The Best Online Business to Start This Year (Print-on-Demand)

So if you had to start a brand new Online business this year there are a Ton of different options to choose from Even across our own channel we've talked Many times about Drop Shipping the power Of affiliate marketing or even starting Your own agency now out of all the Different online businesses that exist Today the real question is which one is Going to give you the highest profit for The lowest amount of work now especially When I go on Tick Tock and I'd be seeing That literally teenagers right now are Making a hundred thousand dollars every Single month now when I personally first Got started out as an entrepreneur I had To put in a ton of time trying out a Wide variety of methods to make money For myself along that Journey some Things worked others didn't but I got a Good idea of what goes into a successful Strategy and ultimately it bursts Multiple seven-figure businesses that I Now own now from that this video here is Gonna Focus simply on one business model That I believe often gets overlooked but Yet still has so much potential to make A lot of money so with that being said I'm going to show you what that business Model is teach you step by step on how You can get started as a beginner and I'll also be giving you some crucial Tips for Success at the end of this Video so the first question is what

Makes for a good starter business model Out of all my years of being here within The space I believe it just comes down To answering these three simple Questions can you start the business With zero dollars do you need to hold a Ton of inventory and can you start this Business all from the comfort of your Home now if you can answer yes to the Trifecta of questions then you have what I'd say is a winning business strategy To have something that's easy convenient And with the possibility to scale now Naturally the first thing that probably Comes to your mind is Drop Shipping Right I mean that business right there Can be started with no money no Inventory and also anywhere from the World but actually we're gonna get a bit More specific with a business model Underneath Drop Shipping which is called Print on demand all right so what is Print on demand well let me show you Using print on demand you can create and Design custom products and sell them Directly to the consumer without ever Holding inventory it sounds a lot like Drop Shipping but in comparison to that This is where a distributor holds the Inventory and ships it out directly to The customer when you make a sale with Print on demand the products aren't Actually made until the customer makes The purchase on like Drop Shipping where

All of the inventory is generally made And you're shipping it from the Manufacturer or a trading company over To the consumer the benefits of using Print on demand as a business model is That you can get custom variations in Custom products because those products Aren't yet made so where it comes in Real Handy is apparel home decor or even Other accessories like mugs journals and More because products can also be Customized it allows you to create a More specific branded store than you Would get with a traditional Drop Shipping model here's a good example of A pretty solid print-on-demand store That actually turns out it's printing Some money so this website here is Called dumb club which was launched by a High school senior back in 2020 entirely From that print on demand business model And he went ahead and marketed this Business through organic Tick Tock Traffic now how do I know that they're Making bank well using a website like Similar web where I can actually track Their analytics it actually shows me That their website here has over 38 000 Visits in the last month with only a 25 Bounce rate with most of their products Ranging from 49 to 100 if you do the Math off even just a three percent Conversion rate which I think is very Conservative knowing that this is an

Influencer driving traffic to his own Website through organic marketing I Believe he could be making way more than That now let's say the average price of One of these items is about 70 dollars And if you do the math three percent off Of 38 000 visits that's 1 140 and then if we multiply that to 70. So this person here is doing about Eighty thousand dollars in a single Month on that conservative note you also Have to take into note that usually when Someone's buying merch they're not just Buying one item oftentimes there are Upsells and cross sells which also Raises that average order value now that We have a better idea of the potential Of how much someone can make using print On demand also with the fact that this Person here has to do no inventory they Don't have to go to the UPS or USPS at All and all of this is pretty much Automated let's now go over the pros and The cons of print on demand all right so Here are the pros when it comes to print On demand it's easy to start there's Zero risk and there's no location Requirement so first of all if you don't Have any experience in business design Or product development this is one of Those beginner business models where Anyone can really get started we'll go Over the actual step-by-step process in Setting up a successful store but just

In a nutshell for you to know all you Have to do is first choose a niche find A product and then from there it's Really simple you set it up with Whatever platform you're using to sell On link it up with a service like Printify and then from there they're Going to automatically fulfill those Orders whenever it comes in now print on Demand also has zero risk like we Mentioned so this means you don't have To worry about buying inventory you Don't need to worry about payroll costs With staff or Logistics it's pretty Straightforward what I love most about This business model though is that you Do not need to be in a specific location With print on demand you could be living In Maryland Malaysia or even Mexico and You can still start this business now This sounds like the dream business Model right well I'd be a cringy little Lying little YouTuber if I didn't give You guys the full picture because there Are some cons and I want you guys to Have actual full awareness of what that Is so print on demand stores few things No quality control longer wait times and Also split responsibility I also want to Include one more thing which is usually The cost you're not going to be getting The best margins but let's start from The top so no quality control if you Don't see your inventory you're not

Going to be able to vouch whether or not The quality of it is consistent now that Is unless you go with a more reputable Print-on-demand service which we'll talk About soon on top of that print on Demand could also be a bit longer for The customer to get their order and That's just because if you happen to get A whole bunch of inventory orders and 20 Other people do using a print-on-demand Service there's just so much that they Can do in one single given time and During a busier season it might extend The amount of time that your customers Might get their package now even though You don't hold products when it comes to Print on demand customers are still Going to come to you with their problems So you need to at least make sure that You manage your side of the Responsibility and that you communicate Well enough with the supplier to find Any solutions so generally you're going To have less risk with the business but It also means that your expenses are Going to be a bit more high now just Keep in mind that with any business Model you're gonna have some risks even If they're not Financial risks they're Always the risk of failure and the risk Of reputation damage and more your goal Should be to mitigate these cons and Prevent the risks but then the question Is how can you do that so I believe the

Single-handed most important thing that You can do within this business is to Find a reputable supplier now printify Is still one of the best leading Suppliers out on the market and they are Right now one of the largest Print-on-demand platforms that print Package and ship over 850 custom Designed products now this collaboration Here with printify worked out Effortlessly and that's because at the End of the day I just want my audience Or you watching this video to get Recommended the best and safest Platforms to exist so when it comes to Printify first of all this is entirely Free and it's designed for absolute Beginners not only that but they give You the ability to ship worldwide and They offer a massive product selection And they also have some of the lowest Prices on the market right so before we Get started with this tutorial if you Guys want to check out princeify and Walk through the steps as I explain it Check out the link Down Below in the Description and to sign up today we'll Get back to printify in a bit but now That we have a supplier let's all piece This together so the next question we Need to answer when it comes to starting Any successful print on demand service Is where are you going to sell the Products personally for me I have the

Most amount of experience on Shopify but I do know that Etsy is going to be a lot More easier to use in the beginning the Benefit of both of that is they Automatically link together with Printify so you don't have to don't know Like apy key merging it's all simple It's all integrated but for the purpose Of today's video we're just gonna use Etsy because I'm assume that you guys Are just getting started within the Space compared to Shopify Etsy is pretty Much just a marketplace where they Already have organic traffic flowing Around and you don't have to do extra Marketing in order to drive sales into Your Shopify custom website alright so This process breaks down into just four Simple steps in getting started first Find a niche in a product second design Your product third publish and then Fourth you Market it so let's go through Each one in depth starting with finding A niche in a product so what I'm gonna Do for this one here is by first coming Up with ideas and I generally like to Actually start by looking at Tick Tock This is where you can say you know You're working right now but you're also Scrolling on Tick Tock Best of Both Worlds right all right so I like using Tick Tock nowadays because I've said This in some of my other videos I'm Gonna say it again but Tick Tock is more

Than a social media platform but it is An algorithm that is designated to show You the right products and connect you With another community that exists on Their app and listen if you get plugged In and you find some of the trending Products you like it tick tock is going To force you more trending products that Are getting more views more sales things That people are interested in and that's Going to give you really good product Research to get started so after you Open up Tick Tock you can start by Searching for trending products or even Amazon hauls nowadays a lot of different Lifestyle tick tockers too will share Their purchases With Their audience so We can use the audience response in the Comments section to gauge what people Will actually want to buy now if you Scroll through Tick Tock with printify's Catalog on another screen you can easily Compare the two to see which one has the Highest opportunity now the next goal is To find a product that fits your idea And it still has a decent enough profit Margin so from there you're going to Want to balance quality and price with The products that you choose so for Example let's say we come across some Nicely designed journals that were Trending on Tick Tock from there we can Go to the printify website hover over Catalog head over to the home and living

Section then click on journals and Notebooks so we scroll through there are Going to be a ton of different product Options from spiral notebooks hardback Or even just different type of journals Basically you're going to want to come Up with an idea and make sure that you Can still sell it through printify all Right step number two designing your Product so the next stage of the process Is going to be to have a little bit of Fun here a little bit of creative juices Flowing for this I like to head over to Pinterest I know the men be sleeping on This but boys let me tell you Pinterest It's got some goat stuff and yes I just Made up those words but you all know my Drift right skirt So we decided on the concept of journals Let's just type in on Pinterest Journal Design and from here you can see a ton Of variety in different concepts from Photo design to just simple Graphics Basically from here you're going to want To save some of the design ideas and Then from here look into which one gives You the most amount of inspiration and See how you can link this with your own Products by the way there are some items Here on Pinterest where they actually Exist on Etsy and if you go ahead and Right click on the photo and inspect it And it comes up you can also see how Well they are selling just by looking at

The reviews alright so now we have the Design idea let's head into printify Once again from here take a look at the Different product options and click on The one that you want to sell and then From there you just start designing now You can add graphics that they already Have in printify by clicking on the box In the top right corner my favorite part Of this is that once you add anything You can click preview and see the design On the item but even better than that it Also shows you how the item would look In specific settings like in this case On a table or even a desk now I'm Willing to bet that you're going to want To get even more creative than that so Let me show you some other tools that You can use so if you go onto the Website's raw pixel pixels or unsplash These will allow you to get free Design Elements like textures icons photos and More now by the way we covered this Method too in our AI side hustle video But I'm gonna mention it here again you Can use AI tools like mid journey to get Really custom designs that you could Never make that an AI bot generates to You all for the price of I believe they Have a trial membership for free but Then the monthly membership is like 30 Bucks anyways going back into this I'm Gonna use raw pixel from here click on Elements press papercraft and then we

Can find Design Elements like these After that download it go back into the Edit Tab and add from my device then You'll add the photo to your library It's going to allow you to import it and Then from there you customize your Design to however you want by the way You can do cool things like changing the Background color and even adding things Like text directly into printify now by The way the goal here is to make things Stand out and look like a real high Quality product now if you want to use Pixels or unsplash you can pull stock Photos from those websites entirely for Free and this is going to have much of The same process as with raw pixel but You'll still get different designs Because you're using photos instead of Graphic elements now once you're done Customizing your design preview it once Again to make sure it looks good so if You're happy with the design of what Came out so far click on Save product And you're ready to roll now once your Product is designed it's time to get it Listed on Etsy and this is the third Step of publishing your own product now The easiest way to do this is to go to The left side of the dashboard and click On my new store from there you'll want To go into manage my stores and you'll Be brought to a screen showing your Stores where you can click on connect

Now there are a ton of options here but Let's go with Etsy since it's the best For beginners from here you'll then want To log in and Grant access to the Printify app now that you've done that Go back into your dashboard and click on My products on the left side then click On your product and here you can adjust Your product's name and description and Now most importantly you can also change The pricing based on the production Costs and shipping costs that it shows You now once everything is done you can Click publish and it will push this Product directly onto your Etsy store Now the last and final thing you want to Do is Market your product because as Great as it is for you to do all this Work and just sit around and Automatically you know the money starts Coming to you frankly the truth is it's Not that easy but if you do this next Step right you should be good so here Are two ways that you can Market it Today first the easiest way is if you Have a little bit of a budget you can go Ahead and use Etsy marketing where you Directly pay Etsy where they'll show Your product on the home page or hire on The search page by the way what I love About Etsy marketing it's very similar Similar to even Google ads where you pay For people who click on the ad so as Long as you have good photos and a solid

Title and description and you're able to Convert you should be able to get a Decent conversion rate compare this to Other platforms like Facebook and Instagram this is where people burn Through a lot of money and that's Because they actually have to pay for Just views rather than the clicks that They get now the second way to Organically promote your product is Through Tick Tock I believe this here is Still one of the best you can definitely Use Instagram reels or even YouTube Shorts whatever your cup of tea is but I Find that tick tocks algorithm is still Probably the best within the game to do This just go ahead and order a couple Copies of your own product and create Some free content promoting your item This here is going to be a good way to Build hype around what it is and also it Allows you to drive traffic similar to What we use in our example with dumb Club earlier now once you start making Some sales you can see them pop up in The printify dashboard and that's where You'll start earning now I know those Are two general practices of marketing But if you guys just want the simple Recipe on this generally if you're Building an audience if you have any Following by the way you don't have to Be an influencer you can have your own Anonymous blog and you could sell your

Custom Merch this is another way for People to support you while you can earn An income while not really doing much Work at all Now by following the steps That I mentioned you should be able to Launch your very own print-on-demand Business service and then from there It's just about testing test out Different types of organic content there Are trends that come and go right now we Are in the fall season okay I don't know If there's been this much hype on Pumpkins and Starbucks you know pumpkin Spice lattes and the whole shebang you Can capitalize on moments like that Using this service and I personally Think printify is perfect for momentum Based businesses so anything momentum Based it's usually Trends related it's Usually growth of an influencer and if You're able to capitalize that I believe You can make a lot of money as well now If you use printify they're going to Make this whole process a lot easier and You can get started with them down below Like I said earlier it's completely free In order to sign up they ship worldwide And they offer over 800 products to Choose from now last but not least let Me give you all a little bit of that Jung Alpha I'll write the so first of All don't give up too soon I see a lot Of people get eager excited get into the Space find out that they haven't made a

Sale yet and then they quit look Marketing is the biggest piece of the Puzzle to make your product stand out so Try a bunch of different things and Specifically take advantage of the new Tools that are around so you can use Chachi BT's AI to see if it'll help you Come up with new ideas you could ask it To tell you what's trending right now From there if you need to reach an Audience organically you have Tick Tock In Instagram all of these tools that you Have now did not exist like five to six Years ago when I was in the game and Even back then if little young Jung was Able to make money I'm confident that You guys can now too at the end of the Day taking action action is the biggest Step but having the mental toughness to Keep you going is what will separate you From someone not making any money to That next six to seven figure Millionaire making a ton of money from An online e-commerce service just like This second tip I want to mention is you Want to keep innovating and adding new Products a lot of people fall in love With one product they keep marketing it And little do they know that product Even though you like it might not be Something that everyone in the world Does so earlier on try different Variations try different designs look Into different markets and you know if

You gotta scrap up the paper throw it Against the wall and try on a brand new Blank slate that's completely fine Within this space because you're not Buying inventory that's the benefit I Believe Innovation here is the key so Don't get discouraged if you don't see Any sales because there are people who Are able to make hundreds of thousands Of dollars every single month if you Don't believe me just type it up on YouTube look it up on Google you'll see The blogs that exist people are making Bank out here you guys can too now the Third tip I'll have for you is to always Monitor your performance so if you do Begin to sell some items know how that Sale came in know what the conversion Rate is a lot of people end up making a Lot of money quick at first and then They Overlook all the basic business Principles and then they just forget That you still have cost of goods you Still need to pay for ads if you're Running ads and from there that's where You can actually scale a legitimate Business so with everything that we Covered I know by now you should be Pretty excited to get started well check Out printify you can learn step by step On how to make this business profitable In just 11 days with their brand new Printify Etsy print on demand bootcamp This is really cool here because you'll

Be able to get a step-by-step tutorial On opening your store outside of the Instructions I gave you here they're Going to work together with you on Giving you Niche examples to help you Pick the right one for your interest They'll help you turn your brand into a Strong business and they'll also give You even more marketing strategies to Help you advertise and scale your store Now you'll have all of this data and Information coming from printify's very Own research team now I think this is a Fantastic deal and it's also for the Fact that even if your store on the Chance it doesn't take off or go to the Moon you still learn all these different Skills that really apply to any business You may start next I've said it here on This YouTube channel so many times I'ma Say it again all the things I've learned From Drop Shipping has enabled me to get To where I'm at now and as you know Drop Shipping is still very similar to the Basic principle of what print on demand Is so look if you want to maximize your Profits you can get up to 70 off using My link and coupon code down below and Just by using this info and taking that First step towards action you're already Going to be on the right path to success So let's get after it guys and I look Forward to seeing you all create some Good products and if any of you guys

Happen to be a millionaire at least Throw your boy a t-shirt or a coffee mug Or something alright come on come on now I appreciate you guys I love you guys Stay blessed and I'll see y'all soon Peace


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