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Blue smart is essentially the baby Attack star we started with our first Product blue smart Mia it's a smart Feeding monitor that can work on adding Bottles essentially you put your own Baby bottle into the sleeve and they Will transfer any bottle to a Smart Bottle that can automatic track babies Feeding amount duration temperature and Angle and sync to the smartphone app so For for people who aren't too familiar With with babies and baby feeding Products why is that important Um like um I'm I'm a new mom I'm working Mom also so for me I'm constantly Working and traveling I need other Caregivers like nannies my my own Parents and sometimes Child Care Centers So when I'm away from my baby I really Need to know what's going on with him Especially if you have like a One-year-old or even like infants three Months six months eating is super Important so we started with like a Monitor is feeding and this year we just Launched the software can digitize all The baby nursery including your home Nursery and the child care centers so The communication with your child care Providers is so much easier and you know What's going on with your baby and in Time as long as you have a smartphone App and so how much does this all cost So MIA sells Amazon I think the price is the same 99 Sometimes we run a little bit promotions Right and so how have sales been since You first first launched we have things That it grows because it's a very New Concept that nobody ever seen this Um we we just started but uh we have Received so many positive reviews from Our customers And so Um you you mentioned kind of working on Some other on some other products down The line when do you expect to get to to Actually deploy those yeah so so we we Just launched the software to digitize The child care center this month and we Are about to collaborate with more Daycares in the US and potentially even In China market and later on this year We plan to develop a smart camera that Can this like you can monitor baby sleep And movement data from the distance and Then I would convert that monitor Results into a very interesting report For parents to see nice and then they Can meet with their like a Milestones Girls trackers okay yeah awesome cool Well great thank you so much sure thank You for having me today [Music]


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