The Bitcoin Supply Squeeze Just Got Much Worse…

It seems to me that this is simply a More of a supply demand issue the Bitcoin price just hit another all-time High as the supply squeeze due to the Buying from the spot Bitcoin ETFs just Got much worse we're in price discovery Mode right now and if you're looking at The charts you could see 100,000 like That could be a Target but you don't Know when you're in price discovery mode Because we had a billion dollars of Inflows last night into the into the ETF Complex as long as that is positive the Price is going to keep grinding higher And that's true the Bitcoin ETFs had Their first $1 billion day of inflows Yesterday and the supply issuance gets Cut in half in a month unreal another Way to say that would be there was more Than $1 billion in net inflows to the Spot Bitcoin ETFs yesterday yet the Network only produced 65 million of new Bitcoin for circulation that is 15 times More demand than new Supply the price Has to go up to accommodate everyone and Just looking at this week alone the Bitcoin purchased by the ETFs has Doubled since Monday and Bitcoin is the First commodity in human history that as Demand increases the supply we can't Make more of it Here's a thought Here's A thought experiment for you imagine a Sovereign took a trillion dollars and Attempted to buy up all of the world's

Oil or all of the world's copper for Instance the price would Surge and then What all of the industrial producers the Industrial miners the frackers whatever This could be any commodity would Absolutely flood the market with new Supply right and the and the supply Relative to the outstanding floater Above ground Supply would be out Enormous right so this would what this Would drive the price down there's a General rule the the price of any Commodity Trends towards its marginal Production cost right there's a profit Incentive right so when we're talking About Commodities industrial Commodities Or Monet monetary Commodities there's Only one commodity on the planet that no Matter how much you try to acquire it no Matter how much resources you throw at It to produce it or mine it it doesn't Be it no more Supply is introduced the Supply urance is unchanged that's Bitcoin right the first time Bitcoin was At 69,000 compared to now it takes 400% More units of compute or hash rate right Mining difficulty is four times higher Than it was in 2021 which means that the Marginal production cost of this thing While not uniform in any sort of way This is you know depends on Energy Prices and many other inputs but the Marginal production cost of bitcoin has Never been higher than today so this is

Unlike silver this is unlike any Industrial commodity Bitcoin is 100% Pure monetary commodity and it's Absolutely scarce and nobody is saying There won't be dips dips happen in a Bull market dips happened to Gold when The very first gold ETF was approved Back in 2004 the gold price virtually Only went up for the next five plus Years but there were significant dips Along the way but until these inflows go Negative which I'm watching I will keep An eye on once that becomes negative You'll see that the first real Correction and so I think right now Every Trader is watching you know add up The nine ETFs and see what the the net Is and as long as there's inflows now of Course there's lots of other inflows and Outflows in the Bitcoin universe but Right now that's got the the Zeitgeist Of what people are making their trading Decisions off of and how about ethereum Danken upgrade goes live on the ethereum Mainnet this is the biggest upgrade Since the merge it has happened and this Significantly reduces the transaction Fees of ethereum's layer 2 networks and Enhances ethereum's overall scalability Do you actually think that there will be An ethereum ETF listen I think there's a A fierce debate inside the SEC right now Right I mean Gary gendler before he was At the SEC is on tape uh saying ethereum

Is definitely not a security since he's Been at the SEC he hasn't made a a Ruling on it and I think what the SEC is Doing is debating can they call ethereum Security uh with this idea that it Changed when it when from proof of work Right right for for validation to proof Of stake um if they can't make that Argument and I think it's a tough Argument to make they have to you know They're going to approve the ETF because It's the same argument that W the Bitcoin ETF there already is a Futures Ethereum ETF and so if you have it for Futures you have to have it for cash That's what the court said last time who Takes that Court to who takes that case To court and I touched on this a bit Yesterday but the senior ETF analysts at Bloomberg have downgraded their odds of Eth ETF approval by the next deadline in May yeah our odds of eth ETF approval by May deadline are down to 35% I get all The reasons that they should approve it And we personally believe they should But all the signs SL sources that were Making us bullish 2.5 months before the Bitcoin spot ETF which they correctly Predicted are not there this time the Real reason we went to 90% was because We heard shatter that the secc had Reached out to these issuers to talk About their perspectives to give Comments back on these S1 documents we

Haven't seen that yet for the ethereum The ethereum ETFs there have been some S1a but they haven't been uh drastic Changes or unique changes for the most Part the ones we've seen are more Bringing these ethereum ETF applications In line with the things they learned Going through the Bitcoin ETF so they're Changing things like the cash versus in Kind that we talked about so that was Obviously the SEC did not want in kind Creation not anything specifically Important to ethereum itself so if we Start seeing a whole bunch of updates From all these issuers that are unique Um to ethereum that means the SEC is Talking and then are my odds would go up If we don't see that in the next month Or so um we might have to decrease our Odds and the latest Solana news dog with Hat becomes the fourth largest meme coin As the community completes their Fundraising for a Las Vegas sphere Showing so this is one of Solana's Hottest meme coins this is what they Want and it looks like it's happening That's what it looks like the campaign Gardener over $690,000 in usdc Stablecoin in donations as of Wednesday Completing the fundraising in less than 4 days and overshooting the $650,000 Target in a direct quote from One of the leadership dog whiff hat on Sphere fully funded anom a leading

Figure of the campaign in one of the Five controllers of the multi-sig wallet That received the donations so unless The people at the sphere deny it which I Don't see why they would they want the Money it is happening news coming in for Star Heroes after a successful launch as A reminder this is the first multiplayer Web 3 space shooter for Esports backed By a Microsoft Grant and over 400 Pre-registered players I'm invested in This gameplay looks awesome the news Today is this is the start of historic First decentralized Esports tournament With the record-breaking pool of over 1.5 million in rewards the official game Release just about 3 weeks away and both Events designed to generate demand Pressure checking in on bomy which is Used for account abstraction it makes Using defi easier the news today B Conomy did more transactions in February Than the entirety of 2023 so the use of Bomy is exploding and growth Milestone Update for AIT and artificial Intelligence protocol 15,000 hoders of The people who are buying assets at some Point want to sell the assets at a Profit and in this epic clip from Michael sailor on Yahoo finance news the Mainstream media is still struggling to Understand the value is there a price at Which you would consider selling some of The Bitcoin pulling out so I mean

Because you don't you can do something With New York City you can live in New York City you can have a business in New York City you you know what do you do With the Bitcoin besides it just gas Their Value well um the proper real estate Developers in New York City uh they're Not buying the real estate because they Want to live in it they're buying the Real estate because they expect because They want to sell it eventually Michael I mean let's be honest most of the People who are yes sure some people pass It on to their children but like most of The people who are buying assets at some Point want to sell the assets at a Profit so I let me let me say it a Different way people that use fiat Currency as a store of value there's a Name for them we call them poor okay uh Anybody that's rich in the world they Own property they own they own large Wavs of land the royal family of England It didn't sell all of its property in Central London in order to buy uh you Know currency or paper money nor did the Royal family of uh of Japan nor did the Royal family in the Middle East in fact They they want to own the property Forever I I want to want you to imagine Bitcoin is it's a city in cyberspace That 276 blocks wide final few days to Take advantage of byy bit's $1,000

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