The BEST No Annual Fee Credit Card (10% Cash Back)

So the Capital One saver one cash Rewards card is what I would consider to Be one of the best no annual fee credit Cards out on the market this is because This card here compares to even some of The higher annual fee cards where you're Paying 95 to even 250 a year to hold yet This card gives you better cash reward Rates than those now the beauty about no Annual fee credit cards is right out the Gate as soon as you unbox it out that Envelope you are in the positive granted This is as long as you don't pay any Type of credit card debt but generally If you're watching these type of videos On my channel we preach it so often here On what you need to do in order to make Sure that doesn't happen so it shouldn't Be an issue but on the chance that you Do have any type of credit card debt This card is still gonna be pretty Helpful for you now before we roll into All of that just need to say if you guys Are looking to sign up for this card be Sure to check out the links Down Below In the description those are affiliate Links and it's what allows me and my Team to post these videos all for free To you but if you ever see a better Offer than the one that exists always Use those offers first don't worry about Us we still eating good out here it's All good but if you ever do want to Support us and you appreciate the free

Value in the content be sure to check Out those links too now with everything That I said I still stand by my word This is what I consider to be one of the Best at no annual fee credit cards out On the market and that's mainly because With this credit card specifically You're going to be getting some op Uber Benefits op Now what's interesting is that when you Do apply for this card you're not going To be seeing them advertising this and I Think it's because a part of them wants To keep it low-key enough because it is Such a good benefit I actually don't Know how Capital One is able to stay Profitable giving 10 cash back on a Certain category that I know certain People in certain parts of the US may be Utilizing quite frequently so think About it like this if you live in New York City you don't have a car which Most people there don't and you have to Uber to get around because you don't Want to be going through the Metro or The train station you're getting 10 back Not only that but you're also getting a Uber one membership all for free with This card and you also get ubereats 10 Cash back now someone who doesn't really Take Uber that often unless I'm Traveling for a vacation or for a Conference the Uber Eats benefits still Comes in handy this is because there are

Still times your boy needs to eat and I Don't want to cook and that's when I'll Be using ubereats but boy oh boy 10 back Is pretty good so let's go over some of The fine print because this deal here Isn't actually going to last for long When it comes to the 10 cash back more Specifically it's actually going to be Ending on November 14 2024 so depending On the time that you're watching this Video you want to make sure that you get This card earlier rather than later Because we're not going to be seeing This benefit stick around for too long If you're someone who doesn't really use Uber or ubereats I still think this card Is valuable just because you can get Eight percent cash back on Capital one's Entertainment portal and on top of that You'll be getting five percent cash back When you book hotels and rental cars Booked through the Capital One travel Portal and say you don't do none of that Say that traveling is not for you say You don't care about any of the Entertainment benefits you're still Getting three percent cash back on Dining and at grocery stores excluding Walmart and Target and then you also get Three percent cash back on popular Streaming services and entertainment Like look that is pretty much a majority Of what I spend my money on and I'd like To think that most people like you and I

We got some similarities we got some Common things like the way we we spend Our money so this is going to be Spending money on food either going to Grocery stores or restaurants and if You're not doing any of that you're Still spending money on streaming Services like entertainment you know Whether it's Netflix HBO Max you name it There's a lot these days so Cash Back Rewards rate probably the best in the Industry even if you don't use the 10 Back one if you don't use the eight Percent back one if you don't even use The five percent back one you're still Getting three percent all for no annual Fee now here's the best part when you do Pick up this card all you have to do is Spend 500 in the first three months and You're gonna be getting 200 back on your Account it's not often where you sign up For something and they're going to be Giving you 200 back and this is one of Those cards where I will I'm not gonna Guarantee it but I'd like to imagine That 99.9 of the people out there are Gonna be able to hit this welcome bonus Offer that's because in a span of three Months most people spend way more than Five hundred dollars so this here is Still very easy the only other cards That I'd compare the Capital One saver One cash rewards card to is going to be The built MasterCard and then also of

The Chase Freedom Flex card those three Contenders are probably some of the best Within the no annual fee card game but Out of those three I still have to give It to Capital One at the time being now When it comes to applying for this card There are a few rules that you need to Know about first of all if you didn't Know Capital One is actually one of the Most strict credit card issuers out on The market the way I rank it is Amex is The most lenient the most flexible then We have Chase and then we have Capital One and then any other issuer outside of That now if you don't know what I mean Let me explain so Capital One has a rule Where you can only get approved for One Credit card every six months this means If you get a personal credit card Business credit card it doesn't matter You can only get one credit card every Six months and if you picked up the Capital One Venture X Card like two Months ago you're gonna probably get Denied I don't wanna say automatically Denied because you always got like some Random little occurrences some of y'all DM me like O'Brien you know this is the Rule but I was able to bypass it I'm not Gonna say everyone okay your miles will Always vary but this is the general rule Of thumb at the time of filming this Video not only that but Capital One also Restricts you in holding just two of

Their credit cards so if you happen to Like just all of their credit cards your Team Capital One you would still only be Able to get two of them one thing I also Don't like about Capital One is the fact That they pull from all three credit Bureaus so this means if you have a Really good score on your TransUnion but Then your Equifax is a little sloppy They will look at all three and if for Some reason one credit report doesn't Add up to the other one they may go Ahead and deny you there now that would Usually be the case with most issuers But I also need to mention that Capital One is a little funky where some people Even report that Capital One tends to Approve people more if you have bad Credit rather than if you have good or Excellent so as an example your boys at Around the 800 credit score right now And if I applied for this card I Actually don't know if I would get Approved the benefit of this is that if You have terrible credit they are most Likely going to approve you but that is Because they know that people who have Credit card debt are probably going to Be able to pay more interest on their Products and they can grow as a company Now personally for me I don't know about That whole business model but look it's The way things are so definitely keep That in mind with that being said though

As long as you have a score above 680 I've heard from all across the board From you guys that you have been able to Get easily approved and accepted for This card only rarely have I heard Someone actually getting declined but if You are one of those people you've been Decline let me know the reason why you Got declined they'll send that letter in The mail you can post that down below in The comments Now ladies and gents that Is pretty much everything you need to Know about the captain one saver one Card the issuer is strict but the card Here is really good there is going to be A time limit on when that 10x cash back Reward for the Uber benefit is gonna Expire and that is going to be sometime In November of 2024. if you like uber if You don't have any Capital One credit Cards at the moment I still think this Is worth applying for adding to the list And then moving on if you do have this Car too let me know your experience Down Below in the comments if you guys did Enjoy today's video be sure to check out The links Down Below in the description Like I mentioned earlier if you do want To check out this card I have a direct Link down below and on top of that if You guys want to go ahead and join our Facebook group and our Discord the links For all of that will be down below in The description as well thank you all so

Much again for watching today's video Have an amazing blessed day I love you All peace out


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