The 2023 Bitcoin Bull Cycle Just STARTED

Wow wow wow so in the last seven days We've seen crypto starting to pump with Bitcoin now approaching nineteen Thousand dollars actually at the time of Filming this video Bitcoin broke past Nineteen thousand dollars ethereum is at Over fourteen hundred dollars and we're Seeing some pretty solid volume coming Back into the markets Now ladies and Gents you know we've been through the Ringer many times if you guys have been Following Along on this channel we've Had many different pumps we've had dumps And we've gone through one of the most Brutal bare markets of the season in This video I want to talk about the Important question that's on everyone's Mind and this is whether or not the Crypto Market is going to continue to Pump or if this is another fake out and A trap for other investors to continue Losing money so guys real quick just Taking a look at coin market cap man it Looks like we're seeing similar action Of how it felt during the peak of the Bull Run Bitcoin is now up about 14.5 in The last seven days ethereum is up over 13 in the last seven days if you guys Didn't know too I mean a long side a lot Of the other all coins are starting to Pump Galas up 122 percent apt 87 even on Top of that we're actually hearing that Some other meme coins like Bed Bath and Beyond have been going parabolic too all

Right so what in the Jung is going on Well let's break it down and answer the Question on why the crypto markets are Pumping and what is actually happening Today well a lot of this actually has to Do with a massive short squeeze that Took Bitcoin from 17K to almost 18K on Wednesday and then a short squeeze that Happened a second time which popped the Price back to above 19 000 within a 48 Hour span so coin Telegraph shared a Tweet from a hedge fund CEO showing that Within a four hour period over 86 Million dollars worth of bitcoin shorts Were liquidated on top of that there's a Lot of debate a lot of speculation on What's Happening fundamentally that's Forced Bitcoin to squeeze like that so I've been able to find about six Different reasons and catalysts which Have all happened around the same time Which may have resulted in Bitcoin Pumping up so let's go through that Right now we're gonna go from least to Highest in terms of effectiveness of What's actually being the catalyst so The withdrawal date for users to take Out their safety theorem is also coming Up in March of 2023 and several crypto Media companies have covered this Article and talking about how ethereum Could start driving back up in price it Always starts with like you know did the Chicken lay the egg or the Egg you know

Come from the chicken type of deal like What actually happened first regardless Of whatever the theory may be we know That ethereum is still making strides They've been able to hold a pretty Strong support level and it seems like Right now they are getting some more Positive action alongside what Bitcoin Has been doing now this one here is Actually pretty awesome too because a Lot of people who had their money stuck Up in Voyager are finally getting some Answers because it looks like Voyager Digital users might actually be Receiving around half their lost crypto From 2023. I'll talk more about that in This episode later on but following that FTX has also recovered nearly half of Their lost funds bring bringing some Additional hope to FTX customers Recovering reimbursements for their lost Crypto and cash on a more legislative Level we got El Salvador coming back Into the picture because they also Passed a key Bitcoin legislation bill That brought crypto back in the Conversation on an international level It was also worth noting that Miss Universe of El Salvador war and outfit Showcasing Bitcoin at the beauty pageant On Wednesday I don't know if this is What's gonna pump the markets up but it Really is a catalyst of a lot of Different angles that we're seeing on

Top of that we got some more of that Amazon web services have also partnered With Ava Labs which is the developer of The Avalanche Network and with this Partnership we're going to be Establishing a bit more credibility and Hope within the crypto industry and last But not least what I consider to be the Most important Catalyst out of all of it And what I believe is the real reason The markets have been doing well is Because yesterday we got a release of The December's CPI report and it turned Out to be pretty amazing what this Report has showed us is is that Inflation rate has now eased in December And for the sixth straight month in a Row it's showing that the fed's Aggressive hawkish stance might actually Be working so aside from the craziness If you guys haven't heard like eggs are Ridiculous in price now inflation Overall has come down where in December It is at 6.5 down from the 7.1 percent In November and well below the 9.1 Percent peak in June poor CPI which Excludes energy and food prices also Rose to 5.7 in December down from the Six percent jump in November now the Largest contributor in bringing December's inflation down was in the Energy sector where overall energy Dropped 4.5 but more specifically it was Fuel oil that dropped 16.6 percent and

Gasoline that dropped 9.4 so what does This all really mean other than the Cheap gas prices what is like the tldr That you guys need to go home with Basically the December CPI report was Really good news and the figures are Showing that the federal government is Is on track to reduce the size of Interest rate increases to 0.25 basis Points moving forward now 6.5 inflation Is still pretty high in relative to the Standard of two percent that we saw Before all the craziness had happened But the massive decline in gas prices is Now showing a bit more balance in the CPI report and I look forward to hearing Jerome Powell speak at the next fomc Meeting because clearly this is really What the catalyst is on every time we Get a dip or a huge movement upwards in The market I'm also a firm believer that You know all these little things like Miss Universe wearing the Bitcoin thing It would had no effect on the market Unless we had seen good news coming from The feds investing is relative some People say it's hard some people say It's easy but the data is so factual It's like anytime we get good news from CPI reports or the feds decide to change Their stance on how much they want to Put up interest rates or if it's going To slow down we see direct correlation With how the markets perform simplify

The way you move towards investing this Year if you're a believer that inflation Is going to continue cooling down and Every time that happens we've seen with Historical data markets do a bit better Then we could definitely come to the Conclusion that a recovery may be Imminent it might not be a full-blown Bull market that we've seen like before In the past but it could also result in The fact that there may be a stronger Bear Market Rally or a recovery rally Where you can at least make some decent Change during this year now I mentioned In some of the positive catalysts like FTX announcing earlier this week that They'd be recovering more than five Billion dollars in cash I do also want To make note that this could be mixed News also for several reasons because if They have access to this cache they are Saying possibly it could go back to the People who have lost their money it may Also result in them selling a whole Bunch of assets at once and anytime we Get huge selling pressure especially Coming from some of these larger whales We see the market getting some more I Would say negative pressure with regards To Sam bakeman freed because you know It's been a little bit of time since we Had an update on him his court hearing Is coming up in about nine months for The month of October and if that time

Comes around we're definitely going to Be able to see some justice happen a lot Of people are a bit more wary on the Fact that something may happen like real Justice will occur but only time will Tell on how this will all play out going Back into what I mentioned with voyager Here are the main details you need to Know so U.S District Court has basically Granted initial approval for crypto firm Voyager digital to now sell some of its Assets in a proposed deal worth roughly One billion dollars now this deal isn't Going to be final until court hearing is Held for the month of March but many People right now are still optimistic About the outcome that people are at Least going to be able to see some Dollars coming back in if they had lost It within using that exchange if that Deal is executed Voyager customers Aren't still getting back 100 of their Capital it's estimated to note that You'll be getting at least 51 back of Your money while this whole update has Seemed like it's been good news keep in Mind that there are always going to be The Bears now speaking louder and even On and even right now in crypto Twitter Like there's one tweet here from Capo of Crypto who said one of the biggest bull Traps I've ever seen another user stated The doj is preparing criminal Indictments against binance nexo is

Rated by 300 police officers Gemini and Genesis were sued by the SEC Metropolitan Bank pulled support for this week and people are Celebrating a pump for ants it is always Good to take both sides of the equation To hear the good to hear the bad and Then make a formulated guess for Yourself but I will also note that During the entire previous Bull Run that We had that had lasted for I would say Greater length of a year we had so many Accounts constantly saying this is a Trap this is a trap all while people are Making money going to seventy thousand Dollars and even on the way down it's Usually those same people that say oh It's not down anymore it's going up so Within the finance industry there are Things called like the Jim Cramer effect Just be very wary of that have some Discernment on which accounts may be Talking from factual evidence or truth Or whether or not they're just trying to Get more engagements on their account so I mentioned this in our patreon in our Discord a few weeks back that I would be Tax loss harvesting basically where You're able to sell your assets keep Those losses so whenever things get Better in the market and you have gains That you can offset those taxes and you Can pretty much keep all profit this is Something I highly recommended everyone

In our group to do I went ahead and did That I realized a lot of those losses And I bought back those assets and what Turns out is it happened to be about two Weeks ago when I did that and if the Market continues to ride I would have Accidentally timed the bottom like I'm Not going to take credit for that but Based on since when I decide to trigger Those losses for the purpose of tax loss Harvesting I mean yeah we're up a Significant amount so only time will Tell where the entire markets will go But like always guys just because we're Seeing some green it doesn't mean that You should be going full blown back into The markets just stay the course y'all If you had planned to dollar cost Average very slow that's fine but don't Just fomo in because we've seen a little Bit of growth happening this week we're Still amidst very risky shaky times this Means that the market could go either Way it doesn't mean we're out of the Neck of the woods just yet now to wrap This video up I want to give a little Bit of a gift from y'all because quanta Miami which is one of the biggest web 3 Events reached out to us and let us know That they got some free tickets that They're giving away anytime y'all can Get anything for free this is actually Five tickets worth 7 500 I will always Say yes because I want to make sure

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This video if you guys want to have a Chance to qualify comment down below I'm Just gonna base it off of like the Nicest longest comments that I see and I Like always have an amazing day guys See y'all next time peace


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