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A new twist tonight over an alleged Partnership between Taylor Swift and That now bankrupt now disgraced crypto Exchange FTF so the biggest news in Crypto today involves Taylor Swift and FTX and even though what's happening With crypto exchange Gemini probably Affects you more I think this is bigger The Taylor Swift news today is making The headlines Taylor Swift it says here Signed and in fact did agree to a Sponsorship deal with bankrupt crypto Exchange FTX but Executives at FTX Decided not to go through with it why They would have decided that this is all According to a person familiar with the Matter Um which does align with an earlier Report in the New York Times which Contradicted these new accounts the Public messaging about what acts what They said happened the nature of the Failed deal between a Swift and FTX an Attorney previously praised her due Diligence efforts and said the artist Asked the exchange to explain why it's Listed assets were not considered Unregistered Securities which at the Time was said wow so why this is making Headlines is because it was wildly Reported a few months ago that Taylor Swift was apparently the only celeb too Smart to fall for FDX because she quote Unquote questioned them saying aren't

These altcoins you're listing Unregistered Securities wow Um I just figured that was her dad Telling her that maybe but at this point Now they're saying but the source tells CNBC that Swift did agree to the deal And a signed agreement was sent to FTX Founder Sam bankman free AIDS email Inbox where it remained unanswered for a Period of weeks The Source says a group Of FTX Executives persuaded bank and Freed not to follow through with the Reported 100 million dollar deal with This all smells weird why not they paid Other people He was spending money willy-nilly yeah I Know on everything else including Getting access Right to all kinds of crazy stuff and I Love Joe kernan's folksy talk at the end Of this he's very likable Joe Kernan and You could have kept everybody else for Me and if you could have gotten yeah Taylor Swift you could I mean some of The Lesser I don't know what to believe I like Matt Damon but was he one of them I don't know he did crypto for somebody Yeah I don't think it was FTS yeah it Wasn't FTX but there were some famous Brady and Gisele were FTS in fact There's a picture of them and some Others yeah times I think today yeah Yes oh what's that paper you have fun oh No wonder I didn't see that and why this

Matters to you as a crypto holder uh it Doesn't but why this matters to you as a Swifty fan expect her next song to be About the breakup business-wise between Her and SPF and again as a crypto holder This Gemini lawsuit news affects you and Me so much more but just very quickly Major news Sega has announced a super Game arriving in 2026 featuring all of Their biggest IP and will blockchain be Involved because we've been hearing Executives talk about a super game Coming sometime in 2026 right is that Correct could be could be yeah yes yes Sometime around that area I would say And that would incorporate all of your IPS or various IPS from your catalog Well we are not you know somehow you Know showing that direction yet but it's Likely that you know one of uh you know Maybe our life will be utilized and how About blockchain will that play into the Super game You know denying the potential when it Comes to incorporating web3 into video Games it's no secret that Gamers some of Them have a version to to web3 and Incorporating that technology they say You know it feels more like Pay to Win It feels like you're sucking out some of The fun out of playing the game what do You say to that yeah I mean we are very Careful I mean I mean you're utilizing The web 3 name because we understand

That you know especially Western Gamers Do you know like is there not big fan of A web free initiative so uh and it's True there are lots of initiative you Know focusing on you know I mean like Play to earn kind of concept I mean Pretty much focus on money but but you Know in a way in the blockchain Technology which is a major part of a You know web 3 initial so it's not Really you know Just just you know for money and we Can't be using that way but but you you Are trying to really figure out what is The right way best way to entertain the Audience you know in a way so I mean We're still evaluating that's that's Somehow I say evaluating searching Learning so Sega does see a future in Blockchain in general we know this Because they trademarked the concept of Their own nfts at the peak of the last Bull market so they were interested in Learning more at least yet today Sega Exec Isis blockchain gaming plans calls Play to earn boring so publicly they're Announcing they're taking the wait and See approach although Just Like Larry Fink and BlackRock years before we don't Know what Sega has planned behind the Scenes now let's get to the biggest news Involving Gemini I do just hey that's my Brother I do just have to say altcoin Daily did just join thread that's

Facebook's version of Twitter I will put A link down below if you want to follow Gemini update Gemini today or maybe Yesterday files a lawsuit against Digital currency group in Barry silbert Over Genesis and earn program so Gemini Co-founder Cameron winkeloss alleged Barry silbert committed fraud by knowing Genesis was massively insolvent when Attempting to continue the earn program And just for some background we know That every Gemini user those using their Earn program does not have access to Their money this lawsuit is intended to Recover Gemini's funds from digital Currency group dcg and as you remember Barry silbert is the CEO of dcg which Owns Genesis and this lawsuit alleges That silbert asked Gemini to continue Its earned program even though he and I Quote was aware at the time that Genesis Was massively insolvent now obviously Barry silbert and digital currency group Deny all allegations in fact this was Their public statement this is yet Another publicity stunt from Cameron Winklevoss to deflect blame and Responsibility from himself in Gemini Which operated the Gemini earned program Any suggestion of wrongdoing by dcg or Any of its employees is baseless Defamatory and completely false the one Other passage I'll read is to be clear Neither Cameron nor Tyler renkovos have

Been involved in any of the recent In-person meetings the mediation process Is nearing a close and we expect to Bring the Genesis chapter 11 case to a Conclusion soon so shots fired back and Then Tyler ringlevoss just two hours ago Responded this dcg and Barry silbert Failed to address or deny a single Assertion in our 33-page complaint Exactly which parts are baseless Defamatory and completely false the Indisputable fact is that dcg and Barry Were directly involved in misleading Creditors as to the financial condition Of Genesis and of course you don't want Us at the recent mediation sessions we Want to reach a deal with the real value And we are not fooled by your fraud and Fake proposals as I get updates on this I will keep you updated and by the way In a bit of personal news I know that Aaron and I were gone for a week Shooting killer whales we did have Interviews going on the Channel all last Week but we will be speaking at the Block down Festival actually leaving Tomorrow so expect another set of Awesome interviews going over the Current state of this market and like Always see you tomorrow


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