Tesla runs into trouble with Cybertruck recall l TechCrunch Minute

Some people love Tesla cyber truck other People hate it but no matter how you Feel about its styling the new EV Truck-like vehicle did not have a good Week so Tesla is recalling 3,878 cyber trucks which means every Single truck it is shipped to date According to the national highway Traffic safety administration cybertruck Accelerator pedals can get stuck putting The driver at risk of a crash basically There's a cover on the pedal that can Dislodge and slide up chapping it Underneath the trim of the footwell Luckily the brakes still work and can Override the accelerator so there have Not been any reported accidents related To the issue at least yet now customers Started reporting this faulty pedal a Couple of weeks ago and according to the Nhtsa's timeline Tesla first heard about It from a customer on March 31st and Then a second on April 3rd after Performing a series of tests the company Decided on April 12th to issue a recall After determining and I quote an Unapproved change introduced l luant Soap to Aid in the component assembly of The pad onto the accelerator pedal and That quote residual lubricant reduce the Retention of the pad to the pedal it's Worth noting that this is not the Truck's first recall earlier this year Tesla recall it software because the

Font size on its warning lights was too Small which compared to this accelerator Issue is pretty small potatoes but does Still matter the recall came at the end Of a very uneven week for Tesla last Monday as we covered on this very show The company laid off 10% of its Workforce and lost to exec then we heard From workers that the layoffs hit some Teams as heavily as 20% of their staff Including what certain employees called High performers the company also decided To limit certain discounts which felt Slightly at odds with its underwhelming Q1 delivery numbers and its stock has Been losing value lately there could be More bad news on the horizon for Tesla As it does report earnings this week the Company has gone live with its q1 Earnings page where investors can submit Their own questions and so far it seems Like investors one have a lot of Questions for the earnings call and are Mainly asking about when they can expect To see a lot of what they've been Promised from CEO Elon Musk what does That mean well there are questions like When will full self-driving be fully Delivered what is the timeline for the Tesla robot when will there be a $25,000 Vehicle when will the company ramp up Cyber Truck Sales the answer to that Last question is I imag a little awkward For the company given the recall but it

Shows what its backers care about we Already know the layoffs from last week Were largely due to financial Underperformance the question before Tesla today is if its recently disclosed Plans can turn it around while the EV Market as a whole fights a price war in The meantime if you see a c truck maybe Take a side streak I'll see you tomorrow


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