Startup Battlefield Competition: Session 2 – Clideo

Businesses spent over 300 billion Dollars this year trying to communicate With us on digital media however most of Their budget was thrown into the garbage We're constantly overwhelmed with Advertisement that is delivered to us in The wrong context Numbers are clear Marketers today are satisfied when they Reach a shy two percent click-through Rate which in turn means that 98 of Their target audience simply ignore them And this is even more evident on video The other day I watched this video on Surfers On my favorite website I was frustrated The first thing I see is this pre-video Advertisement that was not relevant to Me so I skipped it while watching I Wanted to know more about the content of The video where was this video made what Is the model of this cool jacket that my Favorite Surfer is wearing but I had no Way to find out Even 20 minutes on Google search Couldn't help me Look at the last opportunity for Businesses they invest money in ads that I skip and on top they fail to engage With me when I'm ready to interact Wouldn't it be a dream for Brands to be There in the exact moment when their Customers actually need them Co-founder of clydeo the ultimate

Platform to create and manage Interactive videos With clydell businesses can turn any Video into a discovery experience and Finally engage with consumers when it Matters Through our interactive overlay viewers Can now discover shop and share items They love directly on video While businesses can finally collect High resolution data of in-video Conversions to optimize their video Strategy Our editor is elegant and fully Customizable so our clients don't need To sacrifice any of their content and This is all done in a few simple steps Let me show you how move to demo please Remember my Surface video turns out it's Sponsored by brands Dido will help upgrade this type of Campaigns boosting all its engagement Metrics All our clients need to do is to link The video to products through our tag Manager once inside they can customize Anything the button titles the URL of Destination the pop-up timing and much More including fonts sizes colors Just click on Save and we're ready to go We have our interactive video Let's check it out on our preview player To see how it looks like now With credo's interactive overlay

You can go to the checkout page of the Product that you like on the video You can share it on social media and you Can add it to your wish list and review It anytime Once the video is live We track and display Interactions conversions and metadata of Each single interactive item on video Our dashboard is tailor made for Marketers to drive decisions For example they can now tell that Italians like the jacket while Japanese Prefer to watch This means that our customers will not Only know how many views their video Generated but also why people watched Back to presentation please What we've seen here is the future of Video where viewers engage with what Really matters to them and marketing Campaigns are measured by Real Performance rather than by Vanity Metrics like views All this is possible thanks to our Proprietary technology focusing on user Experience designed to engage consumers Is it to use platform to reduce tagging Frictions and our end-to-end machine Learning models enabling video tagging Automation real-time consumer Personalization And viral business insights to increase Conversion let's look at competition are

The red competitors mainly focused on The creative and production side Targeting a limited amount of luxury Brands for very specific projects on the Other hand video marketing platforms Only offer interactivity as a minor part Of their entire solution lacking basic Functionality so they end up being more Expensive for lower quality Reducers all types of businesses Delivering the best do-it-yourself Solution Without sacrificing creativity On top we are the only platform that Manages consumers wish list later Expanding to be the first interactive Video Marketplace In terms of business model We provide accounts use clydeo SAS Platform our customers are large Brands And smes Publishers and e-commerce websites and We're now testing a revenue models based On subscription plus a variable success Fee So far we delivered a 33 conversion rate To our early adopters which is 17 times Higher than industry standard Our first partners are two e-commerce Websites and a hotel chain in Madrid but We're already advancing the sales cycle With several Publishers and a leading Media agency in Europe so If you invest in video and you're tired

Of throwing your budgets into the Garbage make your first interactive Video and check us out on Thank you very much [Applause] Does this technology also work on still For a lot of the influencer community I'm sorry does this technology work on Still photographs as well as video for The influencer community yes so for for Now we're focusing on video as it's one Of the most travel relevant channels in Digital marketing Um 85 percent of internet traffic is on Video and the brands are investing is Investing 45 billion in in video Marketing and will invest in three years From today 62 billions in video Marketing so it's extremely relevant and That's where we want to specialize at The beginning over over time we will not Only be on video our goal is to be to Help businesses engage with consumers on All channels in the best way possible to Drive conversion ultimately could you Tell us a bit about the defensibility Because I can understand how businesses Like this but To some extent you could see this being Replicated lots of time so where's Where's the moat where's the Defensibility so the overlaid Interactive overlay can be replicated Um what cannot be replicated so easily

Is our uh machine learning models that We're building in-house uh thanks to our CDO Nissan right here who has extensive Experience in that and uh and also the Solution is patented What exactly are you using the machine Learning for yeah I was happy to take it Um first of all our machine learning Comes to drive decision for businesses So we can track across the web from all Our videos interactions and metadata so We can cross it and give meaningful Insights for example we can tell Um that communities in Italy like the Specific product and if you would Publish this specific video with this Specific template at 7 30 you might be Converting two percent more so this is The kind except of that we also will use It for automating the process so Automatically detect objects on video Out of the Um sort of three groups that you sell to So Brands Publishers and e-commerce Where are you getting the most traction And why do you think that's the case Yeah so Um at this stage it's important to say We're early stage in pre-revenue so We're getting the most traction from E-commerce websites uh and that's uh Mainly because of the sales cycle of Many large Publishers and uh and media Agencies but that doesn't mean that

We're working with the large groups too It's just we're starting with and then With the Lady Gaga and Brad example yeah Um was that done in real time or was That done in videos that were posted Afterwards and can this product actually Be run in real time in events like that One in this specific case it was not Real time it was a preloaded video this Video would live on a publisher website For for instance and the web and the and The publisher would get an extra Revenue Stream for from advertisers to Drive immediate conversions on those Products what Simple it's seamless this is something We'll get a lot from our customers when We go to the first meeting they're Always scared about how many Integrations and things they need to do But in reality we just provide that Embed code and that that's about it and Then it works on like another tube as Well it does not work on YouTube channel Because we would have to have an Agreement with YouTube but it does work With YouTube videos embedded outside of YouTube What data do you have that supports the Theory that consumers would like to shop While they're watching a video Yeah yeah so first of all we made our Internal tests something where obviously We were worried about and we did uh some

Usability testing and we showed great Adaptivity to the product and my users Were willing to shop except of that all Our industry shows us that we are Definitely going to shovel videos and we See groups like Instagram YouTube that Will do it by themselves However we don't see it on the publisher Side and the world outside of social Media and this is where we're going to Be to give this solution yeah on top of That uh not surprisingly I would say in Our first proof of Concepts we put we Proved to our first early adopters Exceptional results in terms of Conversion proving that consumers are Actually at the point in which they need Solutions to engage them when they won When they need them it's Map To extend this as an add-on for TV and Movies Netflix Etc so that I can be on the couch with a Glass of wine and Shop absolutely we did Start speaking with next Netflix Spain For example the feedback we got is that They are not ready yet for this type of Solutions they're focusing a lot on Content for the moment but it is Something that it will definitely try to Implement in a non-invasive way uh in The future Could you tell us a little bit about the Team and What Makes You uniquely

Positioned to do this yeah absolutely so I have I have a business background I Worked with several fmcg companies Investing uh advertisement budgets in Video and that was super frustrating Because you never know the return you Don't know what's going on and this is Uh I don't wanna I don't want to say but Like the the metrics that you're getting Return are vanity metrics so five Million people watched it but I have no Idea on the return so I saw this Firsthand I also saw it firsthand as a Consumer when I want to engage with Content I can't it's Sam I don't know if You want to introduce yourself I'm coming from a software background Been algorithm developer product manager Mainly on computer and video analysis Products And Andrea will serve Andrea there she's Sick today unfortunately so we didn't Give her a microphone because she's Gonna cough all the time but she's an Expert in B2B software sales so that's Also something that will help us Okay we are pretty much out of time so Let's have one last round of applause Thank you


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