The biggest THREAT to our financial freedom – CBDCs ⚠️ (I’M NERVOUS)

Question for you have you noticed Governments around the world are trying To take away your privacy your Self-sovereignty and your ability to Transact freely no No no God please no no no No four examples Australia England China And America Australia is introducing Government regulated digital ID this is Scary site government is about to launch A new form of digital ID that means You'll never have to hand over your Personal details to anyone again it will All be stored in the service New South Wales app on your phone which will prove You are who you say you are I just love The wording on this News segment digital Holy Grail yes if the grill was laced With poison scanning his license Passport and Medicare card in less than Three minutes the minister proves he Really is Victor dominello this is Unquestionably the Holy Grail this is Your first look at the State's new Digital ID this is a huge step forward In giving back people control over their Data control over their identity just Like CBDs the convenience factor is a Ruse to secure digital servitude Personal credentials will be stored on Your device no IDs need to be handed Over and that means keeping your address And Self if you need to hire a car rent a

Property set up a bank account check Into a hotel or prove you're over 18 to Buy alcohol or attend an event speaking Of CBDs in China they're putting Expiration dates on their digital Yuan Forcing people to spend and not allowing Them to save CBDs are slavery Bitcoin is Freedom the digital you want is meant to Be faster than using credit or debit Cards on digital wallets like Apple pay Plus there are other incentives like Zero transaction fees for merchants and One day it'll even work offline But one major difference is that the Digital you want is 100 trackable by China central bank and when it's Launched Nationwide it could impact not Only citizens but also foreign companies Operating in the country the central Bank will know who's paying how much They're paying when they're paying where They're paying and then to analyze the Patterns of payment for example fanuci Says China's Central Bank could put an Expiration date on the digital money Similar to how lottery winnings have to Be spent before a certain date it means That the Chinese government could set up A whole lot of things to have your Currency maybe valid or invalid based on Its own priorities this is almost like Handing over the keys to your business Or to your finance department in some Ways because you really can't control

What at the end of the day may happen With the the funds that you're holding In England they've started to say the Quiet part out loud listen to UK former Chancellor of Treasury and defense Secretary Philip Hammond talk about Regulating Bitcoin before it becomes too Big and they lose control talk to me About Bitcoin will it be regulated are You interested in Bitcoin regulation I Am interested in Bitcoin and the bank of England as you know among the central Banks has been leading on uh looking at Bitcoin Um look it's a it's a very interesting Uh new uh development Um I am uh I think we should be cautious Uh about uh Bitcoin uh and and possibly We do need to look at the way we Regulate this environment before uh the Amount of outstanding Bitcoin becomes Large enough to be systemically Important in the global economy it's not There yet but it could get there soon by The way make sure you subscribe to our Channel daily videos just like this Keeping you informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in Cryptocurrency subscribe to our channel Daily videos and by the way all of these Central Bank digital currencies are sold To us as Anonymous but they're not Anonymous well it's Anonymous to us but

It's not Anonymous to the governments Who surveil us let's go back to China For example collecting user data this Digital yuan is less about money and More about data Yaya finusi is an Adjunct senior fellow at the non-profit Think Tank Center for a new American Security in Washington D.C he's been Studying digital currencies for the past Six years and he says China's new Currency is not as Anonymous as it Claims Central Bank has talked about There being controllable anonymity which Really means it's Anonymous horizontally Right the users that are using it don't Necessarily know the identity of Everyone that they're interacting with But vertically it's not Anonymous the Central bank is at the top with Information on all the users China's Central Bank has promised to protect Users privacy for now people can choose Whether they want to use the digital Currency but the central bank has said That as the country becomes a cashless Society it expects the digital you want To become the primary way to make Transactions now let's talk about America of course we should start with Mentioning the Federal Reserve at the End of the day there's only one solution That to this problem and that is Congress Whatever else may happen will happen but

Congress really needs to raise the debt Ceiling that's the only only way out did You know that the Federal Reserve is not A government agency but instead a Private agency who controls the entire Money supply in America So why do they call it Federal if not to Deceive in fact just yesterday the Federal Reserve chair and Congress were Pondering how cbdcs could send Bitcoin And crypto to zero it can't well like Not like what they think but scary Conversations nonetheless because Bitcoin gives people freedom and they Don't like that let's actually focus on This example though too big to fail Corporations in America in bed with the US government making it harder for Crypto to thrive giving crypto a Disadvantage compared to regular tech Companies in this case apple apple Deliberately making it hard for uniswap To function on their App Store and Instead Apple approves two fake uniswap Apps disgusting and in short why why is This going on what's Happening to us Look there are plenty of wallets there Are plenty of mobile wallets in the App Store that allow swapping and Fundamentally the same features that are While it allows Um but Apple's kind of deliberately Opaque and inconsistent it seems in how They're applying roles to crypto

Companies and how they're thinking Through what they want to release in the App Store we understand that they care So much about privacy and user safety we Do too but our app actually does a lot To keep users safe to screen out things That might put them at risk to really Protect users and ironically in the Period that we were actually waiting for Apple to approve our app they actually Approved to fake you to swap apps so it Just sort of Illustrated the Inconsistency Yeah and the inconsistency what seems to Us to be really just kind of opaque and Unfair treatment which illustrates the Importance of open platforms do me a Favor post this video on social media Send this video to a friend who needs to Wake up people don't realize the world Is trending less private more Centralized more permissioned we need Alternatives permissionless censorship Resistant unconfiscatable subscribe to Our Channel because we keep you updated On all of this on a daily basis see you Tomorrow get your tickets to nftla it's Now called the outer edge it's the Second time they're putting on this nft And web3 event in La March 20th through 23rd use code altcoin daily 10 off hope To see you there will be speaking or Moderating some panels it's going to be Awesome get your tickets to bitcoin 2023

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