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Yes welcome back everybody to altcoin Daily my name's Austin today I want to Update you on the latest news regarding Elon Musk and his potential Twitter coin We'll talk about Trump and his nfts and Update as well as new news on Sam Bankman freed digital currency group Selling assets and more because on this Channel we drop one video per day Keeping you informed on crypto so check The timestamps down below and let's jump In starting with the biggest news we Just got the most recent CPI data Bitcoin dips with stocks after the US Reports a 6.5 CPI inflation so inflation Is decreasing so this is a positive Number and annualized inflation slowed To 6.5 percent in December from 7.1 Percent previously and let's make sure We differentiate from Headline CPI Versus core CPI headline was 6.5 percent And it was estimated it would be 6.5 Percent and core was 5.7 percent and it Was also estimated 5.7 percent so pretty Amazing that the feds can predict Consensus estimates what they thought Would happen did happen and the Difference between headline and core the Core CPI which strips out volatile items Such as food and energy was up 0.3 Percent in December in line with Forecasts and Bitcoin dipped slightly on That news very slightly so what does This mean if you hold crypto well first

Off I would argue that markets didn't Really dip there wasn't really any Significant move one way or another a Significant move and that's because what The FED thought would happen did happen Now it is positive that as per the Latest data CPI U.S inflation Falls to Lowest in more than a year meaning Positive direction meaning maybe the FED Doesn't need to be so aggressive like They were last year but really this Isn't a big enough change compared to Where the fedu wants to be around two Percent were still above six for more Stability we will need to see the FED Bring down inflation even more and keep It there two percent is still far away And also let's be honest CPI inflation Is not quite the same as real inflation U.S CPI inflation is 6.5 percent while We know if you're out at those stores Food inflation is over 10 percent Electricity inflation is over 14 percent And natural gas inflation is almost 20 Percent meaning CPI on its own they do Cherry pick their data but again this Tells us we have a long way to go Now that doesn't mean that Innovation For crypto per Elon Musk and Twitter Isn't happening I'll give you the news As a few days ago and then the update we Just got today as per a few days ago Leaked Twitter code reveals secret Crypto bombshell raises serious Bitcoin

And Dogecoin questions so this was one Of the original posts Twitter is working On coins as you can see this would be Under the monetization tab on Twitter I Guess used for tips estimated earned Revenue and then here's a pick of what Would be the Twitter coin and then Another screenshot tips coins coins Placeholder again this is being actively Developed the code was extracted from a Recent version of the Twitter web app And the icon of the Twitter coin which I Showed you may be related to the crypto Integrated tipping feature Twitter seems To be working on and let's remember this Isn't live yet in a direct quote from One of the researchers that uncovered This it isn't rolled out yet there is a Little information out there as to what This is exactly but we do know that back In December it was CEO Elon Musk who Reiterated interest in crypto payments In a Twitter spaces to an audience of 2 Million listeners in fact here was Elon's exact quote he said it's kind of A no-brainer for Twitter to have Payments both in Fiat and crypto and Then a few weeks later we learned Twitter was working on this well as of Today we just received an update more Details emerge on Twitter coins and Crypto is not included so basically These were just newly leaked images of The Project's development shared by both

Original whistleblowers shared on January 10th showing that the code right Now is devoid of any mention of crypto Or blockchain technology in a direct Quote from people viewing the code of Twitter coins it seems to be an in-app Currency to support creators I didn't Find anything that relates to Cryptocurrency I found this interesting Though we got a little screenshot of the Coins feature we'll be right on that nav Bar menu as well as a direct quote from The screenshots coins allow you to Support creators who tweet great content Unused coins are kept in your balance And last but not least the coins do seem To be in relation to the Twitter Awards Much like Reddit has little Awards you Can give ready users things like mind Blown Bravo One super like Etc so very similar to reddit's we Rewards in tipping system this is an Ongoing story I'll keep you updated and Before we get to the Trump nft update I do have to share with you this this Just happened Miss Universe contestant Represents El Salvador with a Bitcoin Inspired costume this look represents El Salvador's history of currency said the Miss Universe announcer for a long time Cocoa beans were used and then the colon Colon this big coin I'm assuming until It was replaced by the US dollar and Then in 2021 El Salvador became the

First country in the world to use Bitcoin as legal tender you don't need a Sash to walk around dressed as cash so This was a little education for the World first cocoa beans and then their Own currency than the US dollar and now Bitcoin a Natural Evolution well what About Trump the Trump digital Trading Card project mints new nfts for winners Of prizes so again if you like polygon Matic you like this because this is on The polygon blockchain and according to The data from nft Marketplace openc the Same wallet that sold the original nfts Is minting tokens that serve as access Passes to the sweepstakes prizes touted During the launch these new tokens like Right here feature images of trump Holding a sign resembling a ticket and The prizes include a group Zoom call a Gala dinner and a hardcover copy of his Book our journey together and the Interesting thing to me is how much What's the value of all these nfts on The open market well the collection now Is a trading volume of 35 ethereum or Just under fifty thousand dollars and a Floor price of 0.021 eth or nearly Thirty dollars so seems pretty low and While the group Zoom calls cost 0.03 eth Or forty dollars to access a one-on-one Meeting with the 45th president is Listed as 200 ethereum or about 278 Eight thousand dollars according to the

Official sweepstakes rules the average Retail value of the one-on-one meeting With Trump at Mar-A-Lago is zero dollars Slash Priceless but of course if it's an Nft truly then that means it trades on The open market and we'll see what the People value it as the latest news with Sam bankman freed is this SPF denies Stealing FTX funds in a new online sub Stack post so here is an excerpt from That post all of which to say no funds Were stolen Alameda lost money due to a Market crash it was not adequately Hedged for as three AC and others have This year and FDX was impacted as Voyager and others were earlier so he Blames poor market conditions but Udi's Right it's amazing to me that Sam Bankman freed is still comparing FTX to Lenders like block 5 Voyager and Celsius Who lent out customer funds with poor Risk management FTX shouldn't have been Lending out customer funds at all Regardless of risk management yes funds Were stolen Sam these fake excuses are Targeted at people who don't understand How crypto exchanges work but Sam does Know how they work on a crypto Exchange Customer funds at rest that aren't Involved in any leveraged positions Should never be affected by poor risk Management And speaking of poor risk management an Update on our digital currency group

Video from a few days ago dcg mulls over The sale of their Venture portfolio to Shore Up 3 billion Genesis shortfall so It is being reported the digital Currency group is about to sell their Venture portfolio to get some quick cash This means dcg's stakes and more than 200 crypto projects including data firm Dune analytics ethereum block Explorer Etherscan crypto exchange coinbase and USD coin issuer Circle could soon be up For sale in my opinion this is good I Don't want one single entity owning so Many of the major companies in crypto And it doesn't look to me like this is Any specific crypto protocol meaning They're not selling Bitcoin or ethereum The specific coins yet at least not Listed here yet this portfolio is worth About 500 million dollars and they need To get around 3 billion some of you were Still asking me about this there is one Day left until ticket prices for Bitcoin 2023 go up if you're interested in going Next year in Miami Beach in May or this Year this year Miami Beach in may use Code altcoin daily for 10 off your Ticket link down below See you tomorrow


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