“The Biggest Comeback Story of 2023” | EOS Crypto News

But another big event for April is with EOS the ethereum Killer and their evm Launch and let me just be real with you I think by many different accounts many People would consider EOS a failure Compared to what they could have been Now what izios it is a layer 1 dap Platform that was created to prioritize Dap performance meaning faster Transactions less gas fees so a more Scalable version of ethereum yet they Did sacrifice some decentralization so That was the trade-off also they're much More programming language friendly Offering options to developers and Languages they already know but why some People looked at EOS as a failure is Because EOS IO is perhaps best known for Holding the largest ever initial coin Offering Ico raising over four billion Dollars by selling 1 billion EOS over The course of a year-long sale so Compared to the expectation compared to The money in their War chest compared to The hype those with them them back in 2017 during the Ico EOS was a Disappointment they didn't really live Up to the expectations that block won The company behind them promised us What's interesting is that my brother And I were speaking also moderating at Future blockchain Summit in Dubai a few Months ago and we got to speak to one of The new leadership adios ratpool and he

Told us how the EOS Community fired Block one they hate Dan Larimer eos's Creator and now why they believe EOS is About to be the biggest crypto comeback Story of 2023. if you're in crypto for More than four years you remember the Biggest Ico ever uh block one raised 4 Billion Promised A very big white paper with all kinds of Promises they promised one billion in a Venture capital fund and over the last Few years nothing happened they settled With the SEC that's one thing that they Did so uh EOS is not a security which is Pretty unique but for the rest Some people call it a scam I found that they use Amsterdam I was Just very disappointed over the last few Years but something amazing happened uh A year and a half ago the community was So fed up with it we stopped the Unstaking contract that block one had Where they were receiving EOS tokens to Maintain the software which they were Not doing if you looked at the GitHub There was no activity for over a year Nobody no commits nothing and they moved All the their software Engineers to Bullish and the community just got so Fed up with it we stopped that contract We establish published a foundation a Canadian foundation and we started to Self-organize we forked the the beta the

The the the software we renamed it to Antelope and we uh upgraded it we took Out 2600 bugs Um we got people from the community back So the original software developers that Were working for Block one Huge salaries they came back they're now Working for the foundation and we are Rebuilding this software and rebuilding This promise Everybody four years ago he was had an Amazing promise the technology was was Leading Um this crazy guy called but Dan Larimer That has left three projects he left us Again so he he's out uh but he is an Amazing guy very difficult to work with Very difficult to marry with his wife Number five now and uh he uh but he made A piece of amazing technology in it so Now under new leadership still with the Same technology EOS is upgrading April 14th to be evm compatible meaning now Interoperable working with ethereum will They ever Flip ethereum or how big could EOS get I don't know if it will flip Ethereum I think it will be if you look At like Open source software Stacks I think one Of the big examples is word WordPress Yeah so I think this is a platform play And I think the world will stand the Rise on a few platforms and I think EOS Will be

A very big chance that it will be one of The top ones again it's now in the Market cap somewhere 44 40 whatever last Time I checked and I think it will be Top 10 within a year


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