The 10 Golden Rules of Investing (Must Watch)

You might have heard that investing stat Where ninety percent of people who Invest or trade end up losing money in The stock market I truly believe that if You follow these 10 principles that I'm Going to mention here you can Significantly set your chances up for Success within the markets Now ladies And gents with all that being said let's Dive into the first rule and this is by Picking out a proper investment strategy And to stick with it now there's a Popular quote that I love and the saying Goes like this by failing to prepare you Are preparing to fail when it comes to Investing into the stock market let me Tell you there's a ton of different Strategies that you can experiment with This could be from day trading to swing Trading to playing options or even just Trying to Simply go on Wall Street bets See what's the most upvoted and then Dumping your hard-earned money into a Meme stock that eventually crumbles Regardless whichever strategy appeals to You the most pick one that fits your Investing profile and stick with it Consistently now I personally prefer Being a long-term investor and if you Are too then here are four more things That you can do within the there's value Investing growth investing income Investing and there's also dollar cost Averaging with value investing this

Follows Warren Buffett's strategy where You find stocks that you believe are Intrinsically undervalued when it comes To growth investing you can build Capital through buying equities that Have the potential to increase in value Or also grow in value in different Sectors such as Emerging Markets Tech Which was a huge one energy Aerospace And more Now Inc come investing is Another strategy that you can also Commit to and this is also known as Dividend investing where you focus Solely on generating income from your Investments this can be dividend stocks Bonds or anything that ends up paying You consistently month over month now When it comes to dollar cost averaging This is simply where you just buy in Smaller amounts at regular intervals Regardless of the price now the reason Why I wanted to tell you guys those four Different methods is because some people Just end up having one flavor one week And then next week they end up changing It up if you're an individual who's Trying to commit to being a dividend Investor or you want a dollar cost Average just all the time commit to it Don't go from dollar cost to averaging One week having a small portion and then Ultimately just going all in into some Of these growth stocks regardless There's plenty of strategies out there

For you to check out there's even Technical analysis and more but whatever You decide to go with make sure to learn It inside and out and stick to your own Strategy and plan now the second Golden Rule that you need to know about is to Make sure that you at least have a plan And for every single trade that you make At this point if you've decided upon What strategy you want to follow you Want to make sure that you take the time To make sure each trade you make has a Certain objective to fulfill so ask Yourself harder questions what's your Profit Target what's your stop loss how Much lower can a certain stock go before You're going to sell out or are you Going to hold through it for many many Years these questions here are so Crucial because they prevent you from Selling your winning Investments too Early or selling your losers too late Now I've seen Traders sell their Investment after five percent gain but They then hold their bags where the Investment goes down 25 to even 40 Percent now depending on what your time Horizon for certain Investments would Look like I've seen investors who end up Going up two to three hundred percent With certain stocks and they get married To it and they never end up selling Before it ends up coming back down if You want to be a disciplined and

Successful investor just stick with the Fundamental rule of knowing how much Money you're going to be good with do You want to make 10 on a specific stock Can you hold it for three to five years If it goes down are you gonna sell it Make sure that you have these answered Before going into any type of trade so You do not panic sell off of Just Emotions so as an example if you bought A stock at fifteen dollars and you set a Price target of 25 you could consider Taking profits at the 20 and 22 dollar Mark before then closing out the rest of Your position at twenty five dollars This year is just another approaching Strategy where you can minimize your Risk and help ensure that you end up Profitable without selling all too soon Or without selling all too late on top Of that you want to make sure that the Profit a loss ratio you set up is Positive so what is this Brian this is Just the risk versus reward ratio and This is often overlooked by a lot of Newer Traders and investors but it is Something that you want to definitely Make sure you consider before buying Into any type of stock so to give you Guys a real example of this if we were To go off of the numbers that I Mentioned earlier where you're buying an Asset at 15 with a price target of Twenty five dollars and say you had a

Stop loss at ten dollars the potential Profit is ten dollars the potential loss Is five dollars so ten divided by five As a fraction is two to one this means Here that the trade has two times more Profit potential than it does with risk And this is critical because with the Two to one profit loss ratio you can Afford to be wrong about 33 of your Trades and still be breaking even now That you've picked a strategy and you've Learned how to plan out your trades this Year follows the third Golden Rule and It's using a paper trading simulator so Paper trading pretty much allows you to Gain experience within the stock market Without having to risk any of your money Up front at the same time so you're not Going to be gaining any money so this is Solely for training purposes looking Back I wish I did paper trading way more Often I would have saved myself more Money and I would have learned a lot More lessons which I wouldn't have to Learn the hard way throughout the past Few years I know investing can be quite Intimidating so you can actually go Ahead and set up multiple different Paper trading accounts now this year Lines up perfectly with one of our Sponsors today MooMoo and they also give You an all-in-one trading platform that Not only allows you to buy and sell Stocks but it also offers excellent

Analysis tools up to 2500 free investing Courses and many other beginners to Advance level friendly features Following the third Golden Rule I mean They also offer you a Hands-On paper Trading feature so you can test out any New trading strategy for yourself or Even practice trading stocks without Risking a single penny now to check this Out all you have to do is go into the App and search paper in the search bar Then you can start your paper trading With the real-time quotes now by the way Guys instead of just getting 15 free Stocks MooMoo just came out some Breaking news to let you guys know that They'll be offering 20 free stocks for The month of May so if you want 20 full Free stocks be sure to check out the Links Down Below in the description now The fourth Golden Rule is to make sure That you're setting long-term realistic Expectations and goals don't be one of Those newer investors thinking that you Can outperform the market by significant Amount because there are many people a Lot smarter than you and I who are on Wall Street who are Quant traders that Have been doing this for a very long Time who are yet to still get a perfect Track record look simply put investing In the stock market is a long-term game And it's so important for you to have a Clear understanding of your financial

Goals and what your time Horizon is Going to be investing in stocks is Inherently volatile too and there may be A lot of short-term fluctuations Depending on how the economy is doing What political events are going on or Any type of Black Swan event like the Svb crash that happened regardless of What it is if you have a long-term goal You can ride out a lot of these Short-term fluctuations and allow your Investment to potentially benefit from The historical tendency that the stock Market has which is producing positive Returns over the long term run not only That but by setting up long-term goals You're also going to be able to use the Power of compound interest where over Time if you continue to just reinvest Dividends capital gains and even your Own money you'd be able to see your Portfolio growing a significant amount Over time the fifth Golden Rule that is So essential is to make sure that you Can diversify your portfolio now Diversification here is a key strategy For not only expanding how much money You can make within a certain Market but It also reduces your risk within any Sectors this means you can invest in a Mix of different stocks or bonds or even Any other assets you deem viable now I Can't even count the number of people That I know that have gone all in on a

Specific stock or specific crypto and Ultimately it's these people who weren't Able to diversify where they end up Losing it all ladies and gents diversify When you plan on investing don't just Put your faith into one stock or one Crypto because at the end of the day you Never know what may happen to a certain Company or an industry diversification Is overall just going to smooth out the Fluctuations in your portfolios value And during times where entire markets Are going down you might have that one Stock that is able to negate those Losses overall ladies and gents Diversification is important for a few Reasons it gives you a well rounded Investment strategy it helps you to Reduce risk it can also help you to Increase potential returns and not only That but it provides you access to way More different investment opportunities Because you are leveraged within other Markets for me investing is simply as Reducing the amount of risk versus going For as much return as I can rule number Six if you do decide to invest invest More consistently and regularly now I'll Say I was on the other ladder of that Where back in the day I first got into Stock market investing I would just Invest whenever I felt like it when I Saw some news of something going up I Was like okay let me just uh toss in 100

Or 200 into this stock here but I Realized just how unethodical that was If your goal is to build wealth over Time you want to consistently invest Money throughout a compounding period This Means putting money into the market On a regular basis where you can Potentially benefit from the long-term Growth of the stock market by investing A fixed amount of money on a regular Basis you're also going to be able to Buy more shares when prices are low and Fewer shares when prices are high this Year is also called dollar cost Averaging and helps smooth out the Impact Market fluctuations on your Overall portfolio the only time I would Say it's okay to invest spontaneously is If you see the markets crash completely And you've been waiting on the sideline With a boatload of cash to go in and buy Up the dip on the other hand of that you Truly never know how long the dip is Going to last and this is why the safest Place to continue investing at a regular Interval but at the same time I myself Have made a lot of money from being able To spot these dips buying it at that Time and then waiting it out for the Most part though I would say this segues Well into rule number seven where it is All about controlling your emotions now Investing in the stock market can be Very emotional and it's important to

Avoid making decisions based on how you Feel with fear or with greed by sticking To that long-term strategy that I just Mentioned you avoid a lot of the Impulsive decisions and it can also help You to stay on track towards whatever Financial goals that you set out way Earlier investing in stocks is all also Very very special especially when you're Going through a bear market so by Controlling your emotions you can also Reduce the stress associated with Investing and you can make way more Rational and informed decisions Following that we have Golden Rule Number Eight which is reviewing all of Your trades now a lot of people will go Into a trade they'll make some money They'll sell out and then they just move On like nothing happens anytime you have A win or anytime you even have a loss Make sure you analyze what happened During that trade-up what was your Mindset what were you thinking and how Long were you expecting to hold a Certain position did you get the outcome That you expected did the outcome not Pan out the way did you want more money Were you content with this trade did Everything go as the way that you had Planned now you guys can use the old School method just paper and pen in a Journal or you can type it out on your Computer but there are also other apps

Such as Trader view where you can import Your trades and it'll give you a full Analysis on exactly how you felt about It at the end of the day it doesn't Matter what platform you use but go Ahead oh always review your trades and See whether or not there was a lesson to Be learned or something that you could Have done better rule number nine don't Try to out think the market and please Do not get caught up in the past look Ladies and gents I've been there okay Where you do all the research in the World you are so bullish about a certain Soccer company or you have a theory that The market is going to crash on this Date because 10 other people are saying It is and you are just so confident that It's gonna happen too look sometimes the Markets just don't work out logically And sometimes predictions just don't pan Out if you have lost money just move on Learn from it and don't think too much About how much money you know you've Taken an L from but just know that you Could always make even more money or Your money back in the future by staying Emotionless and by sticking with a Strategy alongside the golden rules that I mentioned in this video going into Rule number 10 this is very very Important but join a community look with The power of the internet there is no Excuse for you guys to not have any

Additional resource or people to talk to When it comes to investing into the Market there's such power are enjoying a Good community and I've also felt this Firsthand with a good Community you can Have wide range of information research You can get more additional insights About the stock market you can ask other People their opinions on whether or not Your own Theory might be a little Outlandish or whether or not you are Making a decent decision or not not only That but investing in the stock market Like I said can be emotional so having a Community that can provide you emotional Support and help you stay motivated During challenging times can be huge so Try to find someone who's successful in Trading stocks you can start with maybe Your cousin or your uncle or just you Know a family member that you might know Who's involved in it and if you've Exhausted all your options you've got no Family no friends then go ahead and you Guys can also check out a community that I'm building just for you so I've gone Ahead and built out one of the largest Crypto communities in the previous bull Run I've gone ahead and I've quieted Everything down so I can build out this Brand new system for anyone to join in The process of making this we actually Have a wait list that you guys can also Check out down below in the description

Where this is going to be a community For any other stock or crypto investors To make sure that you're informed that You can learn from another and you can Also feel supported in walking towards Whatever Financial goal you have on top Of that I'm going to be giving you guys The bear market price it's going to be Very very cheap like literally cheaper Than a Netflix subscription so while We're still building things out and While I prepare to make this one of the Best communities possible in order for You guys to make more money be sure to Check out the link Down Below in the Description now even if you guys don't Join my own Community that's completely Okay just find some Community find a Place where you can talk to it and you Can get that support investing isn't Easy it's a long-term game and if you Have people who have done it who have More experience who can walk alongside You during the process I believe that You can save a lot more money and even Make more money in the future too so Thank you all so much again for watching This video if you guys have not done so Already check out MooMoo pick up your 15 Free stocks if you don't like the Company for whatever reason if you don't Vibe with it pull your stocks out of There sell it realize it for cash Because that's still free money for you

Guys thank you all so much again for Watching if you guys found any value be Sure to subscribe subscribe like this Video and comment down below the secret Keyword and that's going to be Green Goblin comment down below Green Goblin And I'll see you all soon peace out


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