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Foreign So today big companies need to buy build And integrate often thousands of Applications we make it so that they Don't need to do that and that pattern Has been true for 40 years and that's Why big companies need to spend billions Of dollars and have thousands of Programmers is because they're moving Data around unnecessarily so what we're Doing is creating uh the equivalent of An Internet for data but it's secured And it can run even on-prem or private Cloud that eliminates the need for these Applications so you're talking about Like integrating both Legacy things Cloud things on-prem yeah what are the Challenges that you face when you when You're facing with that kind of a Variety of Technology Well the challenges without our Technology are are massive there's Entire categories of technology that Have been created to address individual Symptoms so if you think of data Lakes Data warehouses etls apis MDM data Governance these are all examples of Band-Aids they don't address the Underlying root of why data is even Fragmented in the first place so our Technology changes that such that those Technologies are no longer even required But one of the challenges is we don't Sell to new organizations that are just

Getting started where they have the Opportunity like we did to not Fall into the app trap and start to have That segregation our customers are large Even Global tier one financial Institutions and they're using our Technology to incrementally de-app their Entire environment so the challenge is How do I go from a world where I have Five thousand or ten thousand Disconnected applications some are On-prem some are in Cloud some are SAS Some I bought some I built and how do I Move from that kind of sorry State of The Union to this vision of a single Secure network and all I have is data And even the logic itself is data well First of all it doesn't happen overnight It happens incrementally so what they do Is they intercept their change projects Where they would have otherwise Fallen Back to the conventional 40 year old Approach of build an app for that and They can apply our technology seed their Data Network and intercept all future Projects to start to build out that Network iteratively with compounding Network effects to allow them to deliver Change in a fraction of the time where All new data is no longer siled it's no Longer fragmented and over time they can Start to eat away at their existing app Infrastructure so so without getting too Technical about it but is this is this

Like a series of apis or data connectors Or what exactly is you know is it that Allows that to happen so there's two Parts of the platform there's the core Platform that makes it so that an API is An obsolete concept where data is just Naturally connected but the reality is We're going to need to connect in Legacy Data from Legacy system so we do have Connectors and those connectors can work Bi-directionally and they can work over Apis they can work over really any text We have connectors for platforms like Salesforce or any rest endpoint or odbc Or delimited file and that allows you to Take your existing systems and attach it To the network by attaching it to the Network once it never needs to be Attached multiple times so an analogy Would be I can use my phone and send a Message to everyone in the audience but We don't have to run a wire between my Phone and everyone's phone but data Today works the way where you actually Have to run a wire these wires are apis Or etls so how does it work it's not Magic is my phone is connected to a Network and each of your phones are Connected to a network and we use that Now work to collaborate so what we're Really doing is applying that concept of A network to data and it is incredibly Transformational all right well thank You very much for joining us thank you

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