The 15 Weirdest Crypto Stories of 2022 [ Crypto Espresso 28.12.22 ]

2023 take me away I'm your host Andrew And this is crypto espresso but instead Of Examining The Cutting Edge news Stories of today we'll be taking a look Back at some of the biggest stories from 2022 and today call yourself tip penguin Of Doom and put on your steampunk Glasses because we're going to be Looking at some of the oddest most Random headlines from 2022 but before we Get started on today's list make sure You ask Alex in the description below About the cmc50 we want our community to Tell us what the 50 biggest crypto news Stories of 2022 were so make sure you Check out our link and you vote like You've never voted before well if you've Been in crypto long enough like we have Weird stuff happening is just the milk Toast Norm but 2022 has delivered enough WTF moments to make even Ross twiddle Blush These are times where we just Throw our hands in the air and Shake our Heads in dismay we've been chronicling This year's crazy moments at CMC Alexandria area so here are just some of Our favorites one bust out the smallest Violin for Miami's nightclubs the bear Market has had an impact in some rather Unexpected ways when Bitcoin was riding High crypto Bros would snap up 24 Bottles of the most expensive champagne But would they drink them oh oh no true Ballers just shower themselves in it the

Glory Days seem to be gone though and Now they're nowhere to be seen two the SEC mocks retail investors an ad was Released that aimed to warn consumers to Be careful when dabbling in crypto and Meme stocks it showed a contestant on a Mock game show getting a custard pie to The face as his money fell through a Trap door the regulator was accused of Disparaging everyday consumers but I Mean I also don't know what you expect When you invest a lot of money in meme Stocks it's usually not good three Vitalik buterin pokes fun at himself Completely out of the blue ethereum's Co-founder asked for examples of the Craziest and most unhinged criticisms That his followers had seen about his Appearance in some he was compared to a James Bond villain and others he was Compared to an alien crackhead for makes a fat fingered oopsie When a customer requested a 100 refund The Exchange accidentally sent them a Slightly off 10.5 million dollar refund Worse still the company didn't even Notice it until seven months later and By that time the recipient had bought Herself a mansion and given away lavish Gifts to her friends and family five Mike novogratz's huge mistake back in January getting a new Luna tattoo must Have seemed like a pretty cool idea but May saw the Terra ecosystem collapse

Wiping 48 billion dollars away from Crypto markets novograts for his part Says the ink will be a constant reminder That Venture investing requires humility 6. let that sink in When Elon musk's deal to buy Twitter Finally went through he celebrated by Carrying a kitchen sink into the social Network headquarters what a goof the Billionaire went on to declare that Comedy is now legal on Twitter that Prompted one witty follower to reply by Saying crack a joke then 7. an alleged Criminal with some sick amateur rapping Skills on the side Heather Morgan and Her husband are accused of helping to Launder 4.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin That was stolen when bitfenix was hacked In 2016. and then Jaws dropped to the Floor when it emerged that she was also An amateur rapper called Razzle Khan With some uh yeah yeah just just watch The videos eight Mark Zuckerberg's Metaverse fail Horizon worlds is in Quality lockdown and investors are Spooked at how many billions of dollars Are being thrown at it a selfie that his Avatar took in front of the Eiffel Tower Was called exquisitely bad with PC Gamer Heading it was quote anyone other than a Billionaire CEO would immediately be Fired for this bad unquote nine Sam Bankman freed goes from hero to Z zero You gotta admit it's pretty weird for

Someone to go from a net worth of 15.6 Billion dollars to just a hundred Thousand dollars in the space of only a Couple of weeks what's even weirder and More ill-advised is his decision to give Interviews to pretty much anyone with a Microphone all before criminal charges Were brought against him free legal Advice if you're facing pending legal Charges don't talk just shut up just Don't talk to anybody it's not that hard Palmetto 10 celebrities get caught up in Tornado cash sanctions when the U.S Imposed restrictions on the coin mixer One Anonymous user sent .1 eth to the Publicly known wallets of Logan Paul Beeple and Jimmy Fallon this meant that They were technically violating the Sanctions Whoops a Daisy what isn't an Oopsie Daisy is liking this video Subscribing to our YouTube channel and Clicking on that little bell icon to get Buzzed whenever a new crypto espresso Video goes live and again I've been your Host Andrew and we'll be back again Tomorrow with another look back at 2022. See you then


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