TC Top Picks Berlin 2019: Glazomer

All right so tell us a little bit about Who you are and what you do doesn't Matter is an affordable high-end eye Tracking system for professional Academic and clinical research eyes are External observable extension of the Brain and by following users eye Movements it's possible to obtain Evidence about his Focus strategy and Attention which is useful for cognitive Science neural marketing and Diagnostics Of neurological disorders like for Example HD patients tend to demonstrate Different patterns of eye movements as Compared to healthy participants I think about eye trackers I think maybe About gaming and solutions like that how Is use different from these existing Applications modern eye tracking Solutions are based on technology of 10 Years ago and still rely on multiple Computers that introduces High build Costs this results in network latency Delays And prohibitively expensive market price Which can be up to 60 000 U.S Advanced Image processing techniques coupled with High-speed cameras and parallel Computing have allowed us to design Better faster and cheaper Solution on a Single of the Shelf machine our system Enables real-time tracking of 700 gauge Samples per second so so uh this is uh Enough for uh professional research and

You could use it for gaming if you want But maybe it would be Overkill How much is your device our targeted Market plan for price is like four Thousand five thousands yes That would be overkill for game Earth I Think Um Do you have customers already and who's Using your device right now uh not yet Because uh we are currently conducting a Research to compare our product with the State of the Arts because as our target Audience is our prosumers like Professional researchers they need kind Of some significant proof that our Device is really suitable for this all Right awesome thank you very much [Music]


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