So a song is no longer a song we have a Song and we have style and we always Have an emotional layer that will adapt On the Fly So here's an example Suppose we have Sandra again I'm going To change this Nisha Yeah suppose we have Sandra again she's Starting her day at school Sandra likes House music so she's chosen a house Style Um So in the morning she's happy then she Finds out she missed a party over the Weekend so all of a sudden she's sad Then as she's walking to the bus she Realizes that she's late So all of a sudden she has to run when She gets angry Then after running to the bus she Finally gets on the bus sits down And finally has a moment to calm down [Music] Thank you So our our approach is to focus on the Value that we give to users so we have a Specific plan in the segments that we're Approaching we're starting out with Fitness where music has to be tightly Synchronized with the visuals then we're Going to move on to videos videos and Streaming content because at that point The uh the music is a higher level Synchronization it's more based on

Emotion rather than for example Intensity in the fitness category But then we see a future where the music Is just responding directly to your Environment so you have a personalized Band in every pocket


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