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She barely is a fine print detector so Basically any hidden fees hidden terms Costly details buried in any agreement Contract this this app will catch it for You I love it yeah fine print is the Failing of our society in my opinion all Sorts of bad things happen because you Haven't noticed the fine print how are You guys doing it well we basically hire The people to write these documents and They give us the The hidden fees and hidden terms buried In these documents and we categorize it By document type so basically credit Cards checking accounts savings accounts Investments and then we just put those Keywords in a database on a cloud and You can just take your cell phone Anywhere you are in any conversation you Can check an agreement at any point in Time but you do it by keywords by Keywords correct so let's say if you Want to look for uh for instance you Know prepayment fees you just log into The app pick checking accounts and lower Loans and look and just select the Keyword called fees and it goes in Looking for all the fees that are buried In it and in it it would find prepayment Fee for you so how do you know that the Fine print in One prepaid card terms is Going to be the same as the one in the Other one well well well basically there Is a a compare feature in the app where

Basically you can you can select that And and ask it to compare the prepayment Fee for let's say I'm not gonna One Credit card company or One bank to Another bank and we spit it out for you As far as how much this one is charging Of uh you know one percent two percent It will compare that and give you that Information Such a big shift now into using AI for All kinds of things Noticeable to me that you guys have a Very manual process here right and that You've hired people to parse all the Documents and then you do it by keyword Searches have you guys looked into how You might use automated processes for Any of this actually everything is Automated we're actually using our OCR Okay we have a cloud-based OCR that We're using where all you do is just Take a picture of the document upload it And the OCR just does everything for you So it figures out so it just does the Keywords it does the keywords for your Current so you take a picture of the Fragment that you're looking at and That's how it gets matched what about on The other side though from the side of You know reading and parsing the Documents for picking out fine print is That something you may try to try to Apply technology to yes we are actually I understand you're going to actually

Implement machine learning and AP and And machine learning AI with a market Leverage a lot more so that consumers Have little interaction as far as Triggering the oh what an interesting Video so let me ask you another thing do You have funding no I don't everything Is bootstrapped now we like it that way Because we want one something we want Some Independence in this where you know Okay people don't kind of tell us what How we should be running up yeah there's A ton of fintech companies out there Looking to add more services to their Range of what they do I mean this is Something that I can imagine that would Be really interesting for them you Should you should keep going with this Very interesting thank you thank you


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