The BlackRock Crypto Market Crash Has Begun…

There's a lot of opportunity it is a Great store and this where you can Debate is it a good store Larry thinkink And the largest asset manager on Earth Black Rock has started to sell their Bitcoin Black Rock reports first Outflows as Bitcoin ETFs shrink 20% Since March and it's not just black rock It's also Fidelity Arc bitwise all of The Bitcoin ETFs in red this month as of Yesterday the US Bitcoin ETF outflows Saw 564 million to the negative today's Panic selling dumped over 9,700 BTC onto the market and this is Not the time to panic despite what your Mom's favorite comedian continues to Tell you Bitcoin is so stupid come on It's and it's all crashing I mean it's Just it's a Ponzi scheme it's it's Preposterous the truth is the US spot Bitcoin ETFs still hold a lot of Bitcoin Black Rock's onchain Holdings are still 50 steps forward now just a few steps Back Fidelity same thing 50 steps Forward now just minimal steps back but If you're invested in cryptocurrency Watch today's whole video as we'll talk How much more selling of Bitcoin from These ETFs should we expect also cardano News xrp news lower cap altcoin news and Much more but starting with Bitcoin even Though the selling has escalated this Month we really started back in April

The spot Bitcoin ETF in total saw 344 Million net withdrawals in April as flow Reversal continued and this was a Reversal this was the first monthly net Outflow since trading began in January And while obviously led by grayscale They're in the red right here they're Always selling it's what we started Seeing from the rest we saw grayscale's Fund exiting 2.5 billion exiting the ETF Over the last month Arc invest witnessed 86.3 million in monthly net outflows for April also Valkyrie yet we were always Held up by Black Rock you could say this Is a great potential long-term store of Value Black Rock had a 71 day inflow Streak last month black Rock's ibit Continued to dominate net inflows into The spot Bitcoin ETFs taking in 1.5 Billion during April this was massive This was a run that put Black Rock in The top 10 ETFs of all time yet that Came to an end on April 23rd and the Fund has seen 5 days of consecutive zero Flows since now how can a fund have zero Inflows are the Bitcoin ETF numbers Being manipulated this was a question People were asking how is it possible That there were zero inflows and Outflows from Black Rock for 3 days Straight actually now 5 days is it Possible that black rock isn't selling Their Holdings when their clients sell And I guess it's no manipulation it's

Just middlemen the answer is authorized Participants of course they act as a Buffer within a limited volatility range I appreciate that perspective but either Way these zero inflows and outflows have Stopped and now it is just outflows so Black Rock's Bitcoin ETF has had their First day of outflows 37 million yet has Taken in 15 billion plus dollars in Bitcoin year-to date for perspective Iar's gold ETF has had a billion dollars Of outflows this year another gold ETF Has also had $3 billion in outflows and Gold is up 16% year-to date this is what ETFs do inflows don't go up in a Straight line and just in huge Announcement micro strategy unveils Plans for a bitcoin-based decentralized Identity using ordinal we call Micro Strategy orange thank you Michael Michael presented a very compelling case For why we need decentralized identity And did decentralized identifiers so Micro strategy has already built one Application using its Service Orange for Outlook integrates digital signatures Into emails to enable recipients to Verify the identity of the sender he Made an even more compelling case why it Makes sense to Anchor digital identity Into the bit coin blockchain protected By the strength and the security of the Bitcoin Network what this means for you As a Bitcoin hodler micro strategy just

Launched an Enterprise platform for Building decentralized apps on bitcoin This adds to the fundamental value and Then he introduced a specification that We open source today the draft first Draft of the specifications available on The micr strategy GitHub today for how You actually do that how do you create a Decentralized identified anchored into Bitcoin and also just in US PayPal users Can now purchase the following Cryptocurrencies through moonay meaning Solana cardano polka dot chain link shib Doge now can be bought through PayPal And speaking of PayPal the former PayPal President David Marcus says Bitcoin is Going to be the native currency of AI no One in the world will accept any uh form Of Native digital value that's not Maximally neutral right because it's Like not like the Europeans are not Going to accept an American version of a Digital asset uh or vice versa um and so Like what is the most neutral form of Digital native internet money it's Bitcoin and so if you make it super Efficient super fast real time at the Speed of AI transactions that's Basically going to to be the native Currency of AI and this is very Interesting Black Rock has officially Reached out to hadera this time there's No Miss interpretation and this all

Stems from some people said it was fake News black actually Black Rock said it Was fake news at the time that black Rock just tokenized one of their money Market funds on hadera actually this was More through a third party archa Black Rock made a comment saying no we have Had no contact with harar in this Exclusive audio from the president of Hadera if black rock ever wanted to have The conversation with us to join the Governing Council and actually help us Direct and and govern the network um in A really awesome way with the knowledge Of the of financial services I mean Obviously we'd be very open to that but Um you know I see Graham here too and Graham could probably give you from an Archak standpoint um how things really Went but actually you know oddly enough Black rug has has reached out since um You know they they want to have Conversations uh they've been you know Really kind about the whole thing and I Can tell you a lot of this is an example Of something the mainstream media won't Share with you I will and again Watch Today's whole video we'll talk lower cap Altcoins but maybe it'll be cardano that Achieves full adoption from the AI and Globally do believe next year there's Going to be a huge Drive in Cryptocurrency adoption so there's going To be a lot of scalability Demands on

Cardano here's what's next for cardano Laos I think is going to give us Dramatic increase in an overall layer One performance and then when Complemented with rollups which we're Getting with Pluto V3 and thanks to Projects like ZK fold and midnight and Other things and complemented with where Hydra is going and how rapidly Hydra is Evolving and also complemented with Advancements to our programming model And partner chains this house of things Together will make us Best in Class for Scalability now I mentioned solve the Blockchain tremma we still have 50% Byzantine resistance it doesn't reduce To a third or quarter with this protocol Which translates to uh much higher Security than all the people who pursue These types of things we still have our Best-in-class decentralization and with Partner chains it'll dramatically Increase because there's more Revenue Coming in so more people want to be Stak Pool operators so you'll have more Operators overall inside the system in Lower cap altcoin news layer zero takes A snapshot as airdrop draws closer so of Course layer zero is an interoperability Protocol and if you miss this aird drop Which I did I don't hold any at the Moment they have indicated that there Will be a series of air drops if you Still want to take advantage but the

Reason I wanted to bring this new story To you is because snapshots typically Act as a precursor to outflows because Airdrop Farmers often move liquidity to Other projects meaning potentially Expect some cell pressure because the Snapshot has already happened so those Airdrop Farmers no longer need to hold The layer zero so they can transfer that Into something else also two more crypto Projects offering airdrops these are Projects I'm invested in tomorrow we Will announce the finalized leaderboard Of axiverse alpha tournament this is an AI powered firstperson shooter game on Immutable part of the immutable Ecosystem and essentially this is like The Call of Duty only for web 3 and They're just have in tournaments where Over 60,000 plus matches were played Tons of people participated and they Will continue to do cool stuff like this All year just cool to see for me people Actually participating in crypto gaming And Quick Clip for ripple the tribalism In this industry is insane so there There's Bitcoin maximalist there's every But everybody agrees like you know xrp Sucks and and I I I don't really get it Right I mean this is a 30 second clip of Actually use case for Michael Arington It's they're a legitimate company they Don't pretend to be something they're Not and they're really good at one thing

Moving money fast and cheap and um it's Fantastic it fills a big need and for a Hedge fund like us to be able to Denominate in Ripple in xrp I just did The same thing uh is is really really Really good we did our first Close uh we moved north of four 50 Million into the company in Ripple in Xrp in like 2 seconds and it cost 30 C Now that is amazing the only there's no Way to do that with Fiat or Bitcoin There's just no way to do it that fast And that cheaply and and so it serves a Really useful uh need for us that is the Video my name's Austin like always see You tomorrow


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