TC Top Picks Berlin 2019: Cyanite

Foreign Thank you for joining us here today Thank you for having me if you could Just introduce yourself and your company Very quickly yeah happy too I'm Marcus I'm the co-founder of companies cyanide Ai and we are a company for music Analytics artificial intelligence we Visualize emotions in music and that Makes us able to tag vast amounts of Music and we use this metadata that we Tag to deliver the right music for Everyone for every situation and mood So you identify the emotions in music so It might be like a a big major major key Chord is like a triumphant or like a Happy moment or something is that what It's about Um it's actually more seamless than that We're not trying to go for the Musicology data and then translate that Two emotions we go into we extract Features in music that are pointing Towards a certain emotion and so we can Abstract the song the audio to the Emotion that will evoke in people so Help me understand like what is it in a Song that makes it seem appropriate for A certain emotion like if someone's Feeling happy or sad because some songs Are both happy and sad Well actually like our um AI will pick Up on that if it has this like Bittersweet feeling of positive and

Negative emotions and usually like what We do with the data or like where we get The data was from our own app so we're Not actually like tagging that ourselves That was the uh we crowdsource the data For them okay for the AI so a lot of the Data comes from people who have uh who Have listened to it and said like oh This makes me feel happy this makes me Feel anxious I don't know uh do you get A big spread on what songs make people Feel like do you think that is it like 75 people say oh this makes me feel Great but then 25 no this is this is a Sad song actually we actually don't go Too deep into the data and try to find Out which are actually the features that Make people feel in a certain way we Just take the data we structure it and Put that into our AI which is a Recurring convolutional neural networks And they do the job for us so they will Come out and say okay this song is in a Certain emotion and it's currently Pretty hard to tell why that is but it's Very accurate not bad one last question Is there a single song that has been Rated by the AI and the data as the the Single happiest song in the library that You've examined so far Uh there actually is Um it's the happiest the most uplifting Track I've ever had ever categorized was Uh Taylor Danes Tell It To My Heart wow

Okay yeah sure yeah it's really like 80s Forwards yeah that's that's a strong Entry I have to say all right well That's that sounds legit I believe that You were not bsing me then For joining us thank you [Music]


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