Tectum Crypto – The Best Bitcoin L2 You’ve Never Heard Of?

Is tectum crypto the best Bitcoin layer 2 that you've never heard of see I Wasn't that familiar with other Bitcoin Layer 2 scaling options besides the Lightning Network like I know the Lightning Network I thought lightning Network was the layer 2 but like Honestly development on Lightning Network is going slower or it's more Troublesome than what a lot of Developers originally anticipated so Tectum is one such alternative L2 option This is an erc20 token and theoretically This blockchain the tchum blockchain can Be used to scale any blockchain I Believe but bitcoin's the OG crypto for Payments right the fastest blockchain For all Industries tectum is the world's Fastest blockchain a lightning fast Distributed Ledger powering the super Conductive digital Financial environment Of the future full disclosure I am Friendly with the team I have been Talking to the team a little bit they Actually answered a lot of my questions And we did end up buying some tectum Tokens full disclosure what's Interesting about this L2 solution What's really interesting about this It's so creative the way it solves the Scaling problem because Bitcoin is hard To scale right crypto is hard to scale That's a big problem so why not instead Of sending someone the Bitcoin put the

Bitcoin in a secure wallet and send Someone the password to that wallet via A secure encrypted blockchain tectum This can actually be a hard concept to Wrap your head around sometimes a short Cartoon explainer video makes things a Lot easier to understand so this is Bob This is Alice Bob is going to purchase Running shoes from Alice using Bitcoin Via tectum really interesting Bob had $60 worth of bitcoin in a Bitcoin wallet And he wanted to buy a pair of shoes From a shop the shopkeeper Alex Said she didn't want to accept the Bitcoin as it would have to go through Numerous validators solving algorithms Before she could receive it taking a lot Of time and costing her money so Bob Then suggested just giving Alice his Bitcoin wallet private keys so Alice Could then have the Bitcoin she needed For the shoes this could be done Instantly and for free but Alice didn't Know Bob very well and couldn't be sure That Bob wouldn't use the private keys To empty the wallet himself after he had Given the private keys to Alice so Bob Came up with a way to encrypt those Bitcoin wallet private keys that could Only be unlocked with a passcode that Changed every time the wallet changed Hands stopping Bob from having access to The wallet after he had given it to Alice Alice liked this idea she said as

Long as Bob gave her the new passcode For the locked private keys so she could Change them on her side and and the Address of the Bitcoin wallet that had The $60 in it she would happily give him The shoes Bob gave her both of these Details and received his new shoes Alice Suggested that Bob should call this new Way of sending Bitcoin soft note so soft Note is the key to all this soft note is Tek's Flagship product and like I said Before the soft note system this is a Radical rethink on how to scale Bitcoin And how to scale crypto it's totally Unique send the wallet passcode on a Secure encrypted blockchain don't send The Bitcoin itself send the passcode Soft note is like an amalgamation of the Tum blockchain the tectum wallet and Tums inbuilt Bitcoin node all working Together I want you to really think About this I want you to really Understand how soft note Works does soft Note solve the scaling problem tell me What you think what is a soft note a Soft note is essentially a serial number And a passcode that represents a Bitcoin Or crypto wallet with a certain amount Of crypto in it based on the most Popular payment Denominations the passcode is changed to Represent ownership of the soft note and Stored on the tectum blockchain that can Handle 1.3 million passcode changes per

Second this means you can send your soft Note over any messenger like WhatsApp And telegram over over the phone using The serial number or even print it out Like cash using the soft note image just Make sure you send the passcode with it Too when the recipient gets your soft Note they just go to softn note. input The passcode and record the new one Which means they have just received Ownership of that soft note or they can Import it into their soft note wallet Using the passcode to avoid having to Use passcodes going forward the funds For your soft note are stored on the Native Network of the currency of your Soft note for example Bitcoin you can See these funds by clicking on proof of Funds or going to any Bitcoin blockchain Explorer how do I get my crypto off the Soft note can I burn my soft note Absolutely you can burn your soft note Anytime by just inputting your passcode And clicking Burn the system will then unlock and Reveal Your crypto while it's private Key and you can then do whatever you Like with the Funds soft note the crypto payment Solution okay so it looks like they're In the process of onboarding merchants Right now early innovator Merchant offer Are you a merchant and looking to stand Out from the rest start accepting

Bitcoin payments using soft notes today First 1,000 businesses receive no fees For 12 months free advertising no Commitments free mobile app free website Payment Gateway plug-in and it seems Like travala.com just teamed up with Tchum starting today you can use tet to Book your dream vacation on their Platform plus get ready for a thrilling Giveaway where you can win 900 in travel Rewards stay tuned as this partnership Paves the way for Bitcoin soft notes Acceptance down the road and then look At this introducing soft note decks in The final development stages being able To exchange your soft note is Essential this is kind of where the Future of this product goes swap your Soft notes for Bitcoin Litecoin ethereum Tether Tron Fiat and more with ease fast Secure and fully decentralized launch Date coming soon pretty interesting and Then taking a look at their road map for 2024 after their world record event Coming very soon Q2 looks like a main Focus is Hardware wallet support and Then creating a tectum Launchpad Interesting hey you want info this is The info staking update 69 3,000 total Value locked in T12 full nodes 10,000 T Community nodes 2,500 T delegator Staking 20 T honestly this would be Really cool if they're able to do it Announcement update live TPS

Transactions per second world record Attempt the tectum blockchain test net And Main net have been running at Capacity of 1.3 million TPS the event Will be held in two stages the 5th and The 20 25th of this month I guess ton The blockchain ton recently ran a live Test achieving 100,000 TPS with a claim To being the fastest blockchain in the World and now they're attempting to Break the world record 1.3 million very Interesting certainly a project will be Keeping on our radar subscribe to our Channel join the altcoin daily team we Post one video every day keeping you Informed of the entire cryptocurrency Space take a look at any of our videos From the past 6 months these are still Very very informative good videos to Help give you an edge see you Tomorrow


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