The 100% ACTUAL Reason Bitcoin is Going Down TODAY..

Why is Bitcoin going down while looking At the price history about one month ago After peeking out at around thirty Thousand dollars today Bitcoin sits at Around 26 000 a 15 dip so the reason Bitcoin is dipping is simple it's Bitcoin versus the dollar strength index We can compare the strength of Bitcoin Versus the strength of the dollar Index And the Dixie is the strength of the US Dollar versus a basket of the other Major sovereign state currencies so even Though the purchasing power of the US Dollar continues to get devalued it's Garbage our garbage compared to a basket Of the other nation states garbage is Stronger that's when the Dixie shows Strength and Bitcoin typically has an Inverse correlation you can see when the Dixie goes up Bitcoin tends to Trend Down and when the Dixie Trends down Bitcoin strength tends to Trend up and That makes sense because if the dollar Is losing strength people want to get Out of the dollar put it into other Assets but if the dollar is gaining Strength people want to hold the dollar Now the good news is that yes in the Shorter time frames the dxy shot up Gaining strength but zooming out in the Longer time frames it's still a much Broader downtrend for the dollar looks Like a significant break for the dxy Dollar Index a potentially path of least

Resistance move given yields are rather Constrained and U.S Centric appeal is Limited this seems this uptick in the Dxy seems like a safe haven move and What does that mean to you well if this Is indeed a Safe Haven Drive for the Greenback the dollar then a debt ceiling Solution next week can be a strong Catalyst for a bearish reversal so just Because Bitcoin is going down today just Understand this is just an ebb and a Flow of a market and while prices are Dipping there are a few select altcoin Projects making news which you should Know cardano scaling no mode Hydra head Goes live on the blockchain's mainnet The tool the first in a planned Suite of Products aims to speed up transaction Times on cardano so as tweeted by lead Software engineer Sebastian Nagel Hydra 0.10.0 is out after demonstrating Hydra Head on the cardano mainnet in recent Monthly sessions we've released the First mainnet compatible version of Hydra node today and this is a layer 2 For cardano if you don't know Hydra it's A family of layer 2 protocols so our Goal is to make cadano possible to grow And increase its adoption by making it More scalable so in our case we hope to Help Katana achieve its goal making it More flexible in several use cases where You need fast and cheap transactions and We do that by building several protocols

To to make these situations possible the Hydro head protocol is the first of this Bill building blocks as we would call Them to enable applications to offload Some of their transactions from the Global cadano Network into more local Contexts where the transactions is only Run by interested parties or involved Parties of an application such that we Can go faster and cheaper second altcoin Making news is by economy and by Association polygon a a summer is Getting hotter meaning account Abstraction summer is getting hotter Polygon and dichotomy leave the account Abstraction adoption in April and why Does account abstraction matter what is It well account abstraction enables Smart contracts to initiate transactions Themselves so that any logic that the User wishes to implement can be coded Into the smart contract wallet itself And execute It On ethereum by letting Contract accounts approve transactions And pay gas fees account abstraction Makes the process of creating and using Smart contracts more trustless so Essentially the infrastructure is being Built like I said polygon dichotomy lead The account abstraction adoption in April by economy deployed over 88 of all The 4000 plus smart accounts and had Over 67 percent of bundler market share Also 96 Plus of All AA smart accounts

Are on polygon just getting started and You may be saying Austin this is cool And all I love the building but does Anybody really care I mean prices are Tanking is interest really still here Well the mainstream media would tell you No but subscribers of this channel Understand the big players are taking Out their positions today LG files a Patent for a TV that lets users trade Nfts from their couches so the LG Television would permit purchases Through a user's cryptocurrency wallet Connected to the TV set so a new crypto Patent for LG although based in South Korea this is a Global Tech Giant and This patent is the latest in a series of Ambitious metaverse and nft plans the Southeast Asian Behemoth announced last Year so as you may remember it was back In September 2022 that LG launched its Own nft Marketplace dubbed LG Art Labs Which enabled users to trade digital Collectibles via US LG televisions then A few months later at the start of 2023 The company doubled down on its Metaverse plans it launched the blade Wallet which connects to LG Art Labs to Enable nft trading so slowly building Out the infrastructure and then of Course to expand into the crypto Market LG Electronics partnered with hedera Hashgraph in 2020. so good for hedera I Would say this is good for ethereum as

They have the number one nft network Effect in general and speaking of nfts Dogecoin-like spike in Milady nfts after Elon musk's tweet but will it last so The Milady nft collection got what every Crypto project secretly hopes for Elon Made a tweet about it miladies are a Profile pic pfp nft collection which Consists of 9823 images featuring wide eyed Child-like faces despite the innocent Imagery The Collection has faced Controversy over conspiracy theories and Slurs shared by the Creator but all that Pushed away as prices of the Controversial collection jumped as much As 60 percent after a musk tweet Featuring a Milady nft overlaid with the Words there is no meme I love you as we Know Elon loves to share memes and after He shared this one price is actually of One individual of those nfts reached Over 13 700 worth of eth at the nft's Peak and in tandem the milady's meme Coin ladies spiked along with it but you Should know but please note a warning From coing gecko please note that this Project is in no way affiliated or Associated with Milady the nft project Please do your own research before Proceeding and whether it's Your Meme Coin or whether it's your nft that Spiked sixty percent for any reason Never be afraid to take some Prof

The Blue Chips the Blue Chip quote Unquote nft projects like Moon Birds Went from four to eth down to two eath Floor clonex went from 20th to 2.80 Doodles went from 20th to 2.5 eth don't Let anyone tell you that taking profits Is bad and next update regarding xrp is Ripple xrp winning this SEC lawsuit the Case against Ripple by the United States SEC started two and a half years ago so It's certainly been a bit frustrating And slow but the good news is we're at The end of that journey and While others In the crypto industry might be the Beginning of that Journey the silver Lining for ripple has been that it's We're kind of at the end sometime I Would say to the next two in let's say Six months I expect a resolution uh the Judge has the judge in the United States Has been fully briefed she has the Decision on her plate a federal judge Can operate on whatever timeline she Would in this case she would like but I'm optimistic we're going to see Resolution I I believe before the end of Q3 be sure to join us at the Bitcoin Conference in Miami next week There's a Link for a discount code Down Below in The video description and for those of You that are there I hope you join us For some comedy link down below as well For web 3 is a joke in Miami


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