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Peak is a layer one for deepen deepen Stands for decentralized physical Infrastructure networks remember the Term cuz it's the next big thing in web 3 deepins are an emerging Trend in Crypto deepins are physical Infrastructure networks you can think of Charging stations or 5G hotspots which Communities crowdsource together and Then provide connectivity and this trend May just be about to disrupt the Centralized Giants that control us and Instead of big corporates earning all That money and generating all that value The community who builds that Infrastructure earns and owns the Infrastructure so plain and simple Deepens distribute the power in physical Infrastructure Services meaning they Allow the people to be in control Instead of a few centralized companies Now Peak is a layer one blockchain for D Pins meaning there specifically Peak is Specifically catering to decentralizing Iz physical infrastructure networks we See the ecosystem evolving and as a Partner of the channel as a blockchain That processes over 10,000 transactions Per second at remarkably low costs and With Partners name brands that you'd Recognize that are already building on Peak let me just share with you one last Example let's take Uber where the Founder of peak explains how deep in how

Peak is about to disrupt everything Let's take Uber as an example you want a Taxi you unlock the phone you tap the App you order the taxi you hop in you Think you're using a peer-to-peer system You to Taxi Driver you're not you're Actually using a peer to Big tag to Pier System and we think it's time to change That cuz the peer-to-peer error is now The process won't change you still Unlock your phone tap the app order the Taxi hop in but the the app which Network it runs on and where this hosted Will change from centralized corporate Controlled peer to Big Tech to Pier to Decentralized community-owned Peer-to-peer and with Peak being the World's fastest growing deep in Ecosystem with over 100,000 machines Vehicles robots devices on the network Over $25 million of tokenized machine Rwa and 20 plus depins building on Peak And growing is a community governed Network where the community comes to Build community owned applications for Community-owned machines to create Community value this is the reason we're Seeing so many name brand companies Start to build for example Bosch one of The global leaders in Hardware Manufacturing technology yeah so our Work with Bosch is actually couple of Years old already we've been working on Different projects setting standards in

The mobility industry for identities Data sharing and so on but recently we Were able to excite them for deepen as Well because Bosch is the biggest sensor Manufacturer in the world and um we're All in deepen right we know sensors are Super important I mean they're also the Biggest Automotive supplier so they're a Super amazing player to get into deepen And on top of that they are super open To web 3 so they they want to build new Business models in web 3 and yeah we had The first device it's called the Bosch Xdk it has um dozens of sensors in it so You can connect it technically to all Kinds of deepens and then it can Generate data and earn money and Different deepins and we're still early Deepin as a trend is only growing bigger Deepins are estimated to be a total of 3.5 trillion by 2028 alone that's a Massive Market opportunity and let's Talk about what differentiates Peak as An L1 deepin blockchain highly Decentralized in fact has a Nakamoto Coefficient of 93 the highest among the Major layer zero and layer 1 blockchains Extremely scalable Peak will scale past 100,000 transactions per second in 2024 By leveraging elastic scaling Environmentally friendly pretty Self-explanatory and also dpin and rwa Functions meaning Peak provides ready to Use functions to power and tokenize

Vehicles robots and devices the cool Thing is we've been building a layout 1 For deepen long before deepen was a term So it goes back to our old Enterprise Cases where we identified okay all those Applications need identities for Machines role based Access Control data Storage um payment settlement so we've Been building all those backend Functionalities all along that are Running as smart contracts or so-called Pallets natively on the network so Builders can come and simply consume Those functionalities and they don't Have to do a lot of the heavy backend Work we've also made a simple JavaScript SDK that makes it super easy because we Realize a lot of deepend don't have the Smart contract blockchain devs on board So we make it super easy it's like hey The blockchain layer is ready for you to Use all the functionality is there ready To use and that makes it super simple um On top of that we support evm and rust Smart contract so we offer offer Multiple smart contract ways that is Also super cool because evm is the Default standard right and uh that makes It easy for people to build super high Scalability extremely low fees as as low As Solana has to be otherwise that is a Knockout criteria so and yeah like now The next step is after launching mainnet Of course attracting a lot of liquidity

We are working on that we have a Strategy and yeah our aim is really to Provide just the best possible L1 for Deepend Builders and on top of that we Built along side the deepens like we Work very close with all the teams we Get their requirements we support them We we build with them and I think that's Spirit um yeah convinces a lot of Deepens to to choose Peak now the peak Network and token will launch in 2024 Very soon and there's a link down below Click the link it'll take you here and Subscribe to receive all important Launch related updates directly to your Inbox again link down below check it out And just going over the basics the Lifeblood of the economy of things yeah So we we spend a lot of time on the peak Token right I mean the the most Important thing is utility like what is The real in the value of that token what Can people do with it well holders of The peak token will have certain rights And abilities the token can be used as Follows network operations IE Transaction fees deploy smart contracts And use web 3 Bridges machine defi Peak Is used for liquidity mining liquidity Provision and reward in the community Machine nfts meaning Peak is used to Mint machine nfts allowing you to own a Piece in the economy of things voting And governance and much more and again

The more building on the network the More valuable the network becomes being Built on Peak right now eloop brings 100 Plus tokenized Teslas for car sharing on Peak called eloop they are building a Decentralized network for or like Decentralized car sharing servers where People can invest into vehicles in their Case Teslas then they buy those Teslas Those Teslas generate revenue and the Revenue is being split between the People who invested into the Teslas so What happens now they democratize car Sharing everyone now can invest in and Earn a part of a car sharing Fleet and By the way car sharing is just the Beginning eloop is expanding to do the Same with charging stations so Panels or even something crazy like wind Turbines we also have something I find Interesting NX nx's 40,000 plus cameras Map the real world in real time on Peak Another cool example is a natics network They're building also on Peak which is a Decentralized camera Network they built What they call the internet of cameras Everyone can while they drive put their Smartphone in the car and map the street In real time there's a construction Happening an accident was happening and So on and for collecting that data You're being rewarded and those are some Some deepen use cases but it goes into Electric vehicle charging Neighbors

Being able to share their charging Station with each others 5G hotspots Helium we know from the the lower one But they expand to 5G now so communities Can build te Telo networks where they Share connectivity with each other it's Really yeah there's so many use cases Now there are so many other cool Projects that are building on Peak we Could get into but again today's video Is just a jumping off point there is a Link Down Below in the video description Click it and actually just announced This is breaking news Peak has just Integrated with Wormhole to unlock Liquidity from 30 plus blockchains so This is their first cross Chain Bridge As they integrate with Wormhole the Leading blockchain interoperability Protocol meaning Peak now has a bridge In value and liquidity to BNB chain Polygon optimism Aptos base Etc users of These networks will now be able to move Their liquidity to Peak use D pins in The Pico system and earn in the economy Of things on Peak so in conclusion Peak Is projected to be the home of over 50% Of the deepin sector at launch also They're on track to have both users and Machines from 100 % of the countries on The planet at launch and possibly be one Of the top 10 most active blockchains by Active wallets at launch is this Registering is anybody still here

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