TC Top Picks Berlin 2019: Healthy Quit

[Music] So tell us a little bit about who you Are and what you do all right so my name Is yinka I'm a pharmacist by trade and I'm the co-founder of healthy quit and Healthy quid is a pharmacy and a digital Health company that provides vaping and Smoking cessation and our solution Combines medication management and also Using an AI platform to help a Behavioral modification and that's what We do all right so there's a couple of Solutions out there that try to help People to stop smoking and vaping right How is youth different from those so we Consider ourselves a One-Stop shop so we Have everything that a patient needs so For my science background we're Combining a scientific approach to it And also leveraging technology to Amplify our results so a lot of the Other programs that you see it's Actually very fragmented it's more Informational so we want to make sure That we're like the personal trainer Almost to help people quit smoking so That's uh that's a lot of steps to go Through and I know you're based in the US so that means there's a lot of Regulations you have to deal with as Well how do you handle that Also um just a little bit about my Background I'm a clinical pharmacist uh So I've dealt with this uh throughout my

Career knowing exactly what uh Regulations you need to actually skip Through or basically be able to scale Um and that's what we've done so um What's interesting about our approach is That we're using something called a Collaborative practice agreement that We've done with patients with diabetes High blood pressure so I'm actually just Transferring that to tobacco sensation And adding a technology piece to it and Making sure that we're HIPAA compliant To meet those regulations as well So can you actually ship The medicines around the us then or how Does that work that's exactly right so Our Pharmacy is based in New Hampshire And we have something called a mail Order pharmacy allows us to ship Medications right to patients homes it Allows us to also monitor medication Adherence and make real-time Intervention we can ship out of the US Just yet but we're coming up with a plan To deal with that as well Now it's a very personalized solution as Well right how do you do that Uh so it's actually quite interesting um We're also leveraging technology on that Piece uh because if we look at um wrist Stratification for tobacco cessation in General it's about 30 years old so we're Using Predictive Analytics to come up With a modern form of restratification

For our patients so when you come in uh Based on your history and also what You've tried before in the past we come Up with a customized plan based on the Results that we've gotten in the past And then you work with our treatment Specialist we deliver the medications And then you leave without app or They'll be over modifications All right thank you very much thank you So much I appreciate it


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