeah why we're focused On it and why I'm focused on it and what Are the biggest challenges you're facing Now because there's huge opportunity Here but with that there does come risk

So like what are some of these Challenges you're dealing with the Biggest challenge we're facing right now Is that it's not perfect it's not Reliable and the language models are a Black box nobody on Earth understands What's going on inside of them and how They're working we just know that they Do work but they don't work all all the Time so right now we're facing this Thing where it's like okay we want to Get it to answer a complex question or a Simple question but we're having trouble Getting it to decide which one to do so If someone asks what's the price of Bitcoin they don't want to wait for 60 Seconds and then it comes back with a Five paragraph essay about the The history of Bitcoin right we want a Fast answer for that so just um Understanding the peculiarities of this And it's this is the first generation of Tool using AI That's come out and um you Know looking forward to the future this New Gemini model that Google is training For instance it's slated for release and I think they said December they're Training it from the ground up on using Tools and making plans so this is Clearly the future uh you know one more Plug here is the the ex head of AI for Tesla Andres carpathi he's been at open AI now for about six months working on This exact problem so literally like the

Bosses of the space this is what they're Focused on and my opinion of just how You know seven months ago we had that Chat GPT moment We were already using GPT for a bunch of Months before that and that's what's Happening now with the agents in the Auto Ai and this is going to be the next Big thing that comes out of all the big Labs all the open source projects to me This is it so that's why I'm focused on It And you guys got a grant from Google Correct yeah pal does so we're running Our back end on Google services Um we're doing our microservices there We're doing our document processing There we're running our app there we're Using their database and Um and as we start to play around with Open source models you can run our open Source models there too and so we've Been doing a bit of that and that's been Really helpful because running some of These models can be quite cost Prohibitive Guys in our final five seven minutes I Just want to go around the horn and give Sort of final thoughts or anything we Didn't mention about pal I guess what we Didn't mention was maybe the individual Tools like the tools that we currently Have maybe somebody did right but the My Pal is our community moderator is easy

To set up two three minutes you can Easily have it in your Discord or your Telegram so what it does is you just Train it on every byte of data your Company has right just just Pour everything in there you know and Video text audio knows everything so This I love this about the product Because anybody can use it right you can Use it on a personal level for your Assignments you can use it for work you Can use it for your project moderation Right so with that we're able to get Like right now we have over 5000 users And I chat uh in terms of like the Moderation is in groups with almost over 10 100 000 members right over like Hundreds of groups so it's like it's Stuff people use like it's very helpful Right because you can answer questions Better than humans so that's one two we Have then we have the auto part which is Actually live right now and it's Connected to the blockchain as well as The internet so you could query it and Ask oh what is the current volume of XYZ Coin um what is the price it was ditch What was this trading yesterday you know Just real questions people would ask you Know uh that's very useful you can get Up to date news and then we have the Autopilot X which is the trading bot Combined with the research so we're Really really touched on that but I'm

Just giving an individual Overlook on Each tool right so these three tools are What what are currently the center of Our what we're using to really push Adoption my part is currently free so That is our go-to de facto to push Adoption because once everybody gets Comfortable with power then it's like You won't be scared to trade with power Because you've seen it everywhere like It's far like so there's no problem so That's the nice thing about that because Once you really get that mass adoption Everybody using power in a very Comfortable way then we can really be The industry leader when it comes to Ai And you know crypto because even right Now we're top 25 AI projects but we're Obviously aiming for number one right we Want to be that one project that is just Crypto and AI so yeah that's if I could Touch something that wasn't said that Would be that like the vision is really Clear which is very good so it's all About execution which we're already Doing so that shouldn't stop anytime Soon I'll add I'll piggyback a little Bit on what Davies David said about Train so your users may think oh Training how is it trained on my Information and it's literally you click A button that says upload and just like You're attaching a document to an email So you just click a button and you

Select the PDF the word document that You want it to be trained on you just Hit upload and then it takes a couple Minutes for larger files but it says It's ready it's good to go make sure It's active and then there you there you Go you just added a data set you've Trained your Bot on that information and Then you just click deploy uh so yeah I Would I would love forever all the Listeners to just try it out at And you can create it for free and just Share it to your communities if um you Want to give us feedback that's that's Very encouraged so you can join our uh Pal community on on telegram there's Also other you can go to the website Click contact us you can talk to us Through our official Twitter handle but Yeah go ahead and try it out upload your Own files or Um upload a YouTube video that you'll See the button that says YouTube so Austin you can you can try this out you Can create a an Austin bot Um yeah so yeah please try it out Um and um David talked about Auto pal X which is The trading functionality so that's on Our roadmaps that we're working towards That Um yeah that's that's all I wanted to Add just the Simplicity of it so when

You hear us to use these technical terms We're really for the user it's all no Code it's another thing there's no code So you go in and and what's neat too That we do that I think is also pretty Helpful is that before you deploy your AI bot you upload your information and Then you can talk to it in your sort of Like dashboard Management console right Then when you're happy with the results Maybe you want to tweak the personality That's another thing that you can do so You can you can Austin you can give it Your personality right you can just Type in how you normally talk and it Would then sound like you in the chat in The channels right so you can test that Out in the dashboard and then go yeah Okay this sounds good all right I'm Ready to deploy click to deploy it gives You the bid ID and then you can just add It to your your channel Um so yeah super super simple I Encourage everyone to try it out Um so that's all I wanted to add Cool I can't wait to try it out I'm Gonna put all the links Down Below in The video description ice were you Saying something yeah for me I was just I was just gonna add the fact that you Know just from like the revenue Generation and like I guess the business Part of things right move it away from The tech a little bit is that some of

The like Services we also offer like Currently with our bot as like ads so at The bottom of every response there's Like a little button that people can Click and so we could like do ads for Projects and you know have whatever it Is there and just with a single click it Directs you to whatever links you know They want so whoever is coming to us and Paying for ads obviously gets you know The same reach that we have where all The groups our Bots are in another thing That we do is we also create custom bots For projects so it's called it's the My Pal bot but you could see it in other Projects telegrams with a different name Like it could be like uh you know Austin Bot for example but it's still powered By pale Ai and so not only can you Customize like the personality and how It talks and what it's trained on you Can also just customize like its name in The in the Pro and the profile picture And like some of the commands and stuff That you uh use for it and we've done That for a few projects you know uh Across the space and also like from Trading right well of course we are Obviously a cryptocurrency we do have Taxes and so when people buy and sell They're paying these fees that you know Go back to development go back to a lot Of the holders through Revenue share When they commit to you know staking

Their tokens and we also uh basically Just use all of that funnel all of that Back into the project to make sure that You know we're just growing on a And expanding so yeah I just kind of Wanted to touch on that a little bit That's awesome and Hanley any final Thoughts Well a final thought for me is it's a Pleasure to be working with the pal team Like I said I'm very focused on what's The Cutting Edge of as we move towards HEI and they're really embracing like we Need the best stuff and we need it now So let's get it in the community so People can use it so that's my my final Thought here you know Guys I'm so glad we did this like I I Personally have such a great better Understanding now of pal and crypto and An AI compared to when we started Um I want to have you guys back on in Three or four months and revisit some of This look at the growth Um but thank you guys for joining me Yeah that would be great it's been a Pleasure yeah thank you Austin


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