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So our mission at brilliant is to make Millions reach their Financial Freedom Today I interviewed the CEO of brilliant Finance through like technology of of Web 3 which is on a mission to bridge Billions to access modern Finance one Transaction at a time brilliant is a Multi-chain smart wallet they're a defi Smart wallet for me brilliant is Honestly so much more a Hidden Gem Emerging in the rwa and deepin sector H We are at the moment focusing a lot on Real world assets because I do believe That we have a really interesting Positioning in it seriously if you're Bullish on rwa real world asset coins This is the video to watch du a token Holders also will actually get early Access to exclusive reward assets and Watch today's whole interview for a Special opportunity for the altcoin Daily audience and also in the spirit of This interview I also want to mention That we're kicking off a staking Campaign for all altcoin daily listeners This is everything you need to know About brilliant Finance thank you Brilliant for sponsoring today's video And let's start thank you so much Austin For having me I'm really excited to be Here I'm excited to have you here I have Plenty of questions just to maybe start Off though what's your background and How did you get into crypto yes so I

Mean my background really is I have a Masters in in engineering and I have a Masters in fluid destruct Dynamics so I Really entered into computer science Through my career so I didn't really Study computer science uh but I really Fell in love with software development Throughout my career and I got into Crypto it's a fun story but I did know What Bitcoin and ethereum was back in The days I used to live in London three Years and I know one of my colleagues Back then was telling me we I actually Can't remember this was 2013 we were Sitting in a car and he was talking About Bitcoin and that I should get into It and he just bought one Bitcoin for His daughter who got two years old right And I remember back then I didn't really Understand what he was talking about and Then forward five years later um I Actually got into it because my husband Uh was telling me in 2017 that he wanted Me to look into it from an engineering Point of view so he's in sales and he Got into a blockchain and he really Thought it was interesting so he's like Hey could you please do some research on Blockchain and let me know the Technology behind it because I really Want to understand and so I did some Deep diving and some research into it And I think that's truly when I fell in Love with blockchain to be honest I

Think we all have had that moment when We truly understand what it is about um Especially if you're like technically LED you really I mean from my point of View I think the technology is very Beautiful it's really built on security Privacy and trust and I do find it Really fascinating how you build a Technology which is dis distributed and Because of that you have a community That comes together and creates Something of innovation so that's really What draw my attention to It uh I did join it professionally Couple years ago though so I was at Spotify before joining web three and When I got the chance so when uh when my Before joining brilliant I was the ctpo Of f one chain and when they reached out And offered me a position I really knew I wanted to jump into a three because I Really believe that this is the future Of the of like web H I'm a big believer In it and I think it's super fun I mean We're really doing something Groundbreaking and I don't know if if if If this goes to some people out there And for you as well also but sometimes I Can't even believe it myself like when I Talk to people that what I'm doing like When sometimes when I explain what I do I do find it pretty cool because I Really tell them that yeah but this is Innovation like we're really defining

Groundbreaking technology like you can't Really Google what we do you have to be Very Innovative in your approaches and How you think and and also how you get The team to really focus on the North Star and what we're doing out there so Uh that's really how I got into it and That's uh why I'm here I would say I Love that and I totally agree to me it's Amazing when I talk to people the masses Still are not here yet Trad fight is Starting to jump in they're really not Here yet um but when we look at brillian From the bird's eye view you know I see It as a smart wallet that's really Integrated in the banking system but What is Brilliant yeah I mean I think it is a Multi-chain smart wallet as you're Mentioning and we do utilize EAP 4337 and the multi-party computation so Just to explain that in non-technical Terms it really allows you to set up Smart wallets uh like using your Preferred identifier such as for Instance your Gmail or your phone number Uh which also thereby abstracts the Complexity such as SE choices that we've Had in the past with wallets so you can Always access your funds but you also Don't have to be afraid of losing them Because you will have the access there Um for me brilliant is honestly so much More so if you think about it today uh

When you think about like finances most People have their finances just laying Around in the bank and maybe if you're a Little more investment Savvy you might Get some bonds and some stocks and then The ultimate goal is to get yourself um Like your own uh your own like property And then you know you made it um I think In the future we're going to see uh Finances be redefined because you're Going to have more Investments type to Get into so you're going to want to put Some of your uh money into crypto you're Also going to want to take part of some Real world assets Investments be part of A deepen project and also uh for Instance when it comes to verifiable Credentials you can because you have a Non-custodial wallet you can also store Your data and be and also own your data And then when you want to give that data Back without compromising it you can Also then if you if you share it uh with Someone like in big Tech you can also Make sure to get something back like a Small fee in return in a way um and all Of that really is what we at brillian Call Modern Finance so how can we as a Platform create this in a userfriendly Manner where a person comes to us to do All these things in the in like you Utilizing web free and blockchain Without also having to know everything So we're abstracting the complexity away

From it um I think it's really Interesting like I when I've thought About it I sometimes explain it almost Like a modern UI because I do think the Word wallet sometimes have got a bit Redundant I mean wallets was introduced Couple years ago when when when the Introduction of Bitcoin was was here uh As you know uh but I mean that's has Evolved and today we want to do so much More with our walls I just mentioned a Lot of words here like rward assets Deeping crowdfunding like storing your Data and then being able to share it Without you having to compromise it all Of that needs to be taken care of in a Very userfriendly Manner and I always almost joke because Today you almost have to have a PhD in Computer science and cryptog Graphics to Understand how to go about it in the Industry H which is really what we at Brilliant are thinking about how do we Solve this so you don't have have to Have that you can just come to us in an Easy manner you can do whatever you want To do and you don't have to care about The underlying technology because that's Really how we did it right like you you And I back in the days uh I remember When I was in school and the teacher Like computers just just started coming Into the house and the school and the Teacher once was talking to us about hey

Like now internet is here so you're Going to be able to read about someone's Day in India and that's what we call Blogging right and then all of the Sudden we went Into H like all of the Sudden you and I could like each other's Post and comment and that was web too Right so blogging was web one then we Got into Web Two without really really Thinking about it and I also think if we Really mean Mass adoption as Pioneers in This industry that's what we really need To get to so we need to get to having a Person using and being part of the web 3 H ecosystem and even utilizing Blockchain without understanding it so I Think speaking long brilliant is a Multi-chain smart wallet uh we are at The moment focusing a lot on realwood Assets because I do believe that we have A really interesting positioning in it Because we also integrate with nexxo ID Which is a kyc KYB and EML provider uh And it makes it really possible for Users to invest in reward assets because Sumary was asked need to follow Compliance so we can then do that in a Really easy way and my vision is for the User to be able to access Global River Assets through brillian we're also Building out a b2c B2B offering so we Are partnering with layer ones layer Twos and D apps uh in order to give them

A platform form and a full wallet as a Service uh uh like wallet as a service Suite with a toolkit so they can Customize their interfaces for their Needs and their users um yeah I love That great overview a I definitely have Follow-ups but that was an awesome Overview um and by the way for the folks Listening at home links are down below If you want to check it out do your own Research um I will say that a big Differentiator one you just said no Private keys so you sign up through Social biometric whatever it is that's Huge to onboard the masses and you kind Of went into some of those banking Integrations or the security or why Traditional Finance would like you guys Especially in the rwa narrative where The assets that are on chain are so Valuable like you need to have good Infrastructure can you go in a little More on the Differentiators uh that set you apart in The rwa Space yeah I mean I think what sets us Apart is because we are non-custodial so Just means that we can we can have Anyone access the wallet and be part of The reward assets play but I also think The differentiator is the integration With nixer ID which makes it possible For us to allow the projects we Integrate with that they can be sure

That our users are following compliance And regulations for them to hold and Invest in that reward asset because in Some parts like if we just look at real Estate for example um I mean I live in Sweden but we have Denmark just across The bridge and some parts in Denmark I Know for a fact that you can't actually Own a property there if you're not a Danous citizen so how do you then when You fractionalize that property make Sure that the user who takes part of That investment also follows those Regulations so that's that's one of the Ways that we defer but we also do it in A very seamless way for the user so they Don't have to go into other like other Popups or send them to other places and Then don't know if they are actually Holding it or not like I think that user Experience is really really powerful and Important uh for you to then get end to End for that user in one easy seamless Place another thing I saw is remittance Payments it's going to be super easy uh Through your wallet is that live now and Can people do that yeah so we do uh I Mean we do inte With with with your bank accounts we Have on we have onboarding and Offboarding H really easily on brillian And we are actually thinking a lot about About remittance so one of the things We're thinking about if we look at token

Utility as well is hey can we offer even Cheaper uh like cheaper like if I if I Want to send money to you can we offer That H fee in a cheaper way if you hold Certain amount of Duo tokens H it is Definitely a big play for us when it Comes to remittance and that's a big Focus that it's going to be super easy For users to send money across to their Friends and family yes what is generally Speaking what is the revenue model and Also what is like the token use case Because when I think of Revenue model I Want to know there a lot of companies Won't be here in five years you guys Obviously have a great infrastructure Very different but what are those two Things yeah so it I mean revenue model Uh I'm really excited about that to be Honest because we do have two revenue Streams I mean because we're having Having the b2c play which is the Realterm investors play where we really Want to make it we really want to reach Mass adoption and we really want to make It easy for our users it is very Important for us that we give them a lot H and that they find Brilliant something That helps them in their in their in Their everyday Finance um there's going To be a revenue stream for we we take a Really small cut of the onboarding and Offboarding um but also listings in the Future and then the B2B game it's going

To be assass uh assass model so for the Partnerships we have we will offer them A really top of the class platform for While as a service but for that we would Ask for um for for for a SAS model kind Of payment at the moment the B2B game is Something that we are working on so We're developing that as we go so we Don't have um we haven't really nailed That SAS model yet but it's something That's going to be there and I hope that That's going to go live in 202 before And the token use case for like regular People I assume maybe cheaper fees Wallet love to talk yeah love to talk About token utility so we're going to Have uh we're actually going to have uh Like just as of now if you hold certain Amount of Dua tokens in your wallet you Will take part in an early uh in an Early token holder program that we're Defining and that we will be releasing Very soon so just of now you will also Get uh like a a cut of the revenue Stream that we will do from B2B and b2c So I think that's really good that's Really huge to give to the community um Dua token holders also will actually get Early access to exclusive reward assets That we will have and deep in projects So imagine that we have like a really Exclusive reward asset H coming up that We know is very popular do what token Holders will actually get that

Beforehand so they can then decide if They want to invest in that or not uh We're also introducing something that I'm really excited for and I know I'm Like laughing a little but I I I I Really find it exciting and I was Telling the team the other day so this Is very early on but uh it is super Exciting because I'm a big believer in AI I mean everyone is it's really here To stay but I also we will also actually Be introducing something that I'm very Excited about which we're calling AI Wallet agents and okay bear with me now Okay okay Austin I know like I want to Explain this but I also want to uh just Mention that this is not something we Have now this is something that I have Told the team I want to introduce Especially for the community and the Dua Token holders that I think is going to Be very fun and exciting so we are at an Age of AI wallet agents in my opinion And really what we want to do is because We do do have the fundaments of the Wallet and we do also uh have everything That can access wallets one of the Things that I know for a fact is going To be here soon is AI agents and that You're going to allow AI agents to Execute on trades so one of the things We're introducing for the community and Also for of course our users is AI Wallet agents where the wallet itself is

Actually the a Agent so imagine that you're going to Have let's say four AI agent listings Just as an example so you you you're Gonna have like Panda the warrior H and He only trades re World assets then You're gonna have tiger Nya and she only Trades in deepen projects you might have Mem like mem rat and she only trades in A meme coins and then you have like Bob The dog who's like the modern H modern Wall Street Trader and he just scans the Whole crypto market and make sure to Take part in the crypto listings that he Thinks is the most interesting Everything from rubber assets to tokens To memes um and how you as a Dua token Holder is that you can then H take part Of a pool of that wallet and say hey I Really believe in reward assets so I'm Going to put my du tokens in this wallet And then that wallet is going to Actually create all the executions What's good about this is because the More people who come together and put That pot into the wallet the more the Wallet can do something with it right Like the more money you have to invest The easier it is for you to actually Gain momentum so to speak uh so that's One of the things we're introducing that I think is going to be super exciting We're also introducing to other AI Agents uh that are more like organizers

And the like accountants in a way so you Have like raccoon uh like you have like Raccoon The one second I just need to see what I Named that One these are good names okay so H we're Also going to introduce two very unique AI agents there are more going to be Like organizers and the like or like Organizers so one of them is raccoon the Cleaner and like imagine that I mean Many of us we have like several wallets And then we have small amounts of of of Coins all over the place so you're going To give consent to Recon the cleaner to Scan your wallets H and organize them so He's going to be able to sell out of the Coins and then organize them into one Coin that you're telling them that you Wanted to hold on in one chain and then Create one wallet for you where you can Then have everything stored and then you Have foxy Julie which is really an Accountant and she will make sure to Like when you have really Underperforming uh crypto coins and if You have a big chunk of those you don't Want to sell out of those at one goal I Mean it's not good for the project but It's really not good for you either Because it's just not coste effective And so she will make sure to sell out of Them in a good way so you don't jump Dump it so that's also two AI avatars

That we're going to introduce uh this is Of course A Long play but I think that H I think it's exciting I think it also Gives something back to the community And for everyone who's holding the DU Token I mean for me it's really Important That I really really value the community And I really see people who invest in Brilliant and invest in our token as Part of us that's why we also want to Give back some part of it in the revenue Stream but also give them early access To some of the more exclusive reward Assets and also do something fun which Is what I see this AI wallet game to be In a way I would definitely use those AI Agents so I'll be your first user once It's ready um yeah on the road map can I Add one more thing yeah yeah please but I also wanted to like just going back to This I really want to encourage everyone To jump on Telegram and like telegram Twitter and Discord to get more Information about all of this is going To come um and also in the spirit of This interview I also want to mention That we're kicking off a staking Campaign for all altcoin daily listeners H so please head over to Telegram and Twitter to get more information about That this is an exclusive opportunity Just for the altcoin daily Audience well I mean if you would join

Brilliant without coming from the Altcoin daily users you would also be Able to take part of it but it Definitely is exclusive to everyone Who's listening not as exclusive but It's something that we want to give to All of the listeners of of allcoin daily Yes I appreciate that and honestly That's the type of alpha some people Tune in for so I I really appreciate That what is there anything we didn't Mention on brillian I mean on the road Map I saw um ftech licenses were in the Future what else didn't we Mention no I think I think you mentioned A lot of it I think if we look at road Map for 2024 one of the things uh to Highlight is that we like AB like I Joined 2nd of May and we we have really Brought in a lot of senior leadership to Brillian to make is able to scale and Take on the journey that we want to take On in 2024 So at the moment we do have our b2c play But we really want to extend that to our Users and make something really unique Out there but also I think the B2B part Is going to be really exciting for me What's exciting is so our mission at Brillian is to make millions reach their Financial Freedom through like Technology of of web 3 uh but the beauty Of it is we actually do it through B2B And b2c because I just believe

Partnerships and collaborations is Something beautiful and if we then reach One like millions of users reach their Financial goal through our technology uh That's really what we want to take on I Think uh one of the things we also can Mention that we are doing as a toolkit For B2B but also for um b2c is we Mentioned the AI wallet as a wallet Themselves but another thing we're also Adding in is just like an AI avatar on Your wallet that you're going to be able To interact with yourself and that's Going to be customized to you so you can For instance ask it like hey could you Please give me a list Of 10 of the most hyped coins at the Moment that have a market cap under $4 Million right so it's going to it's Going to be able to give you some Suggestions for what you want it to do And you could also ask it for like can You give me some green energy tokens or Can you give me some like some trending AI coins like all of these things is Also also going to come that's really Cool I seriously cannot wait to use it Again links for brilliant for you down Below I guess just final thoughts for The altcoin daily Community well I think Final thoughts is I really really Encourage you all to join us on this Journey so please do head up on to Twitter space telegram or just reach out

To me directly if you like to partner With us Um because I would love it if you like To join our community um I think just Final thoughts for us as a whole Industry Is for me like if I look at what success Is it's really when someone is you using Our technology without understanding That they're using blockchain that's What we when we reach a maturity in this Industry and I really want brilliant to Be part of that and for me that is like If I look at what is successive five Years it's really that we've reach scale And almost I would say 20 to 25% of the World's population is having a smart Wallet in way and I really would like Bran to be one of the top wallets H to Reach this goal both from uh b2c play But also a B2 B2B game so yeah I think That's I hope everyone just got the Whole H vision for us at brillian and Wants to wants to join us on this Journey I'm following I'm sub Subscribing now thank you


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