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[Music] So we're very short-term storage Marketplace where we connect people who Are looking to store their bags and Personal items for a few hours or days To nearby local shops and businesses That have space Um as as we create the short-term Storage Market our vision is to give you Your instant storage space anywhere Anytime so you have that feeling of Cloud storage but in the real physical World And it's interesting Um don't train stations usually do that Or bus stations like what what do you See as the need in the marketplace sure So there are certain transit spots Who've had lockers but I think Fundamentally our world lacks anything Where you can store something for a few Hours or a few days like traditional Self Storage works on a monthly model so You have like minimum 30 days and like They have really expensive contracts and You see so many situations where people Are stuck so starting from like Travelers who are facing like you know Problems either before check-in after Checkout during Transit layovers people Stuck outside event menus like some People after like you know this event Tonight will have some equipment and They'll be logging that equipment so how

Do we give them that instant storage Space within five minutes where they can Just get rid of that and and have the Freedom to experience So when I read about your model you know What your business is my first thought Was people are going to use this for Illegal things you know like as drops For drugs or true so how do you kind of Avoid your service becoming a conduit For illegal activity yeah I know great Great question and Kind of like the most popular question I Get every single time so we've just like Thought about safety as a core pillar of How we designed this business so we do Three things on each side like because Just like no one wants to leave their Stuff and and feel unsafe about leaving Those items we also do not want like you Know location Partners worrying about Who knows what like you know when they Walk in so so like you know for Customers every location is vetted and Verified before they are listed on the Platform so which means they have basic Safety camera installations like these Store your items securely behind like Publicly viewable places in the in the Locations and then you get like these Tamper-proof like Security Seals which Are uniquely coded which are given to Like you know secure your items so last Question really quickly so are you

Putting physical lockers inside these Stores so not not yet uh we want to keep The business very asset light and reach Reach out to as many people as possible We've already stored more than 210 000 Items and without without any issues so This design is working very very well in An asset light cost effective way but in The future we may want to like you know Do a pilot at very strategic spots just To see how how the economics and the Responses Foreign


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