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With so many layer one blockchains what Makes SOI special like what makes it Different sui network is one of the Fastest growing blockchains in crypto With total value locked exploding an Ecosystem growing and one of the most Respected teams in Tech I work at Apple Then followed by my time at Facebook It's always about you know sort of at The Forefront of uh developer experience Why is that important is that's consumer Experience many of crypto's biggest Trends are building onui we're really Coming to crypto with a product first View and out of all the layer one Blockchains in crypto s's emerging as That Hidden Gem today's video is made in Collaboration with theu foundation and Beyond that as well we built a very Unique Team Mist and Labs is the company Behind sui and they have some Allstars Sam black Shar is inventor of move he Actually invented a moveie language and Has made magnificent strides to improve That further at at miston ever One of the co- contributors to llvm Which is what runs in every single one Of your phones today Geor Den is Probably one of the most famous Scientists in Greece but you know very Highly cited expert in distrib systems And Costas who ran crypto at Facebook And also all the crypto you're using on WhatsApp a lot of that was is is been

Invented by a team that he led as well So we have a very different team where You got experts all across the board Let's talk about specific coins in the Site ecosystem watch today's whole video But CEO and co-founder Evan Chang for Example um yes uh so I've been in tech For I think about 26 years now who Worked 10 years at Apple I spent 10 Years at Apple uh build some of the very Core technology that that power software And and many Hardware devices you know Across the world who developed for Facebook I work at Apple Then followed By my time at Facebook those two Companies have incredibly successful Products pretty much my software is is a Foundation on every smart device out There on iPhones and Android phones Everybody uses my software you probably Heard salana also use OBM which is you Know my my main work uh back at Apple Days too bad their products are just Incredibly centralized horribly Permissioned but what if and hear me out Here what if what if we had a blockchain That was decentralized permission less But had UI ux that was actually Competitive with these web 2 product Juggers It's always about you know sort of at The Forefront of uh developer experience To Ling language everything and and and I work at this company that's very very

Much the the leader of the current you Know centralized web to world right they They know how to serve their developer They know how to serve the customer but It's a it's a model that you know in in My view I have always feel like Society Will will demand a different model uh The social train will will want Something with consumer more in control So s is a layer one blockchain designed To make digital asset ownership fast Private secure and accessible to Everyone when you're thinking you know I Think if you think from first principle You understand public blockchain like Su Is is is for coordination right uh and Coordination to assets if you know you Want to allow developer and consumer to Say this is my asset that list on chair And I coordinate I can coordinate you Know the between multiple Services say Okay you get to use my information you You use my information but I I I own my Identity I own my asset also s Technology is a game changer their CTO Is the creator of move a programming Language the JavaScript of the Decentralized web our vision is to be The JavaScript of web 3 this is cus the Co-founder and chief cryptographer we Created a new language that is actually More cure it allows for some Parallelization actually full Parallelization whenever it's possible

And it's also giving you like the Objectoriented and the composability Features like for free so this allows us To create like a better environment for The developers to think like they used To think in web 2 why should we have a Different experience on web 3 we want to Bring fresh blood into the system fresh Users into the system to actually Understand that they can do something More meaningful and typically you know Smart contracts are scripts are smaller Applications and even someone who is Like a junior they can create a business Not requiring to create a new database Layer it exists it's already there the Blockchain itself so this is why some People are calling sui the Solon killer Because more and more Builders are Loving the programming language and Moving to sui and what we're hearing From the developer is a love move um Then uh we we believe for example uh Swand uh they came from Solana right Soland it's one of the big Landing Protocol there they came over with three They have come out and say you know Because it's you know uh on salana using Rust is is kind of like chewing glass s Like chewing puree uh puree it's it's a Very different experience it's 10x Better uh they say that developer Experience another big differentiator Withu is their ZK login ZK login is

Pretty much what we feel is one of the Most Advanced Technologies invented in Crypto in the last five six years and This is a scheme that allows anybody With an existing Web Two account to Engage with a blockchain without a third Party so this allows anybody on Earth to Use a crypto wallet just with your Social media account so you can tie your Google account to your crypto wallet This makes creating a wallet incredibly Easy it just happens in a few clicks Something like this is obviously huge For Mass adoption as it allows instant Onboarding for your apps all the Benefits of self- custody for your users And guaranteed privacy with zero Knowledge proofs now the great thing About that is you're not giving your Private data to some third party who Custody it you're not effectively um It's a blockchain that verifies your Your login which is super powerful and Very very unique to sui which means Every app inui has a power of magic link You don't have to integrate magic link You don't have to integrate some um some Thirdparty solution that you charge for It's effectively the chain that gives Every app in we because it's on that Functionality which means for the first Time billions of people with an existing Web Two account can use the blockchain And the other addition is the fact that

We have something called sponsored Transactions this is where a Dap could Pay for all their users gas fees for a Whole week or a month or whatever the Company chooses or maybe you pay for Your mom or your dad's gas fees if they Are on boarding into crypto for the First time sponsor transactions allows You to transact on the blockchain Without paying gas which means now you Can't you normally can able to log in to Um any of the apps in we using an email Or any kind of Facebook account or Whatever Web Two account you like but You could also transact Inu without ever Taking gas which means we've given web 3 Builders the ability to build web to ux In the most seamless possible way and Now you can have wallets that simply Would either sponsor your transactions Because they have a partnership with a De or some other kind of um um Application ecosystem start to build These real kind of relationships between Applications that incentives based and I Think that's a real power and you're Going to see more and more of these Ingenious um um capabilities come to S We have a feature coming this year that Lets you effectively transact onu Without even an internet connection That's unheard of these are the levels Of of of invention that you need to come Up with to make crypto go to billions of

Users so looking at the stats today s Became a top 10 dii chain in under one Year specifically over 700 million in Tvl in around 11 months this is showing Us that developers consumers care s Revealed as top destination for defi Inflows over the last 30 days meaning According to the latest data from Wormhole 55% of tokens bridged from Ethereum came to S exceeding all other Blockchains combined also in terms of Performance Su does over 29 97,000 Transactions per second around 480 Millisecond time to finality so you're Talking 400 to 600 millisecond real Finality why is that important is that's Consumer experience right consumer don't Wait for things why do things like ZK Logging well onboarding problem solving The problem and over 65.8 million Transactions in a single day Transactions the most of any blockchain Ever yes there's a blockchain and yes we Sold the scalability problemu doesn't Have a Max TPS you just keep adding more Workers andu scales um infinitely Looking at the ecosystem some of the Projects building onui like deep in Chirp is a big one still in relatively Early stages chirp is a deepin Telecommunications Network harnessing The power of blockchain we have carrier One which will be a big one building Telco 3.0 with the next generation of

Digital identity powered byui B fin is a Big D5 play that was originally their Beta launch was in 2023 on arbitrum and Eth L2 the blue finin classic platform Gained users who traded over 2.1 billion Over the course of a year however the Team recognized limits to what it could Accomplish on arbitrum they have since Switched for the better user experience With now over 3.2 billion in trading Volume and of course revolute and Synthetics breaking news synthetics An evm per Powerhouse is now building Onui we know synthetics from the Ethereum ecosystem but I quote with Quality devx tooling and smooth user Experience SL onboarding features s/m Moove is a strong candidate for future Growth of perp trading and of course in Terms of adoption we're thrilled to Announce a partnership between s and Revolute to turbocharge blockchain Education and adoption worldwide and in Turn terms of gaming a lot of projects Building five games coming to s a Glimpse into the future of gaming Actually store the transaction records On chin okay a lot of information the Data about the underlying asset actually Don't necessarily live on chin N721 is example of this in most cases You store the JPEG but with gaming onu It has composability it has data on Chain a hero acquiring a magic SW all of

A sudden you're composing two assets Together so the these things are really Not easily doable with other blockchains Uh because the the programing model Because their data model and also Because the cost so give me your honest Take onu down below in the comment Section my name is Austin like always See you Tomorrow


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