TC Top Picks Berlin 2019: Timekettle

[Music] Well thanks for joining us here on stage Would you mind introducing yourself in Your company Sure so my name is Carson E From Time Carlos basically I'm nobody who's in Charge of the Um home marketing activities in time Cattles and I met with time Kettle a Couple years ago when I was in Shenzhen And you guys were doing it was the the Wt2 the little translating earbuds we Thought they were super cool we did a Video on them then so but you have Something new now can you tell us about That we have officially launched the Zero translators so it's a very tiny Gadget that helps you to translate and Also it has the voice separation so that When you use it in meetings it can Record up to four different directions And separate from each other that's Smart but how small are we talking about Is it like you know Uh well it's about thumb size the size Of a thumbs or smaller okay yeah and That's why we it's so small that we Afraid that the user might lose it we Even design a credit card case for you To carry around Nice yeah because I would definitely Lose it yeah so so how many languages Does it support and is it does it Translate them on the device or does it

Need a cellular connection or what While it's connected to your phone to Your mobile phone so because right now The traditional devices they ask you to Pay all the extra for the screens for Demanders for the CPU but with us I we Think that the mobile devices is the Most powerful Device right now creating on the markets So we just want to make a gadget that's Compatible with it so that you don't Need to pay any any extra for those Compartments let those components and in Terms of the sizes like I said it's some Size and but in that it's so powerful That we have managed to integrate the World's smallest microphone microphone Arrays inside the gadgets and so but it Does the translation in the cloud Somewhere on a service or does it do it On the phone like can I can I translate Stuff offline or what Right now it needs the seller's Network To Trend to do the translation and it Translates 40 languages and 88 Essence At the moment and but at by the end of December 20 2019 we are also launching The offline modes and at that time you Do not need the Internet for it to Translate anymore but however this Attached to that because it's offline so The translation will not be as accurate As online because simply because of the Data your mobile phone is just not

Capable of Storing such a large amount of data all Right well thanks for coming on board Here all right thank you [Music]


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