The Bitcoin Price Is About To Go INSANE

If we go back and we look at past record High breaks or if we eclipse the old All-time high three of the four times Bitcoin doubled in 18 days or less Bitcoin's price did hit a new all-time High today of 69,800 before a flush out a rejection of Over 7% bitcoin's sudden 7% drop caused A bloodbath for the leverage Traders as The fren triggered nearly $600 million In total liquidation and flushing out The Leverage is healthy Bitcoin will Always Purge the greedy leverage Longs Don't be greedy stay humble stack SATs But since the correction and as we Approach all-time highs again once you Break through an all-time high it's Price Discovery what what is this thing Worth the world is going to try to Figure that out and three of the last Four times in 18 days or less it doubled In Price Plus the Bitcoin having in About 40 days you add in the fact that We have the having coming and we're Going to go from 900 Bitcoin a day Coming into the supply to 450 and it's Very hard to make an argument that Bitcoin is not going much higher and at A faster Pace than we all expected I Mean when you do the math I I feel like I need to to say that past results are Not indicative necessarily of the future Because it just sound you sound so I Mean it just sounds anyone at home would

Would you know if they're totally new at This game they they might mortgage your House and put it all in Bitcoin and and There's there is still risk in the asset Is there not I I definitely don't think That they should do that right I think One to % for a traditional portfolio Ends up making sense but you just made a Case for for going from 70 to 140 in 18 Days I mean that that sounds like things That you hear on TV where you just want To really stay away from bitcoin's up 20% in the last week it's up 60% in the Last month and it's up 200% in the last Year I'm not saying it's going to 140,000 what I'm saying is three the Last four times it doubled in 18 days And with a having upon us it's just hard To not say this is likely to go much Much higher now the Bitcoin ETFs Continue to break records just in the SPO Bitcoin ETFs have already traded Over $6 billion today volume for the Bitcoin 10 is really intense today over $6 billion traded and for context that's More than Microsoft has traded with a Couple hours left to go probably going To beat last Wednesday's record black Rock Fidelity grayscale B are all in the Top 15 most active ETFs today and even Black rock is doubling down seeking to Add Bitcoin ETFs now to their strategic Portfolio there's three main new buyers That are now going to come into the

Market the first is public Pension funds Right we uh had a fund it was anchored By two public Pension funds in Fairfax County uh kathern molar and anony spell Were the cios there and they're up 12x On their exposure to Bitcoin in that Fund and so when you see that you say to Yourself wait a second there's only four Funds last year in all of state public Pension funds that were fully funded if They all went and put 1% in Bitcoin There's a very strong possibility that a Number of those funds would get back to Fully funded status over the next 10 15 20 years on top of that you got Sovereign wealth funds we've they've Been very quiet right now there's now ETF opportunities for them they don't Have to go buy Bitcoin and potentially Take the risk of the geopolitical uh Backlash they can simply go get the Exposure without actually holding the Bitcoin if a sovereign wealth fund comes Out especially a major one and says We've bought Bitcoin and it is a Material percentage now of our portfolio I think that there will be a global race Between countries but Austin all the Charts are screaming toppy frothy cell We are at a 90 extreme greed in the fear And greed index and for reference this Is only five points away from the All-time high greed levels seen in February 2021 and while further

Correction is possible and you Understand that greater than 30% price Declines during Bitcoin bull markets are Normal and to be expected you you also Need to understand that we have a new Buyer accumulating Bitcoin today and They don't care about your traditional Charts the nature of this buyer does not Care if it if it's driving Bitcoin up 5% Every week it will just keep on buying We used to trade high Y bonds and Securities um and we used have ETFs in That market and it's they're an Interesting sort of buing that they are Indiscriminate to where the price is I Think all the sort of money that's come In even on the institutional side into Crypto largely there may have been Strategies about buying it or they would Like waited for certain times they're More like active managers coming in um They would take bonds that we used to Trade and they would actually take them To negative yield like we used to trade Bonds with call options attach to them And the ETF would just keep buying they Do not care if uh if it's the wrong time To buy if it looks you know if it's been 10 straight days of it going higher and The RSI is at like 95 they do not care Um and I think that's something that the Market will kind of have to get used to Is that we will start to see these these Um consecutive runs where we start to

Push the edges of maybe technical Indicators and things start to feel Frothy and it will just keep on going so That's the thing that's really caught me On this is that if you're if you're a Chartist looking at some of these I Think you can get burn quite badly Because I I actually think we're just Going to keep on going higher so as the Bitcoin price consolidates near alltime Highs understand this is an ongoing Story and click subscribe you do not Want to miss a daily video keeping you Informed about crypto rates are up and Bitcoin is back to alltime high stocks Are up Etc what Bitcoin has become is a Index for Global liquidity and although The fed the ECB and Japan are actually Contracting their balance sheets China Has been basically giving the middle Finger to the rest of the global economy And they're saying hey we're going to Ease here we're going to go and put Liquidity into the market and so Bitcoin Is a big big winner if you believe that The dollar is going to continue to be Debased over the coming decade bitcoin's Going to be a winner and if you think Global liquidity is going to go up Bitcoin's going to be a winner there too Breaking new Milestone achieved as we Break through $1 billion in daily Trading volume this is for DOT polka dot Let me update you on altcoins and keep

In mind I am invested in these projects Yes polka dot is more than just a Blockchain polka dot is 51 blockchains Where users and developers can create Their own chains that are secured by Polka dot and can interact with other PA Of chains in a seamless and trustless Way this is the leadership answering the Question is polka more than just a Blockchain we also have ZK link which as They describe themselves and L3 the First aggregated L3 rollup uniting Ethereum l2s via ZK snarks the news Today is introducing ZK link Nova Ethereum's first aggregated L3 ZK evm Rollup that Aggregates liquidity from Any rollup using any L2 Tech stack so Obviously great news for ZK link great News for ethereum But what does this mean to you it means That developers can now deploy solidity Smart contracts which is ethereum's Native programming language on Nova and Access liquidity and Native assets from Every ZK and op L2 the time for a United And interoperable ethereum rollup Ecosystem is now also speaking of Liquidity easy the test net is near Completion and you still don't Understand why you need to to list your Assets on easy just I'm a CEO and Founder of e but just a quick elevator Pitch we are gamified Marketplace Gamified Marketplace for digital assets

Tokens tokenized real world assets which Is gamifying their common trading uh Approach that's what we're doing and of Course finally major announcement for Altcoin daily laughs await at the roast Of altcoin daily happening Thursday April 11th at 600 p.m. in Santa Monica I Love roast I love all those Comedy Central roast I love the friers club Roasts back in the day if you'll be in The LA area there is a special deal two Tickets for the price of one links down Below take advantage I want to see you There and like always that's the video See you tomorrow


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