The Chainlink of Ai Cryptos – Look What’s Coming!

This altcoin is the next Generation in Crypto combined with AI many refer to This altcoin as the chain link of the Crypto AI space you know AI is a hot Industry you know that crypto is a hot Industry what you don't know is that y Oracle or Y AI is doing big things in The space especially for being so early Smash the like button we've partnered With yai today to make this video Possible you need to know about this Something like this is the future let me Share with you why why Oracle or why AI Is so unique and why you need to get This crypto AI project on your radar so This is an AI powered Market data Oracle It empowers users like you and me by Predicting future patterns using AI Basically the technology here will use Historical data to train their model as Well as take in new data through Something they called The Observers Forward observed data to real-time Predictors all of that information goes To the predictors which will then Forward the labeled and scored events to The output channels they take in many Different factors for their observations Including macro information ETF Information key opinion leader Information stable coin information just To name a few this is massive and a Multitude of intelligence input all Funneled into one output all in one so

What can you do with this product well Number one realtime news feeds news Impact predictions keep track of all Important news headlines in one market Our models are trained to provide impact Predictions for each news headline so The headline and the information is this Well what predictions can we derive also We take in social activity and impact Cross social platform activity tracker Realtime analytics for social activity What are they saying on social media What are they saying on all social Medias and what predictions can we Derive from this info intraday sentiment Report timed sentiment reports based on All recent gathered data again just like It sounds checking the sentiment in the Market combined with all the other Information when stuff like this usually Happens what predictions can we make Trend recognition predictors are trained To recognize Trends and stay up to-date With the current trends in the market That sell explanatory and overall full Market coverage we strive to one day Reach full Market data coverage more Tools will be announced soon so from Crypto news data to social activity to Research articles to history to impact Data a multitude and ever growing Multiple sources of information all fed Into one Oracle database and it spits Out predictions after receiving a

Request news alerts or updates our Proprietary model label analyzes and Score the received data and that's when You get it so then with all that whether You're getting this proprietary data Through real-time aggregated newsfeeds Through a chat function through self- Browsing reports you use all this to Give yourself an edge in the crypto Market why Oracle is building the bridge Between vast crypto data and your Success we harness AI to deliver Unprecedented insights into Market Sentiment and trends no one has yet Fully succeeded in doing what we're Doing they say but our proprietary Oracle will offer you an unmatched Advantage empowering you empowering Users with an unbeatable Suite of Predictive tools for data centered Decision making so I would love to use Something like this I would love to have An AI advisor of sorts feeding me Information making predictions helping Me make the best decisions I can make When trading and investing in crypto the Big question is can I use this today is This a a futuristic utility or could I Start using this today and the answer is Yes you can the minimum viable product Is out now this is recent news as of Just several days ago as of this month Revolutionary systematic intelligent Announcing why Oracle engine reveal a

Groundbreaking MVP in accurate Aid Driven Market predictions we've never Been this proud of a first phase before Simple revolutionary accurate you can Use this today so regarding their MVP Being released regarding this major Milestone being hit for why Oracle they Say first things first July will be Packed with updates competitions grants And more over the next two weeks we will Share the following why Oracle robot Advisers that's the MVP available today Oracle build phase the Oracle evolution Oracle disciples Grant number two why Oracle holders Grant Public marketing Wallet and trading fee rework and also a Thread competition anyway the Big Product is out today and it's only Getting better it's called why Robo Advisors or why Oracle Robo advisor four Advisors precise intelligence 100% data Driven and just like I explained earlier They take in data from macro Oracle ETF Oracles K oracles stable oracles and Then they give you predictive data this Is available for you to use right now Specifically this is in public beta and Anybody with 1,000 yai tokens can use This today having a wallet holding 1,000 Yaai tokens will give you access to this Beta group and this product and this Video it's not an offer to buy or sell Securities it's purely informational Based but I just want to point out now

Versus its entire history seems like a Great time to meet that at 1,000 Threshold ultimately it's up to you I Think you're going to be seeing a lot More threads around this product Particularly with their thread contest Coming up prize pool 5,000 usdc 10 Qualified winners will each receive 500 I mention this because I've found a lot Of great information from their Community on Twitter threads again let Me give you an example of what this Product can do for you maybe you're Looking to buy Bitcoin low and sell Bitcoin for Stables when you think it's A local top of course nobody can tell The future Anything could happen but This product helps give you predictive Market movements based on major macro Indicators imagine this scenario Bitcoin Dominance is high as ever and the market Tends to tank when Bitcoin tanks there's A range of macro indicators such as CPI Fed rates and unemployment numbers that Can greatly influence the price action Of Bitcoin and the overall crypto Market This is cyclical we've had data for Different Cycles on exactly this for Years cycle after cycle well this Product helps you move in and out of Stables timely by using Y Oracle AI Market predictions which are trained to Become increasingly accurate over time Again this is not foolproof it's one

Tool in your tool belt and as of the Other day according to this Community Member yai already boasts an 83% Accuracy rate based on historical data And again they take in macro ETF Information key opinion leader Information stable coin movement Information and over the next month or So you're going to see improvements on The tech their products are going to Presumably get better they are going to Elevate the oracle's Peak Performance And functionality they're going to be Incentivizing growth with things like Their grant program second disciple Grants with a 50,000 allocation in usdc Snapshot announcement this month Exceptional support during the oracle's Initial phase and Oracle score Determines reward outcomes sounds like An airdrop of sorts if you are a Participatory member of their community And massive trading fee refunds for Loyal Community holders eligible if yai Tokens were held for over a month since The last buy transaction date as of June 29th snapshot you can see that they like To reward and give back to the community And then also in the pipeline Establishment of a dedicated public Marketing wallet half of all transaction Fees will fund the marketing wallet Initial fund 200,000 in usdc plus half Of transaction fees from July 1st 2024

Project marketing is aimed at boosting Popularity and attracting new users Without implying token price Manipulation or speculation and then of Course the thread contest considering All of these bullish updates by the yai Team the opportunities given to engage With the Y Oracle ecosystem speaks Volumes about its potential and the Community does seem to be going wild Another Community member saying today Marks the day of why I AI the first Launch of their MVP the core community Supported the project through the ups And the downs but the team didn't make It difficult to do so despite Market Sentiment they are extraordinary and Exceptional let's talk team token and Partnerships starting with the Information that they give us on their Team there are 15 plus team members in The team working on different aspects of The project with four devs currently Building the Oracle we prioritize Privacy and safety of our team members Therefore the team Works under pseudo Names and we conduct strong security Measures now to ensure Trust of our Users they say we implemented the Following measures so they did certain Things that they're proud of to show hey You should trust us including locking The liquidity with uncx you can verify That they say one of the core developers

On the team is Fortune who is a known Person in the crypto space with his Exceptional Quant skills they link his Twitter they say we host regular amas to Answer user questions concerns check the First one here they say we ensure Transparency of the development process Via snapshots posting regularly on our Twitter we constantly buy back and add Liquidity to our LPC our SLP program Here legal getbook you can see the full List on their documentation section of Their website make sure you're familiar With their token info 2 they have 6,000 Holders current market cap just below Below 5 million 90% of their supply goes To initial liquidity 5% of their supply Goes to exchange listings and marketing Reserves and 5% of the supply goes to The team the liquidity is locked for 6 Months can always be verified there is a Buy and sell tax until the project Generates enough Revenue through its Service to cover growth and operational Costs they are inking new Partnerships Every day including Google Cloud partner Program in April and more recently mind AI project and many more follow them on Twitter for the latest information check Out their website this is a AI crypto Project you need to follow keep these Guys on your radar I'm going to leave Links to all of their stuff in the Description so make sure you check them

Out subscribe to altcoin daily and I'll See you tomorrow


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