The Actual Reason Bitcoin is Crashing in 2024 (ACT NOW)

You think the first part of this year Despite being bullish for the whole year Could be a little bit skimpy in terms of Return Bitcoin drops under 39,000 as the ETF debut continues to be a sell the News event uh yes Brian BTC was down Nearly 5% in the last 24 hours reaching Its lowest level in 2 months you Mr B Last year you were right on the Mark About everything and now you're a little More cautious now traditional markets Like both the NASDAQ and S&P continue to Push all-time highs yet there is growing Fierce with the FED as well as Jobs Manufacturing PMI I I'm still optimistic For the year but you know in the first Half and we got a glimpse of that today With uh fed Governors talking about not Sure how many Cuts they want to do That's going to make markets nervous and We got a pretty lousy Empire survey Reading today a regional PMI and that's Going to get people worried about a soft Landing or hard Landing those don't get Answered for the next 6 months so I Think it's possible that we make a minor New high before the end of the month and Then we might have something like a 7% Draw down and how that affects you as a Crypto holder because here's a chart of The average Bitcoin ETF this is Specifically vy's Bitcoin fund looks Like a binance Launchpad coin little Joke got to show the traditional Market

How we do things over here in crypto and As we get in to who's really dumping Prices who's actively selling Bitcoin Coin today just understand if we look at Inflation I think the thing with Inflation that is worth noting is that a Couple of things are true at the same Time which I think is interesting well Yes the rate of increasing inflation is Coming down inflation has cooled we're Going through the last kind of like row Of some of the random variables still Being a little sticky but the broad Trend is down inflation's not coming Down it's just the rate of increase While more companies report layoffs 10 Sense riot games is the latest tech Company to announce layoffs the gaming Company is saying it will cut 11% of its Staff or about 530 jobs and while Unemployment is slowly increasing we've Now started to see folks come back from The new year and start to affect some Pretty big layoffs and they're across Industries right City bank today just Announced 20,000 layoffs that's a huge Amount of people that are going to lose Their jobs so what does all of this mean It's that I think that people expect That as inflation contracts the money Supply will expand but demand has yet to Reset properly so that's the last thing And I think freeberg mentioned this a Bunch consumer spending has always been

Crazy people living on credit all of This stuff that is now finally I think The last thing that has to get sorted Out so in the absence of demand back to The way you started Jason companies will Cut expenses in order to maintain Profitability because they don't really Want to cut prices unless their product Really sucks so now understanding macro And by the way click the like like Button to support me lets me know you're Getting value out of today's video but Wow SBF just crashed Bitcoin again Meaning FTX through their bankruptcy is Actively selling hypothesis was Confirmed FTX sold 22 million shares Worth $900 million of grayscales Bitcoin ETF FTX had 22.3 million gbtc so they Sold almost all valued at around $600 Million at the end of last year good for FTX creditors but bad for short-term BTC Price and gbtc good for those that buy Dips and value their wealth in Bitcoin Even though this is so so normal in Crypto terms it's always been five steps Forward two steps back black Rock's head Of product explains the success the I Shares Bitcoin trust that we like to Refer to as ibit has traded more than 3 And a half billion since its launch just A little over a week ago we've brought In more than 1.6 billion in flows we're The number one issuer new issuer both in Terms of volume as well as flows I.E

Always a buying opportunity if you think Long term what we have seen is young People specifically are putting their Capital into the sector the sector has Outperformed drastically even with the Recent pull down you know Bitcoin is Still up like 75% or something and so I Think that investors who want to have Outperformance they're going to have to Allocate to the sector and the ones that Continue to fight it they're just going To get left behind and let's be real we Are early do you think Bitcoin is a Suitable investment I've I've never been Um you know I've I've never really Understood the value of Bitcoin as a Form of stored value even the Morgan Stanley chairman still has questions Listen bitcoin's not going away it's not A fad um I just don't think it's a core Investment I think it's a a speculative Asset of which there are plenty of Choices but it's just cool to see the Innovation happening in this space this Is the exclusive killer whales extended Season 1 trailer almost feel like you've Got one foot in the coffin and the other One in on a banana peel how are you Going to compete with the big Boys this season on the allnew killer Wales I really hope you check it out Support me support my brother we're Judges and producers on this let's watch This whole thing and then I'll tell you

When this airs these crypto Entrepreneurs from far and wide pitch to Me in 60 seconds or less come to pitch Their projects to some of the industry's Biggest names in hopes they'll pitch the Next big crypto project you got to relax Man roll the shoulders loosen up there It is we're there walk me through Exactly how it works if the whales take The bait they'll give the project a swim Boat even a child can create these Worlds so it's a swim for me Congratulations but if their project Fails to wet their appetite they'll sink It to the bottom I just think the Project is really bad you just love Being the villain don't you you kind of Creep me out so for me it's a Sink watch to see who will swim to Victory it's not a crypto business I'm Your only hope right now and who will be Deep sixed to the seabed floor I see Lots of potential in you Frank I'm going To disagree with gra if we fail the World is I think it's time to Sink or swim this is killer Wales it's Two yeses two Nos and the vote is down To Wendy who didn't understand it Pre-order now at hello. one now this Premieres February 8th for the crypto Audience on hello TV's streaming Network And then on March 14th full mainstream Release is tether the stable coin of the Future and crypto's only getting bigger

I loved this perspective about tether Who is now the 16th largest holder of us Treasuries so one of the interesting Things about tether and usdc usdc was Rising in adoption uh but it's a Regulated stable coin in the United States and so actually people Internationally don't like that that is A turnoff to them is that there's now a Coin that the United States government Has a lot of oversight in and so tether Has continued to see adoption go up uh They are the 16th largest holder of us Treasuries at this point they are an Essential part of the American Financial Economy so what does that mean for Circle then as it looks to IPO would you Be a buyer in IPO St I think circle's an Amazing business and especially with High interest rates they're going to Continue to do very very well I think Again it's I'm an American sitting on American soil right I look at these Things very differently than maybe Somebody does internationally but again We cannot discount if you're the 16th Largest buyer of us treasuries at the Same time that China Japan Etc is all Buying treasuries less these things are Going to become a very very important Part and then also tether I mean if you Look at their numbers right it's one of The most profitable businesses on a Revenue to uh employee basis in the

World and so instead of attacking these Types of businesses we should be looking At and say how do we create more of These businesses but next time let's not Let it happen outside the United States Let's make sure that it's here in the United States and big piece of breaking News did a mutable major gaming coin Ecosystem L2 did they just add their Logo to the crypto hashtag so big piece Of branding marketing I'll keep you Updated like always see you tomorrow


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