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Foreign Pretty much what I like to tell people Is that we're in a day and age now where Millennials want to feel happy about the Mission of the company that they're Working for and believe in the Co-workers they're working with and the Culture and a lot of companies struggle To Showcase company culture workplace Environment and what it's actually like You know to be a part of the team so Socionado matches and customizes Freelance employer branding teams to Companies to create content showcasing What it's like to work there you know Employee testimonials diversity things Of that nature that can attract the best Employees and just keep and employee Engagement and retention High uh so We're pretty much content for employer Branding yeah so how did you come up With that idea absolutely so uh we Realized pretty much like early on like A lot of our friends and people that we Knew you know when they would be Applying for positions how would they Know what it's like to work there they Would check Glass Door reviews or maybe Fi you know ask around say who works There and check in with people but we Just noticed that there was a trend and And my background is in content Creation In general that uh with this generation Coming up with Gen Z they utilize social

Media so much that companies can't Afford to miss out on the opportunity of Creating content showcasing what it's Like to work there and just to give you An example Netflix is a company that Does an incredible job of this they have An entire Instagram page called we are Netflix literally showcasing the Diversity of what it's like to work There and it's really encouraging for People who are interested in working There and just building a culture and Environment there they even have a Podcast for their employees but Um the bottom line is that a lot of Companies don't have the resources or Time to integrate a Content team with Their HR team and we want to make it Easier and affordable for them to do That so that's kind of how we got into This and and it's been an exciting Journey for us so far so so the other Day when you got called up to do that Pitch with with Will Smith well what Happened I mean how did that kind of Approach you about doing that uh Honestly I wasn't supposed to be Pitching at all I I wasn't even dressed For the occasion I just threw on sweats I was just gonna Network and walk around And then I got an email maybe two three Hours beforehand like will said he's Just I'm at TechCrunch so I want to hear Pitches and I got picked I don't know

How I got picked I don't know why I I Feel like I just got lucky Um so then I said okay well you know you Have a 40 second Pitch 40 seconds you Can only really tap on to the most Important things but it's all about just Telling a story and telling about you Know what your mark You're addressing And then why you're the company to do it So I just practiced for an hour a hand And then you know I went on stage and to Say it is what it is you know whether he Likes it or not I believe in what I'm Doing so I felt like um I went on stage And just did my thing oh you really Knocked it out of the park thank you Foreign


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