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Foreign [Music] ER we're a parental assistants and Learning platform based on Decades of Research in science and so we use AI to Bring parents say parents time and Energy to give them the right Information at the developmentally Appropriate time for their child And can you can you give me some Examples of of what this assistance Looks like is it around like advising Them like oh when like when should I Enroll my child in preschool or like What's the best daycare or yeah so um It's actually right now for a0 to three It's designed for that age group but it Can age up so really for first-time Parents with their first child we do Everything from so there's a hardware Device plus a mobile app and so the Hardware device and the very beginning Functions like a typical baby Audio Monitor it does we use machine learning To do cry detection we can do sleep Training but we can also do things I Have never done that have never been Done before like monitoring a child's Learning environment how many words a Child hears how many interactions they Have with their caregivers they're all Huge predictors of their future Cognitive development So we quantify those and give it give

Feedback to the parents on how their Child is developing and we give them Activities on how they can further Nurture their child's development and is The focus or is is the plan to always Focus on zero to three or do you plan to Get into older older ages within the the Child Spectrum right so I think so first Is going to be zero to three and then We'll have a second product line that Starts aging up from three plus So we'll hopefully expand the entire age Range but you know we want to focus First on the zero to three age range for Now Great well thanks so much for your time Thank you


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