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Do these look familiar If you're part of a team that needs to Communicate and collaborate to get work Done I'm pretty sure that they do These days teams are forced to use way Too many tools to get their work done Tools that promise to streamline our Workflows improve our team collaboration And bring our teams together but that's Not what's happening our data is all Over the place our team is further Disconnected and our Tech stack just Continues to grow Data that lives in silos kills Productivity and it frustrates teams And it frustrates teams we spent way too Much time searching for information or Just trying to figure out the best Platform to communicate with our team on Have you ever asked yourself was that Conversation in a slack Channel or was It an email or is that data in a Trello Card This problem is not new many companies Have tried to solve for it and they fall In two categories You have your third party all-in-one Workspaces and you have your data Integrators All-in-one workspaces like zendesk and Notion they come with a higher barrier Of Entry it's going to take time for Your team to learn how to use this Platform besides it's impossible to have

An all-in-one solution that satisfies Your team's workflow then you have your Data integrators the first problem here Is just getting set up if you don't have A technical background you're going to Run into some problems but the main Issue here is the level of interactivity Between your data is limited One Way Synchronization does little to move your Agenda forward and adding layers of Integrations just makes your data more Noisy At gemilius we simplify teamwork by Making collaboration platform agnostic So imagine a company where every member Of your team can choose their preferred Workspace and be ensured that their data Is seamlessly synced across your entire Stack of tools How do we do this Jamilia starts by integrating with the Most natural workspace of teams and That's your email inbox Besides equipping it with a range of Features for team collaboration and Workflow automation there's a key Differentiator with jamelius We take your email conversations and Turn them into flexible channels Channels that can then be translated Into other forms of communication Whether that's a slack message a Trello Card or whatever your data type is on Your preferred platform

Now this may still sound a bit abstract So we're going to take a typical Jimmy List workflow in action this is far from Typical as you can see we're Star Wars Fans so we wanted to have a little fun With the presentation but you take Yoda Yoda prefers to stay in his inbox that's Where his work comes in that's where he Wants to get it done then you have Luke He's a cool kid he prefers to work from Slack Trello Asana the newest shiniest Platform out there So we start with Yoda with his jamila's Empowered inbox he's able to open a Shared inbox check his unassigned folder He sees that there's a disturbing high Priority email coming in from Darth Vader within one or two clicks he's able To assign it to his teammates making Accountability clear a quick ad mention To add a little bit of context to it for High priority he sends off an email note Without a noisy slack channel in a way Luke happens to be in slack that's where He prefers to be with Jimmy list he gets A real-time notification of that email In that note but not just any type of Synchronization we're talking about an Active flexible piece of data that he Can actually act on in this case he's Replying to that email note sends that Off while it is in the slack messages He's able to monitor all of his inbox Activity including his jamelius

Empowered features like shared inboxes Shared labels email notes and more So once he sends off that reply to an Email that's going to show up in real Time in Yoda's inbox Now to save our galaxy you need Visibility you need to be able to Monitor a lot of moving parts to your Project within one click Yoda is able to Take that email turn it into a task card And add it to his trello-like kanban Board this is all without leaving his Inbox Jamila's boards give you a visual Representation of your email Conversations and all of the projects And tasks that follow so you have you Know you can change your priority dates Knock off your to-do list drag and drop Or however you decide to structure your Kanban board Now Jimmy list wasn't always saving Galaxies well it was born in the University dorm room at the University Of Oxford started as a efficient way to Manage research projects by our founder But today super excited this year has Been great we're now a y combinator Company from the summer 19 batch and Super excited to be here at Tech startup Berlin In terms of growth chameleons is used by 100 000 professionals representing 5 000 Teams we operate in a space that has 1.5

Billion Gmail users and 6 million Companies that use G Suite but this is Just the beginning our platform agnostic Model will further expand our potential Uh going here team collaboration will Reach 17 billion workflow automation Will reach 30 billion by the year 2025. But the purpose of citing these big Numbers is just to let you know that we Operate in a space that has huge Potential but the main point that we Want to express is that our team in Geneva is ultra passionate about Empowering teams and improving Collaboration because there's one thing That we all have in common everyone from The judges the investors everyone here Including all of the super cool startups That pitched on this stage And on a side note we're happy to to Hear that many of them have decided to Use gemilius as their workspace but the Point is what we all have in common is We need to communicate with our Stakeholders we need to collaborate with Our team and we need to get work done And that's where Jimmy list comes in So is your company ready to simplify Teamwork get started at All right judges All right I've been a big fan of Jamelius as a one of the early beta Users so congrats on all the progress Appreciate it would you mind sharing a

Bit more about who your ideal customers And user persona Well ideally it's any team that's using Gmail or G Suite that need to manage Projects in class without leaving their Inbox now naturally our current Customers are centered more around Tech Uh we also have a lot of agencies of all Sorts of users followed by operations But essentially for the moment just Gmail and G Suite if you're Collaborating Yeah that's a hard deal customer and who Are you selling to within companies Excuse me thank you for the question uh In most cases it's the founder or the CEO if it's a larger Enterprise within The department is the team lead project Manager uh sometimes it's the it admin They're the initial contact that we have The decision maker Um one of the things that slack said it Would do would be to kill email and it Claims to kill email what you appear to Be doing is Reviving slack inside email Which In a sense it's strange and slightly Maybe problematic but the question I've Got is um why would not uh slack simply Introduce this as a feature of their Platform Well they could I mean what we see a Threat maybe for example Google may Decide to do some Integrations with with

Their Google Hangouts but for slack to Try to create this bridge with all of The platforms that are out there there's A very slim chance that that's going to Happen and as far as the killing the Email thing We believe that email inbox is not going Anywhere that's where our work comes in And we want to allow our teams to finish Their work right there and integrate all Of these tools within their inbox to Allow them to choose their platform Right so we're really familiar with Asana and I'm just interested as you Look at like competitive landscape you Know where else do you think that aside From Google that you'd see competitive Pressure Um honestly with us our challenge is We're kind of defining a new space as Far as SAS knows where uh I guess the Closest word would be platform as a Solution where we're we're trying to see Ourselves as a Marketplace for teams That have a stack of tools and they want To integrate them bring them back to the Inbox as far as direct competition of Who's doing that I don't know of any particular uh Threats there but we do believe that This is where the industry is going we Believe that especially the larger Enterprise teams they have teams that Are they're already invested in their

Stack they're not necessarily wanting to Learn how to use another platform and Worry about migrating their data so I Think the Natural Evolution of this Industry is on our side and it's up to Us to kind of use that traction to use The traction that we have to become Leaders in this space this platform Agnostic space that's our that's our Hope And you mentioned that you typically Come in through the team lead or the CEO Yeah is it the kind of product where Your entire team has to be using it for It to be valuable or is there any way to Get adoption that's not top down from a Project leader or a team leader or CEO Yes good question the thing with Jimmy List is it's Ultra flexible you have Some smaller teams that decide to use it Within themselves and they're able to Integrate with our with our shareable Features but the cool part about jamilis Is this this viral effect the more team Members that you add the more beneficial It is so as I mentioned you can have an Enterprise with multiple departments say For example the HR department is using Jamilis maybe not even the whole HR Department but certain sectors can be Used in jamelius share with each other Collaborate but then it's up to us to Show them the benefit and get get in That K factor to grow that's something

That we One of the main metrics we monitor is Are people Sharon gmailis are they Adding team members and if they're Adding team members and that means that We're doing something right And you mentioned if some numbers so uh For the 100 000 users 5000 teams any Data on depths of Engagement or Frequency of use or things like that you Can share to give us some texture for How the product actually gets used yeah I mean our of course our main features That are used a lot are the sequences we Have a workflow automation that's uh on Our upper tier our team collab Sheridan Boxes are super popular shared labels is A really cool tool that teams use to Organize their Communications not that Many companies are actually offering Share labels at the time Did I answer your question That answer that okay thank you and how Do you think about long-term dependence Uh on Google and slack and some of your Partners That is a thing for us but as I Mentioned that market is so huge we have So much work to do there that's going to Be a good problem for us to have in the Future but it looks like the way gmailis Is evolving the I mean just the feedback That I've gotten here there's plenty of Outlook users large level Enterprises

That have came to me and just really Impressed by our solution so naturally We're going to evolve to other email Clients but for the moment the focus is On Gmail and G Suite Isn't that going to limit your Market I Mean this seems much more like a tool That would clearly appeal to large Corporates perhaps you know aren't so Don't have So Sophisticated tools often Internally so it isn't that a big market For you that you should be going after Uh it's a market to be all Gmail Etc you Know say it again they don't tend to be Very gmail-ish yeah that's a good Question actually our Evolution has been Driven by our users so we started off in A small to medium Enterprise as we Listen to our users focused on our Product we see that the larger teams Needed a more robust solution and that's What we're focusing on there are some Ultra high level Enterprises that will Need for say a more in-depth project Management tool but our our plan to Integrate with those tools and allow the Team to choose their space I've had a Lot of interesting conversations here From from high level Enterprises and I Can really see where jamilius fits with That and I really think that we're on a Good road Yeah Will you tell us a little bit more about

Your team how big is it what's the Composition of the team where are you Based yeah we have a super cool team I Love my team we're based in Geneva First of all our CTO is absolute genius With a work ethic like you've never seen Our Dev team or super Support love our users they do whatever They have to do to make them happy our Uh VP of sales she won't touch or pitch Anything that she doesn't believe in so I mean everybody from head of design Everybody is It's just I mean I think the love of our Team kind of translates into the love of Our customers teams and that that Creates this Dynamic that's super cool But our CEO and founder he create I mean Imagined this guy created jamilius to Manage research projects while he was Working on his PhD in complex systems so We're dealing with somebody that yeah so It's a it's a super cool team we have a Cool Dynamic we have people from all Over the world working for us all kinds Of countries uh yeah I'm just I'm just Excited about what Jimmy list can do in This space we just need Yeah What's holding you back What's Um so far we've done great uh like I Didn't get a chance to say that most of Our growth has been organic we've done

Pretty much no paid very little paid so Our next goal right now is to raise Series a funding because honestly like For me Jamilis is a future billion dollar Company and we need a series a investor That kind of shares that vision of Course I'll leave all that talk to uh to Our founder let him make those decisions But What I do know he's turned down more Money than he's accepted so we're Looking for a series they invested That's ready to take us to the next Level Final question All right give it up for jamilius Thank you thank you so much thank you


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