The 5 biggest differences between GPT-4 and its previous versions! | TechCrunch

Open ai's new gpt4 AI model made its big Debut and it's already overpowering Everything but what sets gpt4 apart here Are the five biggest differences between Gpt4 and its previous versions number One gbt4 can actually see and understand Images unlike chat GPT and GPT 3.5 which Were limited to text number two gpt4 is Harder to trick because gpt4 was Actually trained on lots and lots of Malicious content number three gpt4 has A longer memory believe it or not Chatbots actually have a limit to how Much they can keep in mind when Conversing with you with GPT 3.5 it was Around 8 000 words and gpt4 has a maxim Of around 64 000 words number four gpt4 Is more multilingual gpd4 is able to Answer thousands of questions in 26 Different languages with high accuracy At number five gpc4 has different Personalities users are now able to Change from the classic chat TBT Personality to a personality that more Suits their needs with imbalance have You spotted any more differences with Gpt4 let us know in the comments


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