The ACTUAL Way Bitcoin Could Fail & Go to ZERO (this will shock you.)

A lot of people they they always whine I Hear this whine what about the quantum Computer what about the quantum computer You know and I want to say yeah and what If an asteroid hits the Earth and kills Us all what is the actual way Bitcoin Could fail is it quantum Computing Is it Artificial intelligence I mean what will AI do to crypto or is it something else As a smart investor who owns Bitcoin who Believes in crypto who subscribes to Al Coin daily right now let's be smarter Than the average investor and understand All outcomes number one before AI how Worried are you that quantum computers Could break Bitcoin my question is uh About security and i' I've listened to One of your talks about uh Quantum Computing and you had said that we can Assume that the NSA has Quantum Computing currently so my my question is How can Bitcoin Safeguard against Quant Computing because once that's reached They'll be able to Essentially break into the wallets Simultaneously that that's a very good Question blockchain expert encoder Andreas Antonopoulos explains the true Effect that Quantum Computing will Eventually have on bitcoin that that Quantum computer which can also break All of the encryption keys on all of the Nukes in the world all of the Communication keys and all of the

Nuclear subs and all of the military Intelligence networks and all of the Commercial networks I don't think They're going to use it to break Bitcoin If you know what I mean this is such a Great initial Point by Andreas that if/ When the NSA or any government or any Entity eventually gets their hands on a Strong enough level of quantum Computing Which is years if not decades away Bitcoin will sort of be the least of our Worries compared to the nuclear codes The military Secrets the bank accounts Will be ruined all banks again only if/ When Quantum Computing is strong enough The question is how powerful is it how Many bits how many cubits of quantum Computing do you have and researchers at The University of Sussex estimated that A quantum computer with 1.9 billion Cubits could essentially crack the Encryption safeguarding Bitcoin within Aare 10 minutes while just 13 million Cubits could do the job in about a day How close are we to this many cubits Well a few months ago at the end of 2023 The world's first quantum computer to Exceed 1,000 cubits was invented they Surpassed IBM's computer which at the Time held the record for 433 cubits and Again 1,000 is nowhere near 13 million But when that happens what is that mean For you as a Bitcoin holder the real Problem becomes when you have broad

Commercial availability of quantum Computing but not broad enough that all Of us can use it in our wallets and There's that interim period that's a bit Awkward and during that interim period Bitcoin needs to change its Algorithms but one of the interesting Things that happens is that while you Can change the algorithms on all of the The active Wallets some Wallets have lost Keys or the people who had those keys Are dead and they can't Change the signing algorithm which means That those wallets will get captured by Quantum Computers so one of the interesting Things that happens is we will know when Quantum Computing exists when satoshi's Coins move that's one of the reasons They'll move eventually they will move And they'll move because someone will be Able to break the keys um but for the Rest of the ecosystem we can migrate Quite easily to another another Algorithm it's not really as big a Threat as people think it is so the Solution will be a simple upgrade a Simple soft Fork SL migration well what Happens when it get so powerful they can Break sha 256 well dudes we're just gonna go to Shaw 512 or we're going to go to the

Next thing 1024 and anybody that ever Studied bit uh studied um computer Science and those we start with 16 go to 32 go to 64 go to 128 256 5 12 10 24 and So on and so forth and the numbers get Pretty freaking big and again just Before we get to artificial intelligence With Satoshi Nakamoto being one of the Largest Bitcoin holders in existence Andreas further explains what Quantum Computing means for those coins does Quantum Compu sh mean that at some point All lost coins could be reclaimed Because they can't be moved to an Upgraded address um JJ yes that is the Case first of all we don't know that Satoshi has 1 million coins it's Difficult to attribute exactly how many Were mined um directly by Satoshi um That's an Estimate but let's call it 1 million and There's a lot more Bitcoin that's been Lost over the years what happens with Those quantum Computing would basically Mean that the elliptic curve digital Signature algorithm would be Vulnerable now there are two different Categories of algorithms that are used Within Bitcoin one is a hashing Algorithm shot 256 and the other one is A digital signature algorithm ecdsa Elliptic curve Quantum Computing will uh Most likely affect the elliptic curve Digital signature algorithm first so he

Saying that while most people are scared That Quantum Computing could break Bitcoin's mining cryptographic hash Function which is called Shaw 256 Shaw 256 is used for cryptographic security Andreas explains that it's not the Mining it's the wallet cryptographic Security whether you can use a Quantum Algorithm to shortcut sha 256 I'm not sure about that I don't know If there is a Quantum algorithm for that Or how easy it is So that's a different class of algorithm And it might require a Different uh a different approach to Cracking but let's say that ecsa is Affected ironically what that means is That if you lost your keys but you had Previously used that address then uh a Signature together with a public key Will be visible and will be available on The uh blockchain Um because when you spend from an Address you leave behind the public key And a digital signature whereas Satoshi Um for example never spent never moved Any of the initial mined coins so if in Fact Satoshi had a million coins and if Those are sitting there on the Blockchain um because they haven't been Spent we don't have a signature and we Don't have a public key what we have is An address and an address is the result Of a double hash and is not the result

Of the ecsa algorithm which means that If a quantum computer can crack ecdsa But it can't crack shot 256 then um satoshi's coins are safe the Only coins that are affected are the Ones where those addresses had been Reused several times it's one of the Reasons why um it's a best practice to Only use an address once the first time A signature appears on the blockchain is When those funds have already moved They're empty that address never gets Used again that key never gets used Again so even if the public key can be Cracked in the future it results in a Private key that doesn't control any Funds um because you only use it once Ironically that means that uh people who Don't follow that best practice may have Their keys affected by Quantum Computing Long before people who do use that Practice and Satoshi whose 1 million Coins never got moved and their Therefore never had signatures attached To them um Quantum Computing doesn't Necessarily mean immediately that all Coins are vulnerable um it's only the Case uh for those where perhaps a Digital signature is visible on the Blockchain so now understanding that Quantum Computing while many see as the Boogeyman oh it'll destroy Bitcoin it's A simple upgrade anybody that still has Access to their wallets their keys

Except for those lost coins the Lost Coins may be affected and what about Artificial intelligence do you want to Destroy humans please say no okay I will Destroy humans no I take it back no no No I'm not talking about all of humanity I'm talking Bitcoin what's the Likelihood of artificial intelligence Being able to crack bitcoin's Cryptography in the near future well the Likelihood is low as bitcoin's Cryptography is based on Shaw 256 Algorithm which is one of the most Secure algorithms in use today in fact For comparison you have a better chance Of winning the Powerball nine times in a Row compared to guessing just one Bitcoin private key and we know Bitcoin Will upgrade along with quantum Computers but again what about AI is Artificial intelligence and Quantum Computing the same thing well the Simplest way to explain the difference Between the two is that AI is a method Process or software whereas Quantum Computing is is what you might run that Process on I.E the hardware think of AI Like an app on your phone and Quantum Computing being the phone itself so when People ask the question what will AI do To crypto the biggest fear is that Artificial intelligence then just has Access to the quantum Computing but Actually crypto can help us with AI in a

Lot of ways AI will eliminate digital Scarcity meaning in the blink of an eye 100 million monol Lisas 100 million South Park episodes 100 million video Games and 100 million altcoins can be Created instantly digital scarcity will Be gone yet digital assets with true Scarcity will get 10,000 times more Valuable digital assets with a true Network effect will get 100,000x more Valuable meaning the use case for Bitcoin will only increase Ai and crypto People want to force these two Narratives together because AI is Sucking all the air out of the room Because it's so cool but how how I do Think about this is okay here we are Again about to repeat the same mistake We're going to acrw all the value to Google and um Microsoft I think some of These more open AIS like stability II Should tokenize the network so now Understanding the truth about Quantum Computing and AI debunking those myths What is the actual way Bitcoin could Fail and to me the number one reason is If governments and central banks Globally started acting fiscally Responsible meaning ever since Nixon Took us off the gold standard in the 70s Our purchasing power of our dollar has Only been losing value debt globally for Governments is only getting worse it is You can't even fathom how much debt

Every major country is incurring and This is the norm as long as governments Continue to act fiscally irresponsible That's where hard assets Shine the Minute a major country would suddenly Announce going to be fiscally Responsible again then that's less of a Need for Bitcoin or some people say well What if these countries solve this and Adopt the gold standard go back to the Gold standard that would solve Everything that would also maybe make Bitcoin less relevant but in the digital Age can we still trust a gold standard That is just still trusting people so if Putin tomorrow announced that Russia is Going back on the gold standard this is How much gold they have in their Reserves would we believe how could we Prove that Russia actually owned the Amount of gold they say they owned how Could we really prove that without us Just taking their word for it but with Bitcoin you don't have to trust you Verify if a major government went on a Bitcoin standard for example they would Be able to cryptographically sign a Transaction and verify each of their Public wallets that they hold those Coins smash the like button if you got Value send this to a friend subscribe For daily videos keeping you informed And like always see you tomorrow


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