The Bitcoin ETF Insider: Most People Don’t Realize What’s Coming for Cryptocurrency

I was at pubkey on Thursday and I talked To multiple of these firms wholesalers Today we listen in on the ETF expert at Bloomberg intelligence James saford so I Talk to wholesalers from 21 shares from I talk to people from hash I talk to People from bitwise and Van and probably Others who gives us an exclusive update On these 11 massive companies who just Launched spot Bitcoin ETFs these guys Their work starts next week right they Have meetings lined up out the wazo all Next week to go do what what David was Just talking about and going to talk to These advisers and clients about these Products as James shares what's next for Bitcoin right so all of these issuers Are going to have people starting next Week going to talk to people about these And to his point even further they're Still not going to buy next week make Sure you watch the whole video if you Own crypto they're the conversation's Going to happen they're going to get More interest they're going to pay Attention they're going to do their due Diligence maybe some of them will be Interested in it but it's it's the Conversation that's going to be Happening and that's how these people Are getting in the doors at a lot of These advisers and even though price is Dipping today what comes next for Bitcoin in these coming weeks will shock

You James Hunter horley uh on the day of The launch told us that they had already Had meetings they had had 20 we counted Them they had had 20,000 meetings uh Bitwise alone had had 20,000 effectively Pitch meetings and that was in advance Of all this and you have to remember That them vanak Valkyrie these are the Most Bitcoin native right who get it I Think that the bulk of these haven't Even gone on that road show yet and then As you said first they got to convince The raas and the institutions and then They have to go convince their clients So it's a probably a six-month trickle Just to even get the ball rolling now This exclusive audio comes from crypto Town Hall streaming live on X spaces and The sheer amount of volume we've seen in The first few days is nothing compared To what's about to happen let's listen In and you also got got to realize even Based on that based on that same firm Bit wise's survey most advisers weren't Expecting this so the fisers that Hunter Was talking about from bitwise were the People that like had an interest in this The 30% the 30% who literally thought This would even happen right yeah Exactly so there's there's a whole other Level of people that are now going to be Like okay now these exist I'll I'll take It a I I'll take a meeting and maybe Just learn a little bit about this asset

Class like that's that's where we're at With a lot of these people so it's going To take time and while infl those Crushed outflows there are still some Wonky things like settlement delays that You need to be aware of click the like Button if you appreciate me keeping you Up to date on the cell phone but it Seems like since then very clearly Inflows crushed outflows I mean Janes is That correct that's that's my impression Yeah I think so part there's there's a Lot of wonky things going on here like Um I I'll I'll just walk through them a Little bit these are things I plan to Write about this week um but essentially There's two there's two fundamental Things that are causing lags in exactly What's going on in the market the first Is settlement which everyone is talking About there's T plus2 settlement in many Of these cases so people might be Selling gbtc and even if they do plan to Buy another Bitcoin ETF or Bitcoin Itself um in many cases they just don't Have the money like if they don't have The money yet it's settling so they Can't Reby whether it's in the same Brokerage or if they're actually Planning to buy a spot they need to like Wait till it settles in brokerage and Then they can wire it somewhere where They can buy it right so that's the First thing so I think that there's

Probably some money that's come out of Gbtc that will come back in the other Problem is the way that mutual fund Accounting Works which depends how in The weeds you want to get here but Because a lot of these firms that do the Accounting for these ETFs they primarily Did this with mutual funds which had Different process than ETFs for creating Shares um as we discussed many times but In in many cases that means there's like A t+ one situation where like you don't Really know exactly what happened to Flows until the day after what which Believe me I know to anyone in crypto Seems like absolutely insane to even be Talking about so we definitely have an Idea of what happened through Thursday And even through Friday for the vast Majority but there's still some wonky Things going on trying to figure out That said I'm with you I like this was The volume numbers were pretty much Unheard of for the most part for Multiple ETFs launching at the same time Doing the same thing um if you I Wouldn't I can't really say it's a Record because it was multiple ETFs but I shares alone came close to a record GB C which is cheating broke the record for First day of trading um but if you Include all of them and even exclude Gbtc I mean this BW any ETF record out The door um in the US as far as as far

As we're concerned so investors are Buying in to these ETFs we have the Exact numbers we we do know the numbers A little bit so we we've already seen at Least 1.4 billion flow into all the new ETFs at least 1.4 they could be also Suffering from some of the same sett M And t+1 mutual fund accounting issues That gbtc is so I I I actually I've been Saying I mean I would every time I was On here I was like guys don't worry too Much about the first few days there's Going to be a bunch of money that comes In but a lot of it is going to be Recycled I was I was trying to say it's Going to be about figuring how figuring Out how much of this is recycled we're Probably going to see money we're Already seeing it we're probably going To see money flow from other ETFs around The world primarily Canada we're going To see it from Futures products Futures Themselves had a huge unwind during this Whole thing so is and also Bitcoin Itself was by any technical metric and Even structural network based on the Futures Market was overbought so like I I and so like that's kind of how I'm Looking at it that said just give it Time give it give it time before these Things are operating these guys are not Going to buy even it's going to be even Longer than what you were talking about They they some people might be waiting

For what you're talking about a little Bit for the dust to settle because GBC Is still trading a little bit of a Discount um large for multiple reasons Which we can get into but um there it's G to happen over the coming weeks and Months the first week will be when I Think I'm I'm planning to check back and Be like how did this actually go so I Will'll know this week so the bottom Line is we always expected a bit of buy The rumor sell the news a 15% dip in Bull markets is very normal and even Taking a look at the infamous rainbow Chart for Bitcoin we're in the darker Green band currently which is the time To accumulate any other time in Bitcoin's history If you would have bought in that dark Green band hey it might have dipped it May have gone lower but over time if you Were willing to huddle past the yellow Past the orange the upper bands are when You sell the lower bands are where you Buy and if we take a look at where this Chart says that we should be by this Year's having and again does not mean This has to happen this says keep Accumulating at any amount under 51,000 hold in the 67 to 89,000 range And anything above 90,000 that's the Time to take profits in a few weeks Let's check back into this see where we Are breaking news for altcoins Google

Cloud joins flare Network as a validator Flr jumps 5% so really Google cloud is Partnered with a handful of Cryptocurrencies it is big news that Flare got the nod as well and flare Which calls itself the blockchain for Data gives developers access to Decentralized data via its Oracle system So think of this like a chain link Competitor and Google cloud is actually One of 100 organizations adopting this Combined role I guess validating for the Flare blockchain both securing the Network as a validator and contributing To the flare time series Oracle this is Going to be a major next few weeks for Crypto make sure you click subscribe we Literally drop just one video per day Keeping you informed on this industry Can you afford not to subscribe Seriously See you tomorrow


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